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  • South Node-Pluto Aspects in the Natal Chart

    South Node conjunct Pluto in The Natal Chart South Node conjunct Pluto also means North Node opposite Pluto. South Node is the blueprint to our past. With this conjunction, your past life was ingrained with strong Pluto influence, which seeps into this lifetime as karmic experiences as well as natural gifts. Starting from your early life, you may feel a strange inclination to analyze things deeply. This may manifest itself as a strong interest in psychology, occult or mysteries, natural ability to notice subtle clues, uncovering hidden motives and seeing through lies and deceit in others. With your South Node in conjunction with Pluto, one of the things to look out for is not let your analytic nature turn into obsession or paranoia. Another thing to pay attention is the theme of power/control. Because of your past life dealings with Pluto, you may instinctively gravitate towards Scorpionic people or situations in this lifetime. This means dealing with transformational experiences which can bring out heavy emotions in you- like rage, pain, resentment and feeling of powerlessness. All these emotions, if not handled well, can trigger cunning or controlling tendencies in you. With South Node conjunct Pluto, you are learning to uncover the past lessons, heal your emotional/karmic baggage and move into your soul purpose- the North Node. South Node sextile/trine Pluto in the Natal Chart With the harmonious sextile or trine aspects, you can harness positive Plutonian energy, and it is easier for you to focus on your North Node purpose. It is one of your strengths to successfully bounce back from tough situations and emotions. But this is no luck- resilience is something you learned in your past lives, as well as in this one. When you feel passionate about something or when you desire power, you can deeply focus, analyze, and transform. Just like in the conjunction, you may be interested in psychology, occult and mystery. You can use these abilities in helping others transform themselves as well. South Node square Pluto in the Natal Chart In past lives, you may have used your dark Plutonic traits in order to assert power over others-such as manipulation, greed or spitefulness. Alternatively, you might have been a victim of them. Regardless, this lifetime may have the same patterns and it might feel like you are walking a thin line between the dark and light. House and sign will give you more clues about where and how this aspect manifests itself. You can also ask yourself; how do you act when faced with things you can’t control-such as destiny? Do you tend to doubt yourself or give up? What is your relationship with power? With South Node square Pluto, you are learning to master your shadow side by facing situations that will test your resilience and determination. South Node opposite Pluto in the Natal Chart South Node opposite Pluto also means North Node conjunct Pluto. With North Node conjunct Pluto, one part of you feels an intense desire to understand your soul purpose. Because of this, you may take an interest in psychology, astrology and spirituality from an early age. But South Node opposite Pluto indicates that another part of you might be deeply afraid of people or situations that is Scorpionic in nature. For example, if you felt powerless in you past life, you may be afraid of making big changes or taking control in this lifetime. With North Node conjunct Pluto, you may have faced trauma/adversities that changed you on a fundamental level, such as bullying, violence, power struggles, deceit or financial/emotional losses. In its core, Pluto unearths the hard truths and demands a change. Analyzing your Pluto in the natal chart can help you understand how well you integrate your Plutonic energy in this lifetime. With South Node opposite Pluto, you are learning to heal your relationship with Pluto and emerge from the dark. Next: Chiron in the Signs and Houses Astrology Home

