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Venus in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays

Saturn in Partner's House | Synastry House Overlays

Venus in partner’s 1st house:

Venus can bring elegance and confidence to the 1st house person’s self image, as well as influence them to pay more attention to their overall looks and appearance. There is a mutual physical attraction- closer to the ASC the more Venus person sees the other as their idyllic beauty. In some cases, this synastry overlay may be an indication of love at first sight.

However, there may also be too much idealism involved. If the Venus is afflicted for example, the interaction may be more superficial. Or, Venus person may put the 1st house on a pedestal and expect way too much from them.

Venus in partner’s 2nd house:

There is a potential for Venus to influence 2nd house person to earn more money and decrease their debts. If the rest of the synastry chart has harmonious aspects, they find each other valuable and they feel more confident and attractive around each other. Venus often likes to show their affection by spoiling the 2nd house.

Venus person can also inspire 2nd house person to hone their skills and monetize them.

However in some cases, there may be jealousy, possessiveness and superficiality involved, especially if any of the partner's Venus is afflicted/aspected negatively.

Venus in partner’s 3rd house:

This synastry overlay brings a sense of familiarity and romance to the communication. They often have similar taste in books, music, art, entertainment, etc.

Something about the way Venus talks or writes is very beautiful and attractive to the 3rd house person. Venus may also inspire them to communicate more eloquently, use romantic words, even write poetry!

Since the 3rd house is also about siblings, Venus can bring harmony to 3rd house person's relationship with them.

Venus in partner’s 4th house:

Planet of love in partner’s house of family and inner life is a very comfortable overlay. It often means that they find a sense of home in each other, especially if Venus sits close to the IC point of the house person. In this case, Venus person can also bring peace and harmony to the family matters of the 4th house. The initial meeting may have something to do with family/home as well.

This synastry connection is like cooking a nice meal, cuddling on a couch together and having a chill day. Even if they are not naurally homebodies, together they like to spend more time nurturing their home and family.

Venus in partner’s 5th house:

A sparkling romance is often the theme here. Although this synastry overlay is not necessarily too deep, it is definitely a lot of fun. There are often a lot of similarities in tastes and values. With the planet of love in partner’s 5th house, self expression, adventure and creativity all blossom, especially sexual chemistry.

If the 5th house person have any creative talents, Venus may encourage them.

5th house also represents children, so this may be an indication of having children together or having same ideas and values about the matter.

Venus in partner’s 6th house:

This interaction is saying “Let’s work together.” The initial meeting may even be at a work environment.

Venus person somehow adds a touch of pleasure, optimism and fun to the 6th house person’s habits and work. They can also encourage 6th house to be adopt a healthier daily routine.

However, this is not always the case. An afflicted Venus energy may bring laziness and conflict to the 6th house matters instead.

Venus in partner’s 7th house:

This is one of the best synastry house overlays, which can be commonly found in married couples.

7th house is the house of all kinds of partnerships, especially romantic. Venus person can bring a lot of love and harmony to this house. There are often a lot of shared values, as well as romantic attraction. It just feels good to be around each other. 7th house may potentially see Venus as their ideal partner.

However, Venus in partner’s 7th house is not enough to indicate a long lasting happy union- the rest of the synastry chart should always be considered.

Venus in partner’s 8th house:

This is another overlay that has “love at first sight” potential, which can turn into a deep lasting connection if the rest of the synastry chart also supports it.

8th house is a dark place- this is where secrets, deep desires and traumas are kept. Venus energy here can bring softness and love, so that the 8th house person feels more comfortable sharing about them. There is often a magnetic sexual attraction.

Since this is the house of other people’s possessions, Venus may also share resources with the 8th person.

Venus in partner’s 9th house:

Venus energy in 9th house brings a lot of growth, fun and expansion. There is a sense of pleasure and harmony when it comes to sharing spiritual/religious ideas, travelling, debating and learning together. Venus may also inspire 9th house to refine their life philosophy by introducing them to new ideas.

Since 9th house represents distant journeys, Venus here could indicate a long distance relationship, possibly with a foreigner. They may also meet through education.

Venus in partner’s 10th house:

There is a potential for Venus person to be a source of inspiration and support to the 10th house when it comes to how to achieve their goals. There is a lot of cooperation, as well as shared values around career choices and public image.

Since the 10th house represents career, Venus here may represent meeting through a professional environment.

Venus in partner’s 11th house:

More often than not, Venus person is a good friend to 11th house. They can inspire the house person to expand their social circle and have fun together. 11th house person likes spending time with Venus person’s friends as well. With this synastry house overlay, there is a lot of potential for group organizations, networking, finding new friendships together.

Since we are talking about planet of love in partner’s 11th house, the initial meeting might take place through friends or an event.

Venus in partner’s 12th house:

This indicates a strong subconscious attraction which can sometimes feel confusing, because there is a lot of fog around emotions. Questions like “Why do I feel so attracted to this person?” seems to come to mind when they are in each other's presence.

The reason for that is because 12th house represents deepest, concealed part of our selves, and Venus here is in the hiding. This could also indicate that the relationship may start in secrecy, possibly as an affair.

There may be a psychic connection as well, but the danger here is that they may sometimes try to read each other’s minds instead of properly communicating.

In some cases, an afflicted Venus may be hiding some secrets from the 12th house person.

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