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Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.’’

Mark Twain


The Two of Wands in the Rider-Waite deck shows a man with a globe in his right hand, watching over the seashore. He stands victoriously in between two wands, holding the one on the left. At first glance, this illustration suggests an ambitious ruler looking to expand his authority. Contemplating figure appears to be a person who strategizes his path forward. He is ambitious and in control, however, his high expectations may get him into unseen troubles.

Transition from Ace of Wands to Two of Wands shows converting personal strength to plans, action and expansion. While interpreted, the Two of Wands often represents moving beyond the comfort zone, exploration, travel and new opportunities. Because it is dualistic, it is also a card of tough choices and dilemmas.

The Two of Wands often raises some big questions in your head.  ‘’What is next?’’; ‘’Is there something better for me out there?’’, ‘’Can I make the leap of faith?’’ or ‘’Should I follow my heart or my mind?’’

If you are in this overthinking stage and a big decision is looming in your life, don't hide from it. Be confident in yourself, step out there and explore your options.

Number 2 represents inner wisdom and duality.


Two of Wands Keywords

  • Decision making

  • Planning

  • Expansion



  • Lack of strategy

  • Lack of confidence

  • Indecisiveness
  • Dilemma

Upright Two of Wands

Guidance: The Two of Wands indicates a time of planning and contemplating on your future. You are being aware of new opportunities as well: perhaps an overseas travel, a new love interest or a business offer. The biggest difficulty this card talks about is the decision-making stage. You may be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown territory. Confidence is the key here. Always make your plans carefully, but don’t forget to trust your gut as well.

Love: The Two of Wands shows a passionate relationship where partners work together towards a long-term goal. It can also indicate a long-distance relationship and you are planning to meet each other. Since there is an element of split feelings with this card, make sure you are careful and clear with your expectations. If you are single, this card signifies a person that has interest, but perhaps not quite sure what decision to make yet. There may be a third party involved, or they may be simply assessing all their options before fully committing to you.

Work/Finances: The Two of Wands represents situations such as overseas opportunities, making future plans, expanding your business and new investments. It is imperative to remain clear headed, focused and confident at this time because there is a tough decision to be made here. This doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of exploring different opportunities. Just make sure to evaluate the pros and cons carefully, especially if you are about to make a ‘risky’ move. Finances: Have a long term strategy and a back up plan in place before you make a decision.

Health: The Two of Wands is all about personal strength. It can mean you are working through restoring your health. You may also be split between two options in a situation regards to your health. As long as you are dedicated and responsible about your well-being, you will get good results. The underlying advice of the card is to plan and act carefully.

Spirituality: The Two of Wands often shows a dilemma. You may be showing interest to a new spiritual idea or path, but you are not sure what to pursue. On one hand, you want to stick with what you know; on the other, you feel a desire to explore the unknown. The card’s advice is to trust your intuition and don’t act on fear. Have confidence in yourself that you will make the right decision.

Guidance: With the Two of Wands in reversed position, you are being advised to reassess your direction and alter your course if necessary. Perhaps you have a great idea, but you are lacking courage, resources or focus to make it a reality. At this time, unforeseen delays and obstacles may arise. Be patient, go over your plans with a clear mind, and believe in yourself.

Love: You may face a difficult choice choosing between the ‘comfortable choice’ and an unknown possibility. Whether you are in a relationship or single, it seems you are hesitant to make any move, and you’d rather keep the status quo. In these times of confusion, it is a lot better to make important decisions with a clear mind and focus. On the other hand, it could be that your partner or love interest is not ready to commit yet. You or this person may be going back and forth between two people at this time.

Work/Finances: You may have lost something that you are trying to gain back. You feel restricted, unable to make a decision in a seemingly impossible situation. You are possibly split between two choices: On one hand there is a risky, but possibly successful opportunity, on the other your comfort zone and safety net. The Two of Wands reversed suggests that you need more insight and a better strategy to achieve your goals. Remember: future is not set; it is what you make of it. When it comes to your finances, it advises you to focus on your long-term strategy and be careful on how you spend your money.

Health: In health context, the Two of Wands reversed indicates a need to recover balance. It is time to release any habits or decisions that no longer serves your health. Especially now, it is not a good idea to take unnecessary risks, and you may need a better understanding before you make a decision.

Spirituality: The Two of Wands reversed suggests that something is holding you back from reaching your highest potential. You may be exhausted questioning your purpose, your direction, and the future. It is very easy to get consumed in an overthinking mind. It is time to stop analyzing every situation. Find the balance between your heart and mind; and the rest will follow.

Reversed Two of Wands

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