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Mercury Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

Mercury Aspects in Synastry

SUN-MERCURY Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Sun conjunct Mercury in synastry represents similar communication styles, intellectual interests and goals. Sun and Mercury uplift each other through mental exploration, which creates a great opportunity to build more trust and intimacy in a relationship. The more Sun person expresses themselves with openness and positivity, the more Mercury feels connected to them.

With Sun trine/sextile Mercury aspects, there are a lot of mutual respect and understanding between partners. It is very beneficial for them to exchange ideas or cooperate in a common life goal. These aspects are commonly seen in business partnerships as well as long term friendships.

Sun square Mercury indicates that often the pride gets in the way of the connection. Both Mercury and Sun may feel disappointed in the relationship due to frequent misunderstandings and verbal arguments. At times Sun person’s ego may feel threatened by Mercury, whereas Mercury may find Sun to be irrational, demanding or unreasonable.

Sun opposite Mercury mainly talks about major differences in perspectives and due to these, misunderstandings are common. While it is true that opposite characters can cause tension in the relationship, it doesn’t mean that a common ground cannot be established. Even if their egos clash at times, this opposition can help both Sun and Mercury to expand each other’s horizons.

MOON-MERCURY Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

In synastry, Moon conjunct Mercury strengthens the bond of love and communication. Moon is the heart, Mercury is the mind of this relationship. Mercury brings a more rational understanding to Moon person’s emotions, whereas Moon teaches Mercury to act from the heart. They both feel a deep intuitive connection when talking or just looking at each others eyes.

With Moon trine Mercury, communication feels easy going, open and direct. From just sharing details of everyday experiences to revealing most intimate concerns and feelings, both Moon and Mercury like to spend a lot of time having long conversations, psychoanalyzing each other.

Sextiles represent an opportunity. With Mercury person’s effort to become more responsive and understanding to Moon’s feelings, Moon sextile Mercury aspect can bring them closer in order to build a foundation of trust and harmony.

Communication barriers can occur when there is Moon square Mercury in synastry. In the core of this aspect, there is a sense of ‘’not being fully understood’’. Moon person often feels this as Mercury being overly critical and unsympathetic, whereas Mercury may find Moon person to be too emotional, clingy or childish. This blockage can be resolved by listening to each other more intently and patiently.

Moon opposite Mercury can go either way: Both partners may enjoy long stimulating conversations or find each other to be completely incompatible. This is due to the major differences in the way they tend to process and express their thoughts and feelings. Mercury’s approach tends to be more intellectual and sometimes detached from emotions, which triggers Moon’s emotional issues.

VENUS-MERCURY Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Venus conjunct Mercury represents similarities in tastes, social activities and romantic views. Intellectual mind of Mercury compliments and stimulates Venus person’s self esteem and in return Venus person arouses Mercury with soft, easy going communication. They may share a lot of time kissing, cuddling. If not, even just listening to each other is an intimate experience.

Venus trine/sextile Mercury aspects in synastry generate sociable, affectionate and harmonious energy between two people, whether it be friendship, or a romantic couple. Both people share the same kind of interests and intellectual processes.

Square aspects tend to create blockages and conflicts, and in the case of Venus square Mercury, this is felt in the way they like to receive and give love. When things go wrong, Mercury tends to withdraw from the connection thinking that Venus person is too moody or demanding. On the other hand, Venus may be overdoing things to gain the affection of Mercury. A level of moderation and open communication is necessary to resolve this.

Venus opposite Mercury draws them together but also may drift them apart if they cannot work on their differences. Problems may arise if Venus person views on love are more idealistic whereas Mercury’s is intellectual and rational. Even if love languages are different, they can enjoy lively, enlightening conversations.

MARS-MERCURY Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Mars conjunct Mercury suggests that Mercury can understand and appreciate Mars’ wants, sexuality and actions. Mars person often utilizes Mercury’s ideas and together, they can achieve a great deal by using this synergy between intellect and passion. Mercury is aroused by Mars both sexually and intellectually. There will be occasional banters and hot debates between them, but overall they find each other to be very exciting and constructive.

Mars trine/sextile Mercury aspects in synastry represent a harmony in the way they express their energy. Mercury’s straightforward and rational way of thinking helps fiery Mars energy to focus and develop. With good communication they can cultivate their relationship and help each other overcome obstacles.

Mars square Mercury tends to create blockages in communication which can lead to a lot of heated verbal fights. Mercury may feel both threatened and drawn by Mars’s sexuality and assertive nature. Intellectual competitiveness, hostility and rejection are common issues here.

Mars opposite Mercury is both challenging and stimulating. Intentionally or not, Mars energy usually ends up rubbing Mercury the wrong way. If they are not both willingly bring their guards down. Ego conflicts may develop and Mercury may withdraw until there is more effort from Mars to find a common ground. They are both sexually drawn to one another, but there may be some incompatibilities in sexual preferences.


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