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Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.’’

Albert Camus


On a high ground, a youthful figure in simple robes stands with his sword pointing to the sky. His vigorous energy is depicted through the clouds drifting in the blustery winds behind him. He looks to the left, as if he is expecting a word to pounce on his journey and take on the world.

The Page of Swords represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card.  As the youngest member of the Court of Swords, what drives him is his childlike enthusiasm. Even though he doesn’t have the wisdom or experience to tap into yet, through an insatiable thirst for curiosity and knowledge, he feels ready to take on the world. However; one thing to remember is that arrogance and ignorance are his biggest weaknesses.

In a reading, the Page of Swords can represent taking on some sort of intellectual quest. He is someone on the path of gaining his place in the world: Through ups and downs, he will explore new ideas, improve his social interactions and expand his perspective.

When interpreted as a specific person, it is likely to be a young boy or a girl that has one of the air element zodiac signs in his natal chart.


Page of Swords Keywords

  • Curiosity
  • Information

  • New ideas

  • Communication



  • Ignorance
  • Immaturity
  • Lack of action
  • Delay

Upright Page of Swords

Guidance: The Page of Swords can indicate fresh new beginnings, relationships, ideas and experiences. You are willing to take on the challenges, rush into action to achieve the outcome you desire. Your energy and agility are admirable, but it is never a good idea to make a move with haste. This card advises you to go ahead with your plans, but with a little careful thought and strategy. This card can also represent someone youthful or immature in some ways, or a child.

Love: The Page of Wands shows that when you are in love, you love with explosive passion, but you also fight with the same intensity. Regards to your relationship, there may be some small disagreements and arguments that you both need to work on in order to build solid foundations for the future. Arguments done right can improve your relationship so focus on your communication. If you are single, this card can symbolize your emotions. Turbulent, passionate and eager to dive into a new relationship. If this is you, some inner work and patience can do wonders.

Work/Finances: You may be in the initial stages of exploring an idea, a new line of career, study or expertise. It is likely that you don’t have prior experience or knowledge in this area, so it is an exciting learning process for you. The Page of Swords shows that you are quick witted, confident and communicative, but also warns you to not be arrogant and hasty. Regards to your goals, the future looks bright, but it is a long journey. Be patient, focus on learning and strategize your plans rationally. You can expect good news regards to your finances.

Health: The Page of Swords is full of vigor and stamina; therefore, it is a beneficial sign for your recovery. One thing to be aware of is allowing yourself the time to heal. It won’t happen overnight, so you need to stay patient and positive. Pages are messengers: you’ll likely receive good news soon.

Spirituality: You are learning from new knowledge and experiences that will help you shape your identity and future. One of the first lessons on the path to spiritual wisdom is patience. If you find yourself always focused on the future events, you need to first stay in the moment and respect the present. This way, you will allow yourself time to grow and some of the disappointments you feel now will pass.

Guidance: You need to learn to think before you speak or act. Sometimes your emotions overrun your logic and you are getting ahead of yourself. You have a lot of energy bottled up inside you which you will need to channel effectively. Good communication, patience and logic can solve a lot of unnecessary problems you may be having. Since Pages are messengers, you may receive news of a delay. This card can also represent someone immature.

Love: The Page of Swords reversed can represent petty arguments that every couple has at some point, especially in new relationships. According to this card, not being able to have effective communication is the most prominent problem in your relationship. Instead of dancing around the problem, be open and honest to each other. Most importantly, be honest to yourself to admit if you are being played by your partner in some way. If you are single, this reversal can indicate a love interest entering your life. If this person seems as a bit of a player, he needs to prove his intentions and earn your trust first.

Work/Finances: This reversal may suggest aimlessness, hastiness and confusion in your work life. If most of time, your ideals don’t align with your actions, it is time to choose yourself a path and stick with it. Instead of focusing on ten steps ahead, focus only on your next one. You hold a lot of potential, and now with some discipline and strategy, you will achieve the success you are hoping for. Concerning your finances or plans, you may encounter delays or disappointing news.

Health: As with every Swords card, the Page of Swords also draws our attention to importance of mental wellbeing. Your thoughts and emotions can have physical consequences. Even if you can’t control the outcome of every event, you can always control your responses. Learning to cope with stress and staying positive will prove your health beneficial.

Spirituality: You are still laying down the foundations of your beliefs, your goals and who you are as a person. A lot of things are going through your head at once, creating a mist of confusion. Instead, just focus on the now. Make your plan and stick with it, with positivity and confidence. The rest will come in its own time.  “I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through - then follow through.” Eddie Rickenbacker

Reversed Page of Swords

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