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The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Cards Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Cards Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health

Both cards are incredibly spiritual. Whenever two Major Arcana comes together in a tarot reading, they signify a very important message that shouldn’t be overlooked. With the High Priestess and Hanged man tarot combination, this message emphasizes a situation that deeply affects your emotions and connection to the divine.

Both tarot cards are also very elusive. The High Priestess is a keeper of secrets, and the Hanged Man is suspended in time.

With all this energy, feelings that arise during this time can be intense and complex.

The situation that is represented by this combination may sometimes feel like searching for a truth in the dark.

Therefore, the High Priestess and Hanged Man combination’s first message to you is: Answers you seek lies deep within.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Astrology

The High Priestess card is connected to the astrological Moon- planet of intuition and emotions. She represents the inner wisdom of the divine feminine.

The Empress in Tarot also represents divine femininity- but the High Priestess goes within in order to manifest wisdom, whereas the Empress channels her feminine energy externally- manifesting creation, love and beauty. If you are curious, you can read more about the Empress and High Priestess tarot combination here.

The Hanged Man is connected to the planet Neptune- both symbolize spirituality, compassion and delusion.

Together, they have the energy of Moon conjunct Neptune in astrology, which is a very intuitive and emotionally sensitive aspect.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Numerology

The High Priestess is 2nd card of Major Arcana- this number represent duality and harmony. It is number of the sacred feminine in numerology.

The Hanged Man’s number is 12. Combination of 1 and 2 in numerology represents balance between the yin and yang, or masculine and feminine.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man together adds up to number 5 (2+1+2). Therefore, this tarot combination represents spiritual growth, curiosity and freedom.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Love

Unfortunately, both of these cards are not very favorable in love readings, but they have an important message.

The High Priestess as the first card in your reading suggests that this situation invokes deep feelings within you. There may an element of mystery or secrets involved here- In some cases, the High Priestess can represent a third party or affair in a relationship.

With the Hanged Man in the outcome or future position, something in your love life is reaching stalemate. It also shows self-sacrificing behaviors in relationships.

If you are single, perhaps you are abstaining yourself from relationships for a while in order to contemplate.

In relationships, the High Priestess and Hanged Man shows a time of patience. This could mean that one or both partners are very much in their heads, trying to figure out what to do about this connection.

Regardless, the Hanged Man shows that some perspectives are no longer serving you. If you had been feeling stuck, constrained, unable to make a decision in your love life, try to get out of your pessimistic views.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man combination in love relationships can feel like you are looking for a clarity, but nothing seems to be happening. You may be contemplating on whether or not they like you, or perhaps what to do next in your relationship. If you recently had a separation, you may be dwelling on the past a lot.

Actually, a lot is happening but not on the surface- it is all subconscious. Your intuition or dreams may already be giving you signals about what’s going on- pay extra attention to them.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Work and Money

The High Priestess in work/money readings can be hard to interpret because it doesn’t reveal the outcome. There may also be secrets or hidden information involved in your situation- so you need to examine it further before you make a decision. Trust your gut if it tells you that something is not right.

The Hanged Man as the clarification card next to it indicate a time of stagnation in your work or finances. It is unclear as to why you are in this situation, but one thing is for certain- you need to keep working on yourself and be patient.

With this combination, you are deeply contemplating on your future. Perhaps there is a desire for getting a higher education. Alternatively, both cards can indicate a work involved in esotericism, spirituality or counseling.

Overall, when you receive the High Priestess and Hanged Man combination, it is not a good time to push things to change. If your actions didn’t get results for a long while, perhaps you need to take a step back and analyze how you can look at this in a different perspective.

The High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Health

The High Priestess tarot card can symbolize feminine cycles such as pregnancy, fertility and menstruation in a health reading.

The Hanged Man shows a period of stagnation- if you had been dealing with a sickness, you may need to try different healing approaches.

Overall, both these cards highlight the importance of self care. If you had been feeling down, unmotivated or pessimistic- Focus on nurturing yourself emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.

Is the High Priestess and Hanged Man Tarot combination a yes or a no?

It is not a clear yes or a no. These cards don't reveal the outcome, they rather focus on the journey itself. You may try picking more clarification cards.

What does the High Priestess and Hanged Man tarot combination say about feelings?

The person contemplates about their feelings and what to do, but they will probably keep it to themselves for a while and only act on it when they are ready.

What if the cards are reversed?

If the High Priestess. Hanged Man or both cards are reversed in this combination, your situation may reqiure more clarity, and you may be avoiding to accept some hard truths. You can read more about



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