  • Ascendant in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays

    Ascendant in Synastry House Overlays Ascendant (also known as Rising Sign) in synastry generally tells us about how the first impressions go in a relationship. In synastry house overlays, it is not as significant as other planetary influences (Especially personal planets- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) but it gives us an insight on the potential of the connection. Ascendant in partner’s 1st house: This house overlay in synastry means that there are some similarities between them- the way they present themselves, their world views, likes and dislikes, or their personalities. This often creates an instant fondness and attraction, which helps the connection to grow. In some cases, too much ‘’sameness’’ can cause the relationship to stagnate. Ascendant in partner’s 2nd house: This can indicate aligned values, as well as similar views on money, beauty and pleasure. House person often feels a physical attraction towards Ascendant person. 2nd house may provide comfort and security to them or share their possessions. They can raise each other’s self-worth. Ascendant tends to feel more indulgent around 2nd house. Ascendant in partner’s 3rd house: Intellectual compatibility will play a big part in the first impressions. Upon first meeting, the way Ascendant person expresses themselves catches 3rd house person’s attention. As they are getting to know each other more, they may find that their communication styles might be similar, or they may like the same TV shows, podcasts, books, etc. Ascendant in partner’s 4th house: This can create an instant feeling of warmth and comfort, especially if there are harmonious aspects. Upon first meeting, 4th house may feel a familiarity towards the Ascendant person, which can go both ways. If the house person has a lot of emotional baggage regards to their family and home, this feeling of familiarity may upset them instead. Otherwise, there is a great potential to build a deeper emotional bond. Ascendant in partner’s 5th house: They may find that it is fun and easy to be around one another. Ascendant person’s looks and self-expression can be sexually attractive to the 5th house. Ascendant may feel more adventurous, confident and creative around the 5th house. They may share similar talents or views on having children. This interaction has a potential to turn into something more romantic, but it may also just stay on a superficial level. Ascendant in partner’s 6th house: Ascendant has an influence on 6th house person’s daily life, wellbeing, and responsibilities. With this house overlay, there is an emphasis on importance of physical looks and health. Initial meeting might take place in a work environment, hospital or gym. 6th house can offer cooperation and organization, and in return Ascendant can influence them to pay more attention to their health. Ascendant in partner’s 7th house: When someone’s Ascendant falls into their partner’s 7th house, an instant feeling of attraction is indicated- Even if they are not each other’s usual types. Ascendant person has some qualities that 7th house is looking for in a romantic relationship or partnership, at least in first impressions. Even though this house overlay doesn’t guarantee a long term compatibility, it indicates a good start. Ascendant in partner’s 8th house: This is an intense and provoking placement in synastry, because upon first meeting the 8th house person can see their own darkness and secrets in the Ascendant. Sexual attraction is very likely, which can turn into obsession. There is a potential for Ascendant to dive deeper into 8th house matters with this connection (occult, psychology, traumas, taboos), especially if the 8th house person feels comfortable sharing their shadow side. On the other hand, 8th house can become very possessive and controlling towards them. Ascendant in partner’s 9th house: Upon first meeting, Ascendant may recognize some similarities in their views on religion, politics, education and philosophy. 9th house can inspire them to ask life’s big questions, dive into their spirituality, explore different cultures, broaden their horizon. This house overlay in synastry can also indicate a long distance connection, or meeting through travel or education. Ascendant in partner’s 10th house: They may have similar views on importance of status, career, goals, as well as how they want to be viewed in public eye. On surface level, 10th house may find that Ascendant person’s looks and mannerism is something to be admired. As the relationship evolve, they can either motivate each other to succeed or compete with envy. Ascendant in partner’s 11th house: With first impressions there is a mutual sense of friendship. With 11th house influence, Ascendant person may feel inspired to do more extroverted activities like meeting groups or joining organizations. They may also feel the same friendly feeling towards 11th house person's friends. How the relationship will develop depends on other factors in the synastry chart, but this is generally a good start. Ascendant in partner’s 12th house: Soon after the initial meeting, they may feel an unusual empathy towards each other, which can feel like a psychic connection. Ascendant can uncover a lot about their own subconscious patterns and spirituality with them. However, 12th house’s hidden and elusive nature can feel restrictive to the Ascendant after a while. House Overlays in Synastry Ascendant Aspects in Synastry Astrology

