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KEYWORD: The Nurturer

TAROT CARD: The Lovers

COLOR: Blue, Green, Pink


GEMSTONE: Blue sapphire, Rose quartz, Jade

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Warm and welcoming, elegant, symmetrical physical traits

Who is Life Path Number 6?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 6 person is born with potentials of beauty, romance, harmony and service to others. Needs of others outweigh their individualistic desires. Venus- Astral ruler of number 6- helps them to create love, warmth and harmony anywhere they go.

It is not surprising to go to a life path 6’s house and find a cozy, neat, well decorated ‘’home’’.

When interacting with others, they prefer making stable and meaningful connections. Building and keeping a long-lasting circle of friends and family is natural to them.

Life lesson of life path 6 individuals is to feel comfortable and confident with the idea of being alone.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

They have trouble with transitions. Sometimes they may deal with co-dependency or ‘’empty nest syndrome’’. When their caretaker role is no longer needed, such as kids moving out of the house or loss of a spouse; it is very hard for a number 6 to cope with loneliness and grief. They may be too obsessive, controlling or overprotective. Anxiety and exhaustion could frequently trouble them.


Areas of work that life path 6 individuals excel in: Nursing, art, cooking, social work and music.

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