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The boy reached through the Soul of the World and saw that it was part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.” 

Paul Coelho


Have you ever started something that you knew deep inside you it was going to work out? You didn’t know how you knew, and it didn’t matter. You had all trust in yourself and in the universe.

So does the Fool. He is joyfully walking on a hill, absolutely faithful of his steps, so much so that he is not even aware of the cliff ahead.

With a heart full of confidence and no fears, this young fellow represents every new beginning in our lives that started with a childish sense of enthusiasm.

And the fool’s journey begins. Being the first card in the tarot deck, Number 0 relates to the eternal source and wholeness.

This card alone is not an indication of the journey’s outcome. Here, the infinite potential about to be unfolded is emphasized.

In a more metaphysical point of view, the Fool may be seen as the creative power, the spirit that is taking motion, looking for his experience.

With the great energy it carries, I suggest meditating on the Fool at times when you are lacking confidence and trust. Simply be in the moment and gaze at the symbols and colors. Let your subconscious bring out what the card means to you.


The Fool Keywords

  • Faith in the universe
  • New beginnings
  • Leap of faith



  • Naivety
  • Recklessness
  • Lack of faith

The Fool Upright

Guidance: Whatever it is that you wish to experience in your life, trust the universe and go for it. The Fool encourages you to let go of what is preventing you to step up and take a leap of faith. It often indicates new beginnings and exciting adventures. Having the first card of the Major Arcana in your reading always reminds you to that you have what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Love: “Falling” in love is definitely the key phrase here! If you are single, a carefree and playful love adventure is ahead. Although it doesn’t necessarily represent a serious commitment, the Fool also brings joy and romance elements to existing relationships. It can also mean a joyful friendship turning into love. The underlying theme here is infinite possibilities, so open your heart fully and let the universe bring you the love you desire.

Work/Finances: It is very likely with the Fool in your reading that you are taking on a new path, such as starting a new career, project or business. You may also be at the start of your career without much previous experience. New beginnings are always scary at first, but don’t let anything discourage you from following your goals. Work opportunities, new source of income or travel are also other indications.

Health: The youthful Fool has so much life energy and optimism. Therefore, now it is time for you to release your worries and embrace a positive mindset when it comes to your overall wellbeing. Since the number 0 represent wholeness, this card can indicate an upswing in your health condition.

Spirituality: The Fool’s journey through tarot is a path of enlightenment. As a soul, you are realizing your deeper connection to the universe, and through this inner journey you are achieving a sense of wholeness. As the ocean has many waves, universe has many expressions of souls, but our essence is always the same- Oneness.

Guidance: When the Fool is reversed, he acts with a certain naivety about the situation and fails to see the cliff ahead. His unawareness of his steps moving forward might lead him to a dangerous fall. Therefore, this card suggests a careful and planned action, or a need for reality checking. Alternatively, you may be too hesitant and unconfident where bolder action is necessary.

Love: You may need to work on finding the right balance of personal freedom and commitment to your relationship. The Fool reversed has a carefree attitude towards love, he doesn’t want to be held back by anyone. You may even call him a commitment phobic! If you are single, perhaps you are not ready for a serious relationship yet. However, you may be closing off your heart because of fear or lack of confidence.

Work/Finances: The Fool reversed warns you that your ground may be shaky due to lack of confidence or reckless decisions. Financially, this is not a good time to take big risks. Follow your ideas, but always have a plan. It is best if you focus on your long-term stability when it comes to your career.

Health: Do you have a hectic daily life and you tend to neglect self-care? If the answer is yes, this reversal reminds you the importance of tuning into your body’s signals. Self-awareness is necessary in order to prevent issues from arising in the future.

Spirituality: When it comes to spiritual and material life, patience is the highest wisdom. There is a strong desire in you to start a new path, but you must understand that every path has its puddle. Instead of focusing on the obstacles, have faith in yourself and have fun in your journey.

The Fool Reversed

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