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Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.''

Dalai Lama


A queen with a serene expression on her face is sitting on a throne by the water. Her gaze is fixed to the golden vessel she is holding, which represents the unconscious mind. Under her rule; love, intuition, compassion and creativity flow like water.

She rules the emotional realms as the female counterpart of the King of Cups. She is a kind and gentle soul just like the king, but what makes her unique is the feminine mother energy. Empathetic, warm and nurturing qualities of the Queen of Cups makes her an amazing friend, healer, mother and companion.

On the other hand, the Queen of Cups may sometimes tend to be emotionally dependent on people as a result of her desire to unconditionally love and nurture.

The court cards in tarot represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. If the Queen of Cups does not represent a person, she talks about meaningful connections, creative pursuits and exploring intuition at greater depth.

When interpreted as a specific person, it is likely to be an older female that has one of the water element zodiac signs in her natal chart.


Queen of Cups Keywords

  • Emotional balance
  • Compassion
  • Intuition

  • Love



  • Codependency
  • Moodiness
  • Creative blocks

Upright Queen of Cups

Guidance: The Queen of Cups can represent a loving partner, caring friend or a mother figure. It also describes a healthy emotional life and creative abundance in your life. This is not only a good time to deepen your bonds with your loved ones, but also to deepen your inner guidance as well. The approach to your problems is listening to your heart, especially if logic alone is not working. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition.

Love: Here is where the Queen of Cups shines the brightest. A fulfilling relationship, a new romance, a loyal partner and more. You are a sensitive, deep and caring person. Because you feel so deeply, it may sometimes get hard to communicate your emotions. When you share your feelings with your loved one, whether they are good or bad, you are strengthening your bond. Keep it calm and honest, try to understand both perspectives at the same time. If you are single, a meaningful relationship might just be around the corner. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

Work/Finances: You may be dreaming about a future success. Visualizing your goals is amazing to maintain a positive mindset, however you need to also follow them with action. This card is very beneficial to get for creative endeavors and caring professions. As a person, the Queen of Cups can be a compassionate and honest authority figure. And lastly, you may receive an emotionally fulfilling news about your work or finances soon.

Health: The Queen of Cups often brings positive news in the health context. Self-nurturance is what this card mainly advises. Pay close attention to your emotional health and listen to what your body needs. Implement healthy changes that you are comfortable with and enjoy what you are doing. It can also represent you or someone else who is an excellent caretaker.

Spirituality: It is a truly beautiful time to nourish your divine feminine energy. Divine feminine is a part of your consciousness that fuels your intuition, empathy and compassion and imagination; regardless of gender. Embracing this powerful energy inside you can open your heart to build deeper relationships, boost creativity, improve your self-image and explore your psyche.  Show yourself and the world the love you have in your heart.

Guidance: The Queen of Cups reversed has not yet mastered processing her emotions. As a result, this card can describe co-dependency, insecurity, moodiness and creative blocks. First thing to do is stop the negative self-talk. Then, you need to calmly go deep within to understand your emotions without feeling overwhelmed. Being in touch with your intuition can help you pinpoint unresolved past issues and self-created blocks that lie deep in your subconscious.

Love: The first thing this reversal suggests is emotional immaturity. Arguments can quickly flare up and result in regretful situations if you have repressed or unchecked emotions. Caring about your partner’s happiness is healthy, but you shouldn’t rely your own happiness only based on that. Whether you are single or in relationship, focus on building your self-esteem and overall emotional health. Don’t be so attached to the past. As a person, the Queen of Cups reversed can represent someone who is cold, needy or dishonest.

Work/Finances: Don’t let your emotions overrun your logic. If you are dissatisfied with your current situation, start taking the necessary action instead of sulking over it. Rational and realistic approach, when balanced with your intuition and creative drive can propel you to success. Perhaps your work is not compatible with your emotional satisfaction, or you are experiencing a creative block. In both cases; clear your head from negative thoughts and regain focus on what motivates you the most.

Health: The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you are confused, pessimistic or frustrated over a health issue. Holding a negative mindset won’t help. Instead, be more attentive and caring to yourself, especially you are someone who always puts others wellbeing first. Alternatively, you may be refusing to receive support and help. 

Spirituality: This reversal symbolizes your soul’s need to be listened and nurtured. There is a depth of creativity, love and joy within you that awaits to be explored. You can learn to feel emotions freely and deeply without being consumed or overwhelmed by them. Just don’t rush. When you understand and love yourself, your sensitivity will become your greatest strength.

Reversed Queen of Cups

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