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Venus Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus

Venus Aspects in Synastry

Venus represents our love language: what we really value in relationships, how we like to express and receive it.

In synastry, harmonious Venus aspects increase compatibility and attraction, whereas hard aspects tend to create tension in the communication of love.

Keep in mind that an unaspected Venus in synastry doesn’t necessarily mean absence of romance or attraction.

Before you explore how Venus aspects affect your relationship, I recommend identifying which signs and houses you and your partner’s natal Venus occupies.

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SUN-VENUS Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Sun conjunct Venus is characterized by a significant physical attraction as well as mutual respect and admiration. Sun feels loved and accepted for who they are in Venus person’s presence. Venus tends to feel the intensity of the connection more, although it is mutual. There is a lot of warm expression of love through cuddling and kissing. However, ‘’too much of a good thing’’ may also apply here. Sometimes, Sun person may feel suffocated in the relationship especially if Venus is overly affectionate or possessive. In return, Venus may feel that their emotional needs are not fully met.

Among Sun-Venus contacts, Sun trine Venus is perhaps the most pleasant and long lasting. There still may be differences of opinions or ego conflicts at times, but due to the harmonious trine energy, it is easier to forgive one another.

Sun sextile Venus is felt lesser in intensity than a conjunction but it is very beneficial for a relationship nonetheless. Due to the similarities in values, artistic interests and self expression, there is a great potential for a long lasting companionship.

With Sun square Venus sexual attraction is often very strong, but there may be significant differences in tastes, self expression or in their romantic view of love. Alternatively, Venus may feel rejected, unappreciated or misunderstood by the Sun person. A lot of emotional maturity is needed from both Sun and Venus in order to resolve this square energy.

Sun opposite Venus indicates completely opposite views on love, tastes, wants and needs. This opposition often creates such a strong sexual pull towards one another at first that it is hard to resist. Things can go south when both Sun and Venus get stuck in a dance of push pull. If Venus person does the pursuing more, Sun may be the one to withdraw. In some cases, Venus person’s love may be unrequited.

MOON-VENUS Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

As one of the best synastry aspects for relationships, Moon conjunct Venus ranges from sweet and cuddly to deeply sensual and sensitive. Both partners feel comfortable sharing their feelings in the relationship. Even though often Venus may be the one that falls in love first, feelings are mutual. They deeply care for one another and problems are often easily resolved. However, it may also create an overly sensitive and indulgent type of dynamic.

Moon trine Venus represents a highly compatible synergy that is often found in long term relationships. Their connection is abundantly affectionate, balanced and supportive.

Moon sextile Venus is very similar to the trine aspect. This aspect suggests that when Venus openly and abundantly shows her love, even with small gestures of affection, Moon person feels inspired to express their deeper feelings.

With Moon square Venus, partners have a difficulty relating to one another on a deep emotional level. This may be due to lingering unresolved feelings, baggages from the past relationships, or misinterpreting each other’s sensitivity. They both tend to project insecurity and jealousy to one another, even though there is a significant amount of love and attraction is present.

Moon opposite Venus indicates a strange tension in the air, where both partners crave an intimate and nurturing bond but there seems to be some differences in the way they express their affection or what they value in a relationship. For example, when it comes to emotions one person may be too reserved and the other more expressive. Even though the element of ‘’sameness’’ is missing, their opposite energies can complement each other beautifully when both partners show more empathy to one another.

MARS-VENUS Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

I have covered Mars conjunct Venus in best synastry aspects in relationships. What makes this aspect so ‘’ideal’’ in synastry is the sexual merging of the ultimate masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) energies. This connection sets off fireworks instantly, but unfortunately if Mars person is too aggressive or if Venus is too insecure, it ends up exploding in the same intensity.

Mars trine/sextile Venus is where passion meets romance. Mars person is on a pursuit to charm Venus. The more Venus feels treasured, the more interaction and affection they invest. Both feel more vibrant and confident in each other’s company. Trine and sextile aspects are lesser in intensity than a conjunction. Regardless, curiosity, fun and excitement never seem to die off, and therefore they are one of the best contacts for a long term relationship/ marriage.

Challenging aspects such as Mars square Venus and Mars opposite Venus suggest that even though partners are very well matched in passion- sometimes even to the point of obsession, there is a competitive tension between them. There may be a constant cycle of break up make up. Mars person tries to set the pace in the relationship but sometimes acts selfish, hostile or out of reach. In return Venus feels alienated and unappreciated. Especially when Mars opposes Venus, their stance on love may be too different. In order to resolve these issues, both partners should invest in the relationship equally.

VENUS-VENUS Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Venus conjunct Venus indicates that both partners are very similar in the way they want to give and receive love. They both like to indulge in each other’s hobbies and fantasies. The result is a harmonious companionship, whether it is just a friendship or something more romantic.

Same with the conjunction, Venus trine/sextile Venus aspects feel very warm, pleasant and loving. Even though these aspects are not infallible indication of a long lasting romantic relationship, they quickly hit it off and the relationship has a great potential to evolve into something deeper.

Venus square Venus and Venus opposite Venus aspects denote conflicting values, wants and needs. Either Venus partner may have a sense of ‘’not my type’’. Especially with the square, main blockage is usually differences in their love languages. For example, one Venus may be showing their affection mostly physically, whereas the other craves long, uninterrupted conversations. Venus opposite Venus usually makes it hard to connect as companions let alone romantic partners due to the varying opposite values.

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