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KEYWORD: Natural Born Leader

TAROT CARD: The Magician

COLOR: Red, Gold, White


GEMSTONE: Topaz, Gold

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Confident smile, captivating aura

Who is Life Path Number 1?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 1 person is born with potentials of confidence, willpower and leadership.

It is easy to recognize a number 1 amongst a group. He will always be the first one to speak up and take initiative.

They don’t shy away from interacting with others; however, life path 1 individual often prefers to work and process things alone.

They dedicate their life to individualistic desires which often leads to losing long hours focusing on their target. That is why having supporting and patient people around them is very helpful.

It seems that these people are gifted with all necessary skill of leadership. Creativity, confidence and motivation and a great deal of raw magnetic power to tie it all together.

Having all these natural talents, whatever they choose to pursue, success will follow them.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

Egotism, narcissism and insensitivity to other people’s emotions.

Just like the Magician tarot card in reversed, they may be highly manipulative and controlling. It is hard for number 1 to trust others. Addictions could be an issue if they don’t learn to deal with their problems in a healthy manner.


Areas of work that life path 1 individuals excel in: Entrepreneurship, innovation, project management, acting, leadership, medicine, public speaking.

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