  • The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health

    These cards have very different energies. The High Priestess is an aspect of the sacred feminine: Her purpose is to understand mysteries of life by tapping into her intuition. With this combination, she meets with the Devil in her journey. From a spiritual standpoint, the Devil can represent a negative attachment that the High Priestess is trying to break from. In real life experiences, The Devil tarot card does not always manifest itself as an immediate danger- like a beast you need to escape from. It can be elusive, addictive and perhaps attractive. This is how the Devil puts his shackles on us. The High Priestess and Devil together also have an undertone of occult and magic. So if you are a practitioner, it can be a significant message for you. The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Astrology Astrologically, the High Priestess Tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer and planet Moon. It represents intuition, emotions, spirituality, and duality. The Devil in Tarot is represented by zodiac sign Capricorn or planet Saturn. It is the card of worldly pleasures, obsession, addiction, fear and toxic relationships. This combination resembles Moon conjunct Saturn energy- which represents a significant emotional journey. The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Numerology The High Priestess is number 2, representing duality and harmony. The Devil is the 15th- This number represents material possessions, independence and ambition. Together, they create the number 8 (2+1+5)- This number is all about power and transformation, it is also a karmic number. The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love Both cards are not very favorable when it comes to relationships. The High Priestess indicates that there is something hidden in the connection- it could be deep, unrevealed feelings, secrets or affair. And she is pointing to the Devil. The Devil in love readings can be intense and sexual, as well as obsessive and manipulative. The High Priestess and Devil tarot combination might be an indication of a karmic relationship. These two are not good for each other, but they also can’t get away. It reminds me of “With or Without you’’ by U2. If this doesn’t resonate with you, this combination could be talking about a third party. In this case, this person may have negative emotions or intentions towards you or your relationship, like jealousy. If you are single and there is no specific person you are asking about, the High Priestess and Devil could represent a negative mindset towards relationships. The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Work and Money The High Priestess in Tarot can be quite difficult to interpret because it is one of those cards that doesn’t reveal her secrets. It can represent a person, situation, or a decision. Whatever it is you are asking about has a hidden or mysterious aspect to it, which is almost a never good thing in work and money readings. And in your combination, she is sitting next to the Devil. The Devil in work/money readings can represent jealousy, fear, obsession, greed, financial loss or dependency- any sort of negative attachment that you need to get away from. The clear message here is that you need to assess your situation very clearly. Is there something that makes you feel trapped or confused? If it involves other people, they may not have the best intentions towards you. The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Health The High Priestess and Devil together in a health reading could be warning you about an addiction or a negative mindset. It could be something that you are not aware of. It can also be about an external situation that is affecting your wellbeing. Regardless, make sure to pay more attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing at this time. The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed More Tarot Cards Combinations Tarot

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  • Home | Stars and Tarot

    Ascendant in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays Ascendant (also known as Rising Sign) in synastry generally tells us about how the first impressions go in a relationship. In synastry house The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health These cards have very different energies. The High Priestess is an aspect of the sacred feminine: Her purpose is to understand mysteries .. The STAR Tarot Combinations With All Major Arcana Cards Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written .. The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Health The Tower card doesn’t have to be viewed as something evil and negative all the time. When we lose our track in life, it can be a force... Chiron in the Signs and Houses Chiron in the 1st house feels uncomfortable in their skin or identity. Root of this pain may come from being bullied in early life.. North Node in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays Discover the meaning of your North Node through partner's houses in synastry.North Node in partner’s 7th house: Establishing better.. 1 2 3 4 5

