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GEMINI 2023 Tarot Predictions: Abundance Is Coming

1st house: Self, Beginnings, Approach to Life

Tarot Cards: Ten of Wands and Knight of Wands

Dear Gemini, it seems that you had too much on your plate during the past few years. Most of you are simply too tired and stressed, but it is all about to change.

You have been closing out some old cycles and you are ready for something new. Luckily, the Knight of Wands brings news of a new, exciting adventure whether it be a new job, a travel or a romantic relationship.

During 2023, don’t be afraid to step into the new. You may even take some calculated risks. You are entering a new era where you will be passionately exploring new ideas and get creative.

2nd house: Money, Values, Possessions

The Six of Wands in your second house is a clear sign that success and abundance are coming.

If you had been working towards a goal for a long time, you are achieving the desired outcome in 2023.

It is clarified by the 3 of Pentacles- which suggests that working with others and developing on your skills will bring you more success.

3rd house: Communication, Thoughts, Education, Activity

Tarot Card: Knight of Swords

So what is going to be on your mind in 2023? Creating change.

What you want is to move forward. You are determined to find resolve in past issues and move on to the future with confidence. The Knight of Swords indicates rapid progress.

As your 1st house reading suggests, you will be coming up with a lot of new ideas this year. You will perhaps dare to do things you haven’t done before.

You are moving forward in your life, starting with clearing out the past. The Knight of Swords suggests a growth period, where you can expect big changes and lessons. This is an exciting time so seize the moment!

Alternatively, Knight of Swords can represent communication with an Air Sign person.

4th house: Home, Family, Foundations

Tarot Card: Ten of pentacles

You are focusing on upgrading your sense of security and stability.

For some of you, 2023 will bring an opportunity for a long-term commitment, buying a house, marriage or building a family.

This year will be a time where you will reevaluate your foundations, values and aspire to build something stronger.

5th house: Pleasure, Happiness, Love, Children, Creativity

Tarot Cards: Queen of Swords and the Strength

You are a sophisticated and strong-willed person who is slowly transforming their emotional sensitivity to inner strength.

Strength is not about forcing to change the outcome of a difficult situation, it is about believing in yourself no matter the circumstances.

The Queen of Swords often shows up when a person is turned inward to heal their wounds. Bottling up your sadness, grief or stress will only cause your anxiety to grow. It is time let these emotions you had buried so deep to come to the surface and see the light.

This year, you are being encouraged to meet new people, collaborate and work on yourself expression. Translate your creative ideas into actions.

6th house: Health, Habits, Work, Service, Daily Routine

Tarot Card: The Fool

2023 is going to be taking you out of your comfort zone- in a good way. You are being encouraged to let go of what is preventing you to step up and take a leap of faith towards something new and unknown.

The Fool in 6th house can bring significant changes in health, wellbeing and routines. Expect surprises and new adventures as well.

7th house: Relationships, Partnerships, Marriage

The Wheel of Fortune entering your 7th house in 2023 symbolizes destined meetings and significant changes in your relationships- romantic and business.

With it, some relationships may end, and new ones can start. You may even take things to the next level. If you are single, it can signify a very significant person entering your life.

If you are holding onto a dead end relationship, it is time to let it go. This year holds a lot of opportunities for you to level up your relationships- but only if you let it happen.

8th house: Sex, Death, Rebirth, Merging, Assets

Tarot Cards: Three of Cups and the Judgement

As you are leaving 2022 behind, you are reaching a major transition in your life. As you are growing and settling into a new chapter, the adjustments you make may sometimes be challenging or exhausting. For example, you may have to leave your old friends and family behind to pursue your dreams. Or perhaps you finally found courage to end an unhealthy relationship.

Whatever the case is, embrace the change and struggle that comes with it. This is an opportunity for you to step into your maturity and strength.

With the Three of Cups in your 8th house, you are deeply reevaluating your connections. For some, it can also represent new business/financial partnerships.

9th house: Education, Travel, Philosophy, Higher Learning

In many areas of life, 2023 will be marked by a slow and steady growth for you.

With the Knight of Pentacles in 9th house, you are being encouraged to remain patient and consistent.

This year, there is a possibility for you to make new business connections or change jobs/your position. You may also choose to pursue a higher education.

10th house: Career, Reputation, Goals, Public Image

Tarot Card: The Emperor

The Emperor energy in 10th house is a really good sign!

2023 will be a year where you are restructuring and redefining your career and goals. As a result, you are going to be more productive and successful.

Your hard work, discipline and integrity will be noticed; therefore, it is possible that you will assume leadership position in a company or organization.

When the Emperor represents someone else, you may get the help and influence of someone experienced, reliable and powerful. When making financial or long-term decisions, stick with the most responsible and logical approach. This is not the time to cut corners.

11th house: Friendships, Companions, Social life, Wishes, Technology

Tarot Card: The Two of Wands

The Two of Wands is all about expansion- so expect new friendships, collaborations or new ideas that will enrich your life. A long distance relationship may also be indicated here.

Alternatively, you may also be called to make an important decision about your friends.

12th house: Transcendence, Karma, Hidden challenges, Healing, Subconscious

Tarot Card: The Chariot

The Chariot invites you to take a voyage of self-discovery. Open your heart, take chances, be open-minded. Explore your spirituality. Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons; no one gets anywhere without a few obstacles along the way. Once you build momentum, focus and purpose, you are going to master your own reality.

Subconsciously, 2023 will be focusing on improving your mental strength.

How do you do that? By overcoming more challenges.

When you pick this card, focus and discipline will drive you to your desired destination. However, remember that life is not a smooth ride. It has bumps and bruises, and that’s what makes the journey worth it. Rather than letting the obstacles define you, use them to master yourself.

Wishing you a wonderful new year!

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