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Arrows of Pythagoras in Numerology

Let’s say you have discovered your life path number and you are interested in learning more about your numerological chart.

Arrows of Pythagoras method is a great place to start because it is an easy and fun way of understanding your core strengths and weaknesses indicated by your birth date.

Arrows won’t appear in every numerological chart. If you have no arrows on your chart, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows a flexible personality. You will often have no problem in adjusting yourself to different circumstances.

How to Find Arrows of Pythagoras in Your Numerological Chart

1. In order to find out if you have arrows or not, first draw a 3x3 grid.

2. Now place each number of your birth date in its appropriate square as described below. If you have any zeros in your birth date, leave them out.

arrows of pythagoras

3. Draw vertical, diagonal or horizontal arrows by joining 3 squares, where there are 3 numbers present or no numbers at all.

Let’s go through some examples:

Birthday: 01.01.1970

arrow of emotional sensitivity numerology

When there is no number present in a row, vertically, diagonally or horizontally, this is called an ‘’empty arrow.’’

In this birthday, there is an absence of 2,5,8, which represents Arrow of Emotional Sensitivity.

Here is another example:

Birthday: 29.05.1989

arrow of determination, arrow of emotions in numerology

As you can see, sometimes you will have 3 numbers in a row which creates a ‘’full arrow’’.

In this birthday, there are two full arrows.

There is a presence of 1,5,9 in a row, which represents Arrow of Determination.

There is also a presence of 2,5,8 in a row, which represents Arrow of Emotions.

A full arrow represents your positive traits and strengths. Think of them as your natural skills that you can unlock and utilize in order to improve your life.

An empty arrow shows you where you are lacking and what attitude you need to work on. It helps you identify your negative patterns and tendencies.

Full Arrows of Pythagoras and Their Meanings

Arrow Of Planning (presence of 1,2,3)

As the name suggests, these people are excellent planners. Because their minds are always busy analyzing and organizing every small detail in depth, in their intimate relationships they may come across as distant, selfish and unattached. People with arrow of planning value their independent thinking and personal freedom a lot.

Arrow Of Willpower (presence of 4,5,6)

This arrow indicates remarkable self control and determination. Big tasks, projects, responsibilities, obstacles: they triumph at whatever life throws at them. They learn self reliance in a very early age and often grow up to be an individualist. Because of this, they may come across too stubborn in their personal relationships. They should make sure to not overexert themselves by keeping their energy levels balanced.

Arrow Of Activity (presence of 7,8,9)

Physical activity is a big part of their lives. They often choose jobs that will keep them constantly moving. They are often extroverted and love talking. Naturally, people with arrow of activity sometimes don’t know how to stop and relax. They may be prone to exhaustion, agitation and boredom.

Arrow Of Determination (presence of 1,5,9)

Arrow of determination is a ‘’go getter’’. These are ambitious, persistent, patient people with rigid rules. They have a tunnel vision focus on their goals. In order to create more success and harmony in their lives, they should learn to listen different opinions and be more adaptable.

Arrow Of Practicality (presence of 1,4,7)

Arrow of practicality relates to people who are very skilled in material realm. These people have a well grounded sense of reality so they don’t get caught in useless or unimportant details. However, they may get too materialistic and forget the importance of enjoying small things in life.

Arrow Of Emotions (presence of 2,5,8)

Arrow of emotions relates to having a good emotional balance and intelligence. Because of their nurturing and warm energy, it is very easy for them to connect people on a deeper level. This arrow indicates a strong character born from trials and tribulations of life. They should focus on sharing their wisdom and helping others.

Arrow Of Intellect (presence of 3,6,9)

Smart, intellectual and sophisticated people have this arrow. But since they are so focused on the mental realm, they are often not very connected to the emotions of themselves and others. Aside from intellectual development, they should also work on empathy, communication and intimacy.

Arrow Of Compassion (presence of 3,5,7)

Also known as the arrow of spirituality, these people are endlessly empathetic towards others. Faithful, kind, loyal, creative individuals often have this. They should focus on finding their inner balance and spiritual growth.

Empty Arrows of Pythagoras and Their Meanings

Arrow Of Frustration (absence of 4,5,6)

As the name suggests, these people often find themselves frustrated with their self, others, and well… the world! There is also a bit of ‘’my way or the highway’’ attitude here. These people should work towards being less critical and more acceptable.

Arrow Of Hesitation (absence of 7,8,9)

Arrow of hesitation shows a lack of motivation, aim and determination. They may be prone to idealizing unrealistic expectations, getting disappointed and giving up. They should focus on being more action oriented and disciplined.

Arrow Of Impracticality (absence of 1,4,7)

These people are impractical because they are dreamers. Often artists and introverts have this arrow. They have wonderful ideas and big goals, but they seem to lack action to manifest it. When it comes to achieving their desires, they should focus on having a solid plan and embracing the challenges.

Arrow Of Emotional Sensitivity (absence of 2,5,8)

They are overly sensitive to energies and emotions around them and as a result, they get drained very quickly and very fast. These people may have intuitive and psychic abilities, but in order to utilize them, they have to build a strong inner balance first.

Arrow Of Poor Memory (absence of 3,6,9)

Especially in their early ages, they may have trouble with learning and concentration. They also get easily bored and lose track.

Arrow Of Indecision (absence of 1,5,9)

It is usually hard for them follow through their decisions, but they are very good at coming up with new ideas. They should work on their self-confidence. This can be accomplished by taking smaller steps, rather than taking on a big task and getting overwhelmed.

Arrow of Skepticism (absence of 3,5,7)

Being skeptical is not necessarily a bad thing, but these people deny any information that is outside their comfort zone and tradition. In personal relationships, they may be hypervigilant, anxious and sometimes obsessive. They need to be more open to new and alternative concepts.

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