  • FOUR OF SWORDS Tarot Card Meaning | Stars and Tarot

    TAROT CARDS: FOUR OF SWORDS Gentle time will heal our sorrows.” Sophocles DESCRIPTION In a sanctuary, a Knight in his armor is laying down on a tomb-like stone slab. Right beneath him lies one horizontal sword, while three others are hanging over the wall. At first glance, calm sense of quiet solitude is immediately felt. The Four of Swords represents a time of rest and recuperation after a major battle. The Knight is still wearing his armor, which suggests he is recharging for his next challenge. Transition from the Three of Swords to the Four shows us the journey from trauma to healing. In a reading, this card simply says: Take a break! And not just to gain your energy back from the emotional tension and mental strain accumulated from going through a painful loss, but also to reflect upon the lessons to gain new perspectives. Living in the modern world, power of inaction is something that eludes us more and more. Doesn’t it always seem like we always must keep the wheels turning, that hitting the pause button is never an option? Rest and renewal are the times to contemplate the direction of our path. When the constant distractions and demands of the daily life switch over into stillness, our deepest parts of ourselves rise to the surface. Reflecting upon these parts helps us to choose a more loving, peaceful and healthier direction for ourselves. ​ Number 4 represents persistence, stability and responsibility. Four of Swords Keywords ​ Rest Contemplation Healing Isolation UPRIGHT REVERSED ​ Fatigue Stress Restlessness ​ Upright Four of Swords Guidance: The Four of Swords indicates that you’ve been through a lot recently. In order to release all the stress and hurt you experienced, you need some time of calmness and stillness to rejuvenate yourself. Take this time to do whatever helps you to restore your inner peace and balance: whether is meditating, praying, getting in touch with nature of spending time with your loved ones. Gently and lovingly reflect on your life to change the things that made you unhappy. You will know when you feel ready to get back out in the world again. ​ Love: In the past, you had felt deeply hurt and heartbroken over a break-up, divorce or a separation. Now it is more about loving and healing yourself, before you dive into solving problems in your love life. By allowing time for some healthy solitude, you can realign yourself with your needs and values again. It will also help you to assess your weaknesses, fears and doubts, things that you wish to overcome and improve. If you are single, in order to create the love you deserve, you need the same time of introspection to align yourself with your core values. When you truly love yourself and heal the past, a new, healthy relationship will be on your doorstep. ​ Work/Finances: The Four of Swords shows effects of pressure, stress and overworking in your work life. You push yourself too far and need a break. Perhaps you feel pressured to get back on your feet after a loss, or you are stuck in a rut. Even though the time to rest feels like an unnecessary pause you cannot afford, a calm and clear mind will help you find the solutions to a lot of your problems. Besides, you need all your energy and focus to able to keep moving forward. Don’t make big financial decisions unless you evaluate thoroughly. ​ Health: The Four of Swords means recovery and rest. You may have gone through an illness or a period of stress and emotional trauma recently. The need to rest is not just psychical, you need to rest your mind and soul as well. For the sake of your wellbeing, it is time to set a barrier between you and the negative situations and emotions that surrounded you for some time. ​ Spirituality: This card invites you for a quiet, peaceful time of isolation and self-reflection. When you go through a difficult period in your outer life, you should always check back within you to figure out how all this is affecting your soul. Your soul transforms with your mind, intellect and emotions; and it is only fair to listen to its needs and advice as well. Guidance: Now that the difficult times are behind, instead of resting and taking care of yourself for a while, you are diving into new things. This is only creating more exhaustion because you can’t really distract yourself from issues unless you solve them. If you don’t want the same painful situations and mistakes to repeat in the future, you need to go deep within yourself and fix them with patience, self-love and respect. ​ Love: You’ve been through a recent heartbreak, and you are refusing to take a break to think things through. If you don’t let yourself fully heal emotionally, you are not ready to communicate again or deal with the aftermath. It will only create more hurt and conflict for both sides. If you are single, take it slow. You are just coming out of your isolation in the hopes of finding love again. Don’t stress yourself rushing around, building healthy relationships takes patience. ​ Work/Finances: The Four of Swords reversed warns you about a burnout. Don’t dismiss how tired and stressed you are, it may be more than the kind of fatigue you feel after a long day of work. Sometimes all you need is to clear your head a bit, but it can also be an indication of a highly stressful, demanding and even toxic work environment/situation which you need to detach yourself from. If you step back and rest a little, you will recognize much better opportunities with a clear mind. ​ Health: Your body and mind are signaling you to take a break, but for some reason you are not listening. If you don’t allow yourself time to recuperate, it can have more serious consequences. The Four of Swords encourages you to detach yourself from stress and exhaustion, in any way you can. Try to take some time off work and other things that require your attention for a while if necessary. ​ Spirituality: It is understandable that you want to move away from the suffering and heartbreak you experienced, but it is not going to disappear by ignoring or repressing it. By diving into more noise, chaos and stimulation of the outside world, you can only distract yourself for a short time. Listen to your soul’s voice, it only wants you to heal your wounds, not remind you the pain. Reversed Four of Swords See the previous card: three of swords see the next card: five of swords Back to Top

