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All abundance starts first in the mind.’’


In the heart of the image, a hand is emerging from the clouds and offering a big gold coin. Below, there is an entryway to a beautiful garden, representative of new and exciting opportunities.

The Ace of Pentacles represents the time when carefully planted seeds of ideas flourish into successful realities. The emotions connected to this card are ambition, hope and satisfaction. The sense of achievement that this card offers can be applied to all areas of life, but mainly work and money matters. 

The main theme of the Ace of Pentacles is manifestation. It often appears in a reading when the person is channeling his actions and thoughts into one focused goal.

Let us imagine that our journey of life is a long road we travel on. Sometimes it gets bumpy, sometimes it is a smooth ride. People like to think that most of time, circumstances beyond their control is driving them to their destination. Evidently when they encounter an obstacle on the road, they get frustrated. If we realize that we sit on the driver’s seat; not only we take back the control of the car, but also where we are heading. This is the idea that is the essence of the Ace of Pentacles.

Number 1 represents new beginnings, willpower and manifestation.


Ace of Pentacles Keywords

  • Manifestation
  • Abundance

  • New opportunities

  • Wealth



  • Obstacles
  • Delay

  • Lack of progress

Upright Ace of Pentacles

Guidance: A great, perhaps even a life changing opportunity is arriving to you. You are in the initial stages of a prosperous, successful and happy future. Now, it is time to put all doubts and fears aside and move forward with confidence. Just like the imagery of the card, it is entirely in your hands to manifest the outcome you desire!

Love: The Ace of Pentacles is a very favorable card as it can signify a fulfilling relationship, happy family life, exciting changes or even proposals. You are confident and hopeful of what the future will bring. As it also represents new beginnings, it can be indicative of a marriage, engagement or a new blossoming relationship, or perhaps a romantic union turning into financial partnership. Enjoy this beautiful time to its fullest. For singles: If you desire to experience it, love is just around the corner. Be open to receive it.

Work/Finances: Your determination and confidence are paving way to a great success. The Ace of Pentacles brings a variety of good news regards to work and finances: New job opportunities, growing wealth, successful launch of a new business, security and stability, you name it. Even if these did not arrive yet, don’t worry. By realizing your potential and working hard, you are going to achieve the outcome you desire very soon. Expect good news regards to money, especially about a potentially new source of income.

Health: The Ace of Pentacles is an excellent card to receive in health-related questions. It means that previous struggles are vanishing, making way to a much more improved health. This is not happening by a miracle of course. It is because you are positive and hopeful, and you are taking all the necessary steps that will benefit your health.

Spirituality: In spirituality terms, the Ace of Pentacles suggests abundance of creativity, joy and progress happening in your life. There is a shift in your perspective. Through this shift, you are realizing your potential and how your happiness is in your own hands. This internal change you are going through is going to help you attract and manifest the desired outcome in your outer life.

Guidance: There is progress, yet you still have a ways to go before you succeed. What this means that you should not lose hope if you got delayed or failed recently. Whatever disappointed you, it is a part of the process. How you approach to this obstacle will determine whether or not you will overcome it. Don’t let your fears and worries be your compass. Success is a mindset.

Love: You are still working on fundamental elements for a healthy relationship. This can sometimes create tension between partners. In order to turn arguments into productive conversation, you need to know your desires and needs first. Then, talk openly and calmly with your partner about his needs as well. The reversed Ace of Pentacles is not a lost cause, it just means that there is some effort needed. If you are single, you need to accept and love yourself fully first, then open yourself up to a new relationship when you desire it. Attract the love you wish to experience by visualizing it.

Work/Finances: The Ace of Pentacles reversed can represent obstacles, delays and frustrations concerning financial and work matters. Perhaps you have experienced a loss or failure. Because of this, you may need to start over. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Take it one at a time, with careful thought and strategy. If you make the right decisions, you are going to overcome this. It is not a good time for exuberant purchases or risky business decisions.

Health: This card suggests that you put your health first. It isn’t always easy, when life gets hectic there is always something else that requires your attention. Start by making small adjustments. The path to recovery is often riddled with obstacles, so you need to stay positive and determined. If progress is slow, be patient.

Spirituality: The Ace of Pentacles reversed requires your attention to focus on how you can grow as a person. No matter what you are going through, once you have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses; you can overcome anything. Once you learn from the mistakes and wrongdoing, forgive and forget. Nothing stands between you and the reality you wish to manifest.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles

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