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One is never born great. It is the willpower and the action, that make one great.’’

M.K. Soni


In a carriage driven by two sphinxes, one black and one white, a charioteer stands tall and strong. The sphinxes here represent delicate balance of opposing forces, like yin and yang. Instead of using harnesses, he is commandeering them purely by the power of his mind. His armor is decorated with crescent moon and stars, which illustrates his spiritual wisdom.

In ancient Rome, chariots were known as a fast, light and convenient way to travel. Therefore, they were most commonly used in racing games rather than warfare.

The motto of the Chariot card is ‘’I can and I will.’’

When you pick this card, focus and discipline will drive you to your desired destination. However, remember that life is not a smooth ride. It has bumps and bruises, and that’s what makes the journey worth it. Rather than letting the obstacles define you, use them to master yourself.

On a negative note, he is both his best friend and worst enemy. It is so easy for the Chariot to block his success by giving into his shadow side, self-hindrance.

And lastly, in the most literal sense the Chariot also could signify travel and vehicles.

Number 7 represents clarity, mental strength and enlightenment.


The Chariot Keywords

  • Determination
  • Willpower
  • Journey
  • Control
  • Balance



  • Aimlessness
  • Loss of control
  • Lack of willpower
  • Obstacles

The Chariot Upright

Guidance: You have a goal set in your mind, and recognizing your potential is paramount to reaching it. Be bold enough to actively go after your dreams. Don’t let a few obstacles on the road discourage you to move forward: more you overcome; more you will become confident in yourself. Alternatively, you may expect a road trip soon.

Love: Generally, it means that your relationship is getting stronger. However, any meaningful relationship has issues and obstacles. If you are having common communication problems, the Chariot suggests learning to work together as a team. Listen and address your emotional needs to each other. If you are single, you may be moving on from a past break-up, discovering your self-reliance and emotional independence along the way.

Work/Finances: When it comes to your long-term goals, you are ambitious and hard-working. The road ahead may be long, but success is at your reach. When you encounter problems, remember that you are the solution. This is an excellent time to start pursuing new business or investing ideas. The Chariot can also represent leadership or work-related travels.

Health: The Charioteer is energetic, youthful and in full control over his mind and body. You may be feeling extra motivated to start a diet or exercise routine. If you are having health problems, remember that recovery is a journey- therefore, you need to remain patient and strong. In any case, your willpower plays a big part in improving your wellbeing.

Spirituality: The Chariot invites you to take a voyage of self-discovery. Open your heart, take chances, be open-minded. Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons; no one gets anywhere without a few obstacles along the way. Once you build momentum, focus and purpose, you are going to master your own reality.

Guidance: The Chariot reversed indicates that you are overwhelmed with your emotions. When you hit a wall in life, instead of giving up, find a way to work around it. On the other hand, the biggest obstacle is our minds.  Climbing out of self-hindrance is hard, but you know deep within you that you are more than capable of moving beyond the disappointment and fear.

Love: When reversed, the Chariot has a pessimistic, unsure and unwilling point of view towards love. You may be tempted to rush into a relationship or an argument with someone. Whether you are single or in a relationship, take a step back, calm your mind and have a conversation with yourself for a little while. In other words, you need to resolve inner conflicts before you act on temper or sadness.

Work/Finances: Have you encountered an obstacle that has thrown you off course? Rather than the obstacle itself, your emotional response may be the real issue here. You may be rash, indecisive and frustrated. The suggestion is confidence, commitment and self-discipline. If you are prone to start many projects, get overwhelmed and leave everything in the middle, this card’s suggestion is to build a momentum that you can realistically keep up with. Don’t take large financial risks.

Health: If you feel constantly tired and stressed, it is time to slow down. You may be trying to do too much at once. Even if your mind is weighed down by all the responsibilities and tasks, your biggest priority is your wellbeing. In rare cases this reversal is interpreted as accidents. No need to dwell on it though, just be careful.

Spirituality: The Chariot reversed represents stagnated or blocked energies and conflicted emotions. When faced with tough choices or when life gets too noisy, tapping into your inner wisdom is one of the best things you can do. Stillness holds a lot of answers if you are patient enough.

The Chariot Reversed

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