  • THE EMPRESS Tarot Card Meaning | Stars and Tarot

    TAROT CARDS: THE EMPRESS Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nature one's soul.’’ Anthony Douglas DESCRIPTION Surrounded by the lush forest on river shore, a beautiful woman is sitting on her cushiony throne. From top to bottom, she is an embodiment of Mother Nature: Her blonde hair is adorned by stars just like the sky, and her robes with pomegranate patterns- an ancient symbol of abundant lands and fertility. Confidence, grace and beauty follows where The Empress goes. And finally, right beneath her legs there is the sign of Venus: Goddess of Love. A link between early religions was worship of the mother goddess deity, who represented fertility, earth and creation. Many early cultures celebrated and honoured the sacred feminine with their unique ritual and art. One of the goddesses that the Empress is highly associated with is Greek Hera – or Roman equivalent Juno. Hera was worshipped as the protector of women, childbirth and marriage. Her temple was built even before her husband’s, Zeus. According to the myth, when the breast milk of Hera spurt out into the heavens, Milky way was born into creation. Needless to say, the Universal Mother symbol is engraved in human consciousness since the ancient times. Regardless of what she’s called, the meaning is always the same: She is the giver and nurturer of life. ​ Number 3 represents creative expression, joy and beauty. The Empress Keywords ​ Motherhood Femininity Beauty Creation UPRIGHT REVERSED ​ Co-dependency Lack of harmony Lack of self-love ​ The Empress Upright Guidance: The Empress represents a gentle and caring woman in your life, or a time when you are embracing the qualities of the card. You are feeling inspired to thrive in your creative flow, nurturing yourself and creating harmony in your relationships. Radiating your love and optimism in everything you do will lead you to a happy, comforting life. ​ Love: The Empress’s astral ruler is Venus. Planet of beauty and love certainly offers a blessing in love related readings. It speaks of a time you feel more attractive and passionate. Your connection with your significant other gets stronger and more harmonious. You can expect a romantic gesture, surprise or proposal! This card is all about expressions of affection, love, caring and passion. So, if you are single, probably not for long! ​ Work/Finances: There is a boost in your productivity and creativity. With this card you are reaping the rewards of your efforts and investments. If you are in the verge of seeding your ideas into reality, such as creating a new business or changing your career/job; stay confident. Especially if your idea is about pursuing a creative field, don’t hesitate! The Empress is also a feminine/mother figure who can offer beneficial advice to you. Health: Overall it is a sign of vitality and wellness. The Empress is specifically associated with feminine health. In this case, it may represent desire for pregnancy or safe and healthy childbirth. You may also be involved in nurturing others. Offering care and love is great, but make sure you don’t deplete yourself by doing so. Take some time to relax and pamper yourself. ​ Spirituality: Empress is an invitation to be more connected to earth and your inner self. Essentially, what this card represents is divine love in its purest form. You may therefore feel inspired to do charity work, or to give others in need. Best way to start this is to be the embodiment of love and joy you wish to see around you. Guidance: It is time to shift your focus to yourself. If you had been spreading yourself too thin taking care of others, the Empress reversed suggests you take some down time to relax and figure out what self-needs you had been neglecting. Start loving and stop overcriticizing yourself. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others. ​ Love: The Empress reversed is a reminder to yourself that you’re confident and beautiful without others approval that you’re worthy. Your relationship status doesn’t define you. It doesn’t matter who you are with, what matters is who you are. If things are not so smooth between you and your partner, best thing to do is to express yourself openly to avoid further arguments. Your intuition will guide you through the turbulent times. Alternatively, this reversal can represent an overbearing partner. ​ Work/Finances: The Empress reversed may represent lack of confidence, an over controlling boss or feeling underappreciated. Insecurities seem to be the major block to your success at this time. Abundance and creativity will flow in your life once you make the decision to receive it. Financially, some of your concerns are real, but many are unnecessary. If you believe you are reasonable and mindful with your money, stop the over worrying. ​ Health: This reversal may indicate anything from emotional instability to fertility and hormonal issues. Are you too busy helping others or working long hours that you forgot to take care of yourself? Self-care is not selfishness; it certainly is not wasted time. Try to build a self-care practice routine that suits both your daily life and your health’s needs. ​ Spirituality: When you draw this card in reverse, chances are you are experiencing a spiritual disconnect. Between daily responsibilities, demands and tasks of the daily life; having a quiet moment by yourself and listening to your own inner voice may be just the thing you need. You deserve your own love and affection. The Empress Reversed See the previous card: the high priestess see the next card: the emperor Back to Top

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