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North Node in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays

North Node in Partner's House : Synastry House Overlays in Astrology

North Node in partner’s 1st house:

North Node person offers guidance and support when it comes to the 1st house matters. If the house person struggles with accepting themselves, have self-image issues, or if they are guided by other people’s perceptions, this is where the North Node comes in and says, “It is time for you to be authentic to yourself.’’

If the North Node sits close to the house person’s ASC, they may feel an instinctive attraction to one another.

North Node in partner’s 2nd house:

By pointing out the significance of values, North Node person can help the 2nd house in achieving happiness and success. How much does the 2nd house person really value themselves? How is their relationship with money and possessions? These are some of the important questions that rise to the surface with this house overlay.

North Node person can point out how to value themselves properly, as well as put an emphasis on the value of becoming financially independent. If they were previously putting too much focus on money, North Node can point to the need for balance.

As a result, 2nd house person can gain confidence, acquire new money-making skills, and improve their finances.

North Node in partner’s 2nd house could also represent a financial bond, where one partner is financially supporting the other.

North Node in partner’s 3rd house:

Ruled by Gemini, 3rd house is known as the house of communication. When a person’s North Node enters the partner’s 3rd house, anything that has to do with communication takes importance.

For example, if the 3rd house person has a talent in writing, North Node can trigger ‘’destined’’ events for them to improve on this talent or publish. North Node person can also nudge them to speak more freely and eloquently. They may try new intellectual hobbies together, or spend time talking about destiny and future. If the 3rd house person has siblings, North Node person may influence their relationship.

North Node in partner’s 4th house:

This house overlay in synastry points to an importance of home and family. 4th house person may suddenly become interested in uncovering their roots, connecting with their family, and understanding their deep emotional wounds.

North Node may encourage them to create a stronger foundation for themselves, especially if they struggle with settling down and growing their roots.

With North Node in partner’s 4th house, they may also decide to buy a house, start a family, or live together.

With this connection, North Node person can also benefit from these 4th house lessons themselves in order to move towards their soul journey.

North Node in partner’s 5th house:

North Node highlights an emphasis on creating, having fun and being more spontaneous in 5th house person’s life. More importantly, biggest lesson of the 5th house is not being afraid to show who you are.

If the house person had problems embracing their 5th house- taking life too seriously, or not focusing on themselves, North Node person will introduce new experiences for them to overcome those.

Overall, both the North Node and the 5th house can benefit from this incredible creative energy. Children may also play an important part of their interaction.

North Node in partner’s 6th house:

With this house overlay, 6th house lessons becomes a significant part of the connection. North Node can emphasize everything that has to do with their daily life- chores, responsibilities, health, etc.

6th house person may be someone who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to these matters. With North Node coming into their life, they can be suddenly inspired to organize their daily routines. North Node person themselves can benefit from these lessons as well. Together, there is a potential for both partners to ground themselves and establish healthier habits.

North Node in partner’s 7th house:

Establishing better relationships becomes an important part of this connection. Generally speaking, North Node person can show them the value of partnerships, cooperation and compassion- especially if the house person struggles to rely on others. Opposite can also be true, where one of the partners have codependency issues and they need to be more independent.

North Node in partner's 7th house may also indicate a long term partner or marriage.

North Node in partner’s 8th house:

Main purpose of this synastry house overlay is to shine a spotlight on 8th house matters, which can get quite difficult since we are dealing with the darkest house. Concepts of sex, death (often metaphorical), sharing of resources will play an important part here.

Therefore it is hard to guess how this connection will play out, but it is safe to say that it will be felt on a soul level. North Node person is like an agent of destiny here. They might be in the 8th house’s life during a time of major transformation or trigger it.

North Node in partner’s 8th house can represent a significant financial, sexual, psychological, or emotional bond. They very well indicate a karmic relationship or soulmate- but as always, entirety of the synastry chart should be considered.

North Node in partner’s 9th house:

9th house can gain new perspectives, experiences, and beliefs with North Node person. If 9th house has been neglecting to explore deeper meaning of their life, North Node will put an emphasis on that.

Both the 9th house and North Node energies are all about moving forward, so this connection can bring a lot of spiritual growth, higher learning and travel.

This synastry house overlay could also represent a ‘’destined’’ long distance relationship. How the relationship will play out depends on the rest of the synastry chart.

North Node in partner’s 10th house:

10th house represents how we make our mark in the world- our reputation, profession, and ambitions. In this connection, North Node person will shine a spotlight on these matters. North Node can also be someone who will bring an important advice or experience that can change the trajectory of 10th house person’s career.

On the other hand, 10th house may be focusing too much on their public image and status- in this case, North Node can teach integrity and balance.

Since both the 10th house and North Node energies focus on achieving what they came here to do- they will both feel an increased desire to succeed in their goals.

North Node in partner’s 11th house:

Friendships becomes an important theme with this energy. It is very likely that North Node may introduce new people and experiences to their partner’s life. For example, if 11th house was not very comfortable in leaving their comfort zone, meeting new friends or groups, North Node can help with those matters.

11th house is also a hope and future oriented place, which can help North Node person in discovering their soul purpose.

North Node in partner’s 12th house:

12th house is one of the most complicated houses to decipher in the chart. When someone’s North Node- or their soul mission enters this house, unexplainable events that feels like destiny may occur.

This is likely a very spiritual connection with lots of lessons for both partners: North Node can lift the 12th house veil and show them their self-undoing behaviors, sorrows, unresolved/past life issues and subconscious patterns.

When a person’s North Node- or ‘’soul path’’ enters their partner’s 12th house, it becomes a part of their journey to highlight these house matters.

Both of them can heal and guide each towards their soul purpose. Since 12th house energy is very hidden and subconscious, North Node person’s influence will not be very visible, but it rather will be felt on a deeper level.


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