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If you have a strong mind and plant it in a firm resolve, you can change your destiny.’’

Paramahansa Yogananda


Upon a stone throne, a seated King is facing forward. His robes are as blue as the sky upon him, representative of his quest towards knowledge and intellect. He is wearing a golden crown and purple robes; both are symbols of spiritual wisdom. The sword he holds in his right-hand points upward and slightly to the right, showing his capability to adapt to any situation with the guidance of logic and rationality.

The King of Swords represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. He is an assertive, intellectual man of authority with excellent communication skills and judgement. Therefore, The King and his rule is trusted and respected among his people.

 His mind rules over his heart. He doesn’t put himself in relationships or situations where he could be emotionally vulnerable. In diplomacy, he likes to have the upper hand, which can sometimes turn into manipulation. He can also be a bit of a ‘justice warrior’ at times, meaning he is not afraid of defending his truth against opposing forces.

The King of Swords is of the Air element.

When interpreted as a specific person, it is likely to be an older male that has one of the air element zodiac signs in his natal chart.


King of Swords Keywords

  • Intellect
  • Communication

  • Logic

  • Leadership



  • Manipulation
  • Miscommunication
  • Illogical

Upright King of Swords

Guidance: The King of Swords represents an individual who is known with their superior mental skills and good reasoning. This person probably holds a respectable social status and can be trusted with his guidance. If this card represents a situation, you are advised communicate your truth with clarity. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement at this time. Approach your problem with the most logical and rational solution.

Love: When a relationship or a partner embodies the qualities of the King of Swords, it represents intellectual compatibility, honesty and good communication. These are great qualities to have for a solid relationship. You may need to control your emotions during a difficult conversation. If you are single, qualities of the card represent what you are looking for in a partner. The King of Swords can get intimidated and overwhelmed when things are moving too suddenly or quickly.

Work/Finances: The King of Swords can represent an individual involved in the careers that require fluid mental complexity and intelligence. Sometimes, he may represent a father/authority figure in your life. If you are dealing with such a person, his counsel can be trusted. Alternatively, when the card represents a situation; ethical, logical and realistic approach is called for. Don’t lose your temper in conflicts. Improving on your diplomatic skills will be very beneficial for you. Adhere to the rules and strictures when you are dealing with an authority. When it comes to money, the King of Swords is very methodical, and likes to think a couple of steps ahead at all times.

Health: The King of Swords can be an indication that more self-discipline is required in your life. First and foremost, don’t let negative emotions such as stress and anxiety jeopardize your health. If you need to make an important decision about your health, always choose the most rational solution over temporary or alternative ones.

Spirituality: The King of Swords has a lot of intellect as well as spiritual wisdom. This makes him hold high moral standards and understanding even in the most complex situations. When you find yourself in a debate with others concerning spiritual or religious topics, you need to be like the King. Listen to everyone’s opinion, share yours truthfully, learn different perspectives and don’t get upset if everyone is not on the same page.

Guidance: You need to be aware of a cunning, manipulative person or situation. Avoid rush decisions and heated arguments. Siding with logic and reason is the best option for you at this time. When this card represents you, it shows that you are a deeply emotional person, even if you mostly keep it to yourself. By turning your emotional sensitivity into your strength, you can find a balance between the mind and the heart.

Love: The King of Swords reversed in relationships can represent someone who acts out of selfish interests. By telling you what you want to hear instead of the truth, he is hoping to get what he wants. He can be forceful and cold at times. Sometimes, it can just mean that he is very closed with his emotions. If you are dealing with such a person, you need to step back and reassess the situation. Act with a clear mind rather than resentment, anger or jealousy. Try to see if the problem can be solved through open and honest communication. If you are single, you may meet someone with the above qualities.

Work/Finances: The King of Swords reversed can represent power struggles at work environment, a ruthless boss or irrational judgement. There is a manipulative situation, or a person with power that require you to be extra careful. If this is the case, you need to clear your head and take back your power. Build and maintain high moral standards. Keep your cool. Regards to your finances and dealings, have a clear vision and strategy before you jump into anything.

Health: Often in health readings, The King of Swords represents a need to strike balance in mental and emotional health. Sadness, stress, low self-esteem or a major disruption in your day-to day life is interfering with your wellbeing. Deep inside you are aware of this, now it is time to do something about it.

Spirituality: The King of Swords in reversed has yet to achieve spiritual wisdom he seeks. It seems that you are having a lot of internal conflicts. This is a time when emotions run wild, and thoughts unorganized. Most of your problems will find resolve when you find balance between your heart and mind. You are more than capable of achieving inner peace, just believe in yourself.

Reversed King of Swords

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