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KEYWORD: The Humanitarian

TAROT CARD: The Hermit

COLOR: Violet, True Blue


GEMSTONE: Pink tourmaline, Malachite

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Talented, friendly, sophisticated

Who is Life Path Number 9?

Traits and Personality

Number 9 realizes from a very young age that material gain has little to no value to them. That’s why you will often see the life path of 9 guided by their heart, exploring the depths of their emotions and spirituality. They are also very talented and have a spiritual wisdom beyond their age.

These people are wounded healers. They have gone through many past traumas and as a result, developed deep compassion and empathy.

They have a high sense of purpose to help others- and not just family and friends: Everyone.

With altruism as their compass, Nines have an almost utopian vision towards society and they tirelessly talk about it.

That is why we see life path 9 defending the rights of others, bringing attention and awareness in social issues and alleviate suffering.

Number 9 prefers deep and meaningful soul connections over superficiality. In love and relationships, they are romantic and gentle. It is not uncommon to find a 9 as a lifetime companion.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

If their idealistic goals and expectations do not align with the reality, they may get disappointed and quit. If this happens, life path 9 isolates himself from the world. They often struggle with distinguishing their own wants and needs from the expectations of tradition, society etc. They should be aware of not depleting their energy while diving into other people’s emotions.


Areas of work that life path 9 individuals excel in: Non-profit organizations, art and music, therapy, counselling.

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