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Man conquers the world by conquering himself.’’ 

Zeno of Citium



Depending on the deck, the Strength card is numbered either 8th or 11th. Here I am following Rider-Waite deck, which orders strength as the 8th card and justice as 11th.

What a powerful card to look at! In many decks you will see the Strength card symbolized as a young woman with a tamed lion. Woman here represents raw inner strength, while the lion is the urges and instincts that she learned to control.

Lion is clearly stronger in nature but shows no resistance to the woman in the imagery. She doesn’t use restraints or force to subdue the lion. Of course, it cannot be easy to achieve such feat, therefore just like the Chariot card, this card signifies power of will and courage. The difference is, while the Chariot’s power is more assertive and outwardly, the Strength is calm, collected and compassionate.

In order to overcome emotions and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, such as fear, anger and doubt, you must have the courage to look within. The lion is your mind. Tame it, calm it. Overtime, you will be amazed how your instinctive response to give up will be replaced with empowering thoughts that puts you in control.

Number 8 represents mastering the balance of material and spiritual power.


The Strength Keywords

  • Perseverance
  • Control
  • Courage



  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Doubt

The Strength Upright

Guidance: Think of the Strength as an encouraging message from your intuition saying, ‘’ you got this.’’ This card is not about forcing to change the outcome of a difficult situation, it is about believing in yourself no matter the circumstances. Forgiveness is much easier than resentment.


Love: As a person, the Strength is a confident lover. And as a couple, it symbolizes a powerful, deep bond built on trust and respect. It can also talk about a dynamic where one of you is wilder, and the other acts as an emotional compass. If you are having problems, you will get the best results with a calm and collected approach. If you are single, first get comfortable with yourself. Confidence is attractive!

Work/Finances: The Strength card loves hard work, especially the work you did on improving yourself. If you have worked with honesty, integrity and determination; your valuable qualities are going to pay off. If you want a raise, promotion, recognition or a fresh start: believe in yourself. Perseverance will bring confidence, and eventually success.

Health: The Strength refers to endurance and self-improvement. Regardless of your condition, learn to harness the power of positive thinking. This is an especially great card if you are already working towards a health goal. Even if the results you are expecting is coming gradually, appreciate the good things, big or small.

Spirituality: The Strength card here is great, because it is all about learning to find a balance between ego and spirit, and between the two is you. You are not supposed to pick a side or repress the ego. Focus on harmonizing them instead. Positive affirmations can transform your outlook, and ultimately your reality.

Guidance: Reversal of this card doesn’t mean you are powerless. You just need to become aware and claim your inner strength, which is rooted in resilience. Whenever you doubt yourself, think of all the times you fell and got back up again. Nothing and no one can take that away from you.

Love: The Strength reversed often points to self-esteem issues and power struggles. You may be sacrificing too much in your relationship. If you or your partner is acting out of impulse and temper, instead of continuing to argue, allow yourself to think things through calmly. Invest more time and love in your own happiness. If you are single, realize that you deserve love, affection and respect from others, but first from yourself. Don’t be afraid to take initiative if you have feelings for someone.

Work/Finances: You need to control your emotions, so they don’t control you. When you do this, you will not only make better decisions, but also gain more self-confidence. The success you seek depends on eliminating your fear of failure and anxiety. Don’t let a setback disappoint you, let it motivate you instead. Facing challenges makes you stronger. Don’t make impulsive financial choices.

Health: Issues may be arising from the amount of stress and pressure in your daily life. You may be feeling powerless over a health situation, but you are not! It is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to it. If you make a conscious decision to live a healthier life and take better care of yourself, your body will respond to it.

Spirituality: When the Strength is reversed, pay attention to where your thoughts and emotions are leading you. If you realize that negative self-talk is the main theme, developing more awareness can help you take control of your life. To do that, learn to trust your insight.

The Strength Reversed

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