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Without labor nothing prospers.’’



Surrounded by neatly ordered fields, an armoured young man is sitting on a horse looking at the coin in his hand. All the other knights in the tarot deck are in motion, whereas he is stationary. It seems though he is meticulously planning his next journey before hitting the road.

This shows his values towards conservatism and hard work. Despite his young age and inexperience, he puts his responsibilities first. Just like the other court cards in his family, he is also deeply connected to nature.

In a tarot reading, The Knight of Pentacles represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. In personal relationships, the Knight of Pentacles is very loyal and protective. Knights on horses often symbolizes adventure and change. As we mentioned, in this case he is stationary. This represents that whatever the change is, it requires long term planning and steady action.

When interpreted as a specific person, he is likely to be an older male that has one of the earth element zodiac signs in his natal chart.


Knight of Pentacles Keywords

  • Productivity
  • Responsibility

  • Practicality

  • Discipline



  • Lack of self discipline
  • Impatience

  • Loss of motivation

Upright Knight of Pentacles

Guidance: The Knight of Pentacles arrives with good news about work, success and pleasant changes. When this card describes a person, he is someone who wants to experience new things and enjoy life, but also does not shy away from working hard for it. This card describes a steady progress that will only be insured by careful planning and management. In order to achieve your goals, you need to be patient and consistent in your efforts. You can expect news about a change of location soon.

Love: The Knight of Pentacles as a partner is someone who is hard working and honest. Rather than shallow relationships, he likes to form long lasting bonds. Your relationship is slowly but steadily progressing to the next stage, perhaps a marriage. As a single person, you are finding yourself at a point in your life where you are ready to welcome a committed relationship. A loyal and loving person may soon arrive in your life.

Work/Finances: The Knight of Pentacles indicates that if you want something, you work hard for it. Your persistence and responsible attitude towards your work and finances is starting to pay off. This card suggests that new opportunities will present itself, especially about travel, changing jobs or position. Financially, it is more favourable to work on long term plans and investments rather than quick gains.

Health: Young, energetic and moderate Knight of Pentacles is overall good news in health aspect. With your hard work, your health is steadily improving. If you are dealing with problems, your approach should be patient and practical.

Spirituality: Spiritual wisdom does not only have to come from reading books or extraordinary experiences. Sometimes going through humble tasks can bring a lot of lessons. Be mindful of everything you do, small or big.

Guidance: You are having difficulties attaining a desired outcome. Most often these problems are self-caused. You may be acting simply impatient, lazy or obsessed and too strict. In your situation, you must be 100% committed to it be successful. If you have a well-thought plan, it will not jeopardize your fun. Steady wins the race. You may be delayed concerning a travel.

Love: The Knight of Pentacles reversed can represent a partner or relationship that is having issues in finding stability. As a person, he is unreliable; materialistic and perhaps disloyal. Boredom in a long-term relationship may be another issue. In all cases, open and honest conversation about how you truly feel is the best resolve. If you are single, this card could indicate your disappointment in finding a solid connection. Don’t lose hope, just be patient.

Work/Finances: It is not easy, but you need to find a fine balance between work, home and life. Are you a workaholic? Are you unmotivated or procrastinating? Are you conservative or reckless with your finances? These are the questions that needs to be resolved when the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows up. Focus on your long-term future and improving your skills. Delays may occur.

Health: It does not particularly an indicate an illness, but the reversed Knight of Pentacles urges you to act with moderation. The basics: food, sleep and exercise. When they are done right, not only you will feel healthier, but you will also be more productive.

Spirituality: Life can get hectic. Sometimes, you cannot change the outcome but what you can change is your attitude towards it. If you are drowned by day-to day responsibilities, remind yourself what your true passion in life is. Be committed to climb that mountain of work, even if it looks insurmountable from where you are.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles

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