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I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.’’

William Blake


In a ceremonial event, a couple is switching their cups, which is a traditional ritual in some cultures as a means of pledging loyalty. Between them the caduceus of Hermes spirals down; an ancient symbol of wisdom, negotiation and trade. And when their cups meet, two hearts become one.

The Two of Cups is associated with harmonious unions, often between two people, such as friendships, partnerships and relationships. There is a mutual admiration and attraction between the two. Even if they vibrate in different frequencies, or have different personalities, together they work towards one purpose.

When this card shows up, expect to feel strongly connected to others, but also to your inner self.

Have you ever experienced a desire to create something, but there is this inner opposing force that wants to go the other way? If this is the case, inner harmony is another welcome interpretation of this card. This is a time when all your ideas, talents and expertise seamlessly blend together to create something you wish for. No more resistance, no more dilemmas. Only your vision.

Number 2 represents both union and division.


Two of Cups Keywords

  • Love
  • Union
  • Mutual admiration
  • Partnership



  • Disharmony
  • Break up
  • Arguments

Upright Two of Cups

Guidance: The Two of Cups shows up when your one-on-one relationships and your emotions are in perfect harmony. It talks about a union, romantic, family or work related. The common meaning in all of these is equal footing and mutual respect. Perhaps a peaceful reconciliation is on the way. This is a good time to openly share your ideas, values and feelings with the people you care about.

Love: The Two of Cups depicts soulmates. If you are in a relationship, it shows mutual respect, support and love which continually grows in harmony. Marriage, engagement or childbirth are all very possible. It is time to put old feuds aside and to seek reconciliation. If you are single, it is very likely that you are going to make a connection that has potential to become a long lasting, loving relationship.

Work/Finances: Things are moving in harmony in your work environment, partnership and business negotiations. No tricky situations here. You may get a mutually beneficial offer from someone that shares your vision and values. Financially, it represents being in balance. Even if money goes out in the same pace as it comes in, you feel comfortable and in control.

Health: When the Two of Cups shows up, you are finding clarity, calm and peace. This includes your physical health, mental balance and emotional inner peace. You should expect previous struggles and concerns being resolved soon. Be open to receive help and support of others.

Spirituality: The Two of Cups reminds us that love is the essence that unites us all. It represents merging of dualities, flowing with peace and harmony. As you resolve inner conflicts, your soul’s purpose is being aligned with your reality. This card highly encourages you to forge strong soul connections, with others and with yourself.

Guidance: You may be going through an emotional ordeal, as a result of an external or internal conflict. The Two of Cups often represents inflamed situations between two people. To turn this around, open communication and forgiveness should be your approach. Holding back your emotions is not helpful, let it all out. This way you will clear space in your heart for more positivity and unconditional love.

Love: The Two of Cups can indicate falling out of love, co-dependency, break ups or arguments. In your relationship, you may feel disconnected to your partner. The trouble is, keeping it all inside creates misunderstandings and false assumptions. Whatever is troubling you, express them openly and calmly. When you are single, you may be disappointed in others and even disappointed in yourself. Here is the thing: if you don’t love yourself, you will rely on others for your happiness. You need to get comfortable being on your own first.

Work/Finances: The Two of Cups reversed could indicate a disarrayed mind, disruptive workplace issues and tension between teammates or partners. Learning the art of diplomacy can improve the quality of your negotiations and communications. This card also advises you to stay calm at work when dealing with difficult situations and people. Financial imbalance is another thing to be aware of, so keep a close eye on your finances at this time.

Health: Reversal of this card can indicate disharmony. The source of the problem is often emotional. Your core attitude towards life affects the quality of your life, your relationships and your wellbeing. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a positive mindset at difficult times. Exercise, meditation and good sleep are some of the ways you can improve your condition.

Spirituality: The Two of Cups reversed asks you to look at how you handle disagreements and arguments. When you face an opposition, do you give in to fear, doubt and resentment? We live in a world of duality, which means that there will always be different opinions. Even within yourself, there will be conflicting forces at times. The key here is to find unity in diversity. You can always agree to disagree, but you can also hold compassion and understanding in your heart for others.

Reversed Two of Cups

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