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North Node in Aquarius/11th House & South Node in Leo/5th House

North Node in Aquarius/11th House & South Node in Leo/5th House (Rahu and Ketu): Past Life, Future Karma, Soul Mission by

South Node in Leo/5th house : Past life, Karma, Natural Talents & Childhood

South Node (also known as Ketu) in 5th house/Leo gives you an excellent taste in life- you can instinctively spot a good piece of art or music. It is also very likely that you have many creative talents yourself.

Passion is in the heart of every Leo/5th house South Node. You believe in living life to the fullest.

South Node in Leo indicates powerful past lives. Perhaps you were an entertainer, noble, leader or someone with wealth and glamour. These past lifetimes somehow separated you from others and put you in the spotlight, so you can master your individuality and self expression.

We continue to carry gifts and karma of the South Node to our current lifetime. Growing up, it becomes our comfort zone.

So does this mean that you are supposed to chase fame and glory in this lifetime? Maybe, but the answer is not as simple as that.

Leo South Node can manifest itself in different ways, but there are some common patterns. For most, it is an instinctive need to be special, which is usually rooted in childhood experiences.

If you spent your childhood trying to impress your parents with your talents and success, as an adult you may believe that you need to ‘’perform’’ your best to people in order to validate your worth.

For this reason, 5th house/ Leo South Node is often very sensitive to criticism, rejection or disapproval.

When it comes to relationships, you are a romantic and bighearted lover- but one thing to be careful about is the dramatic Leo attitude. If your motto is ‘’my way or the highway” when there is a disagreement, it can slowly alienate partners and friends without even you realizing it.

Leaving pride at the door in such situations is something that Leo/5th House South Node is learning in this lifetime, which brings us to the North Node in Aquarius.

North Node in Aquarius/11th House: Soul Mission & Future Life Lessons

Moving from Leo South Node to Aquarius North Node is like taking the backseat even though you are used to being the driver.

While the South Node is pulling you in your comfort zone, North Node experiences are pushing you to transcend the past and evolve. In this particular case, this push-pull dynamic is about “Me vs Us”.

One part of you wants to put yourself first, and the other wants to fit in. It is not an easy balancing act, so there are going to be some obstacles and compromises while you are moving towards your North Node purpose.

North Node (also referred as Rahu) in Aquarius is a need to contribute to the collective. You learned many important lessons in your Leo South Node journey, now it is time to share it with the world.

You can do this by participating humanitarian causes. Another way is to expand your social circle- even though you will meet with some unconventional people and ideas along the way.

When you are in a group setting, your South Node need for approval might kick in, but it is not about being exceptional anymore- it is more about acceptance, equality and cooperation.

All this will probably feel uncomfortable at first. Most North Node in Aquarius/11th house people struggle with connecting with others or feel accepted by society. Therefore, true friendships may come later in life, possibly after your Saturn Return (29-30 years old).

You may also experience Aquarian type of situations/people in life that will teach you some karmic lessons. If your Aquarius North Node is in 7th house for example, relationships will play a profound role in your soul’s mission.

And lastly- dear Leo South Node: Even though it feels hard to learn detachment and objectivity, it can expand your life in unimaginable ways. You don’t need to be perfect either, we all make mistakes when we are learning something new- just give your Aquarius North Node a try.

Wishing you the best in your spiritual journey!

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