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Some journeys take us far from home, some adventures lead us to our destiny.’’

C.S. Lewis


 In the Rider-Waite Smith deck- We see a beautiful female figure holding two staves right in the middle of the card. In some other decks this figure may also be depicted as Hermes or the Christ. There is a sense of completion, total bliss and enlightenment with The World.

Fool’s final destination is the 21st card of the deck, the World. His journey he embarked through Major Arcana taught him many great lessons about life, love and creation. And now with the World card, he is about to meet the divine forces that govern the universe.

Just like the Wheel of Fortune card, the World is surrounded by four fixed signs of the zodiac in all corners. It is also symbolic of pillars of creation- such as four elements, four seasons, four cardinal directions, etc.

Both the Wheel of Fortune and the World card speaks of the cyclical nature of the universe. The World represents concepts such as beginnings, completion, success and wholeness. You can expect life changing, ‘’destined’’ or almost miraculous events happening when this card appears in your reading.

By combining the opposite nature of 2 and 1, we reach the number 21; which represents transformation and balance.


The World Keywords

  • Beginning
  • Completion
  • Journey



  • Incompletion
  • Unfinished business
  • Need to adapt and change

The World Upright

Guidance: The World card bears the news of completing a major cycle in your life, achieving fulfillment and new opportunities being available to you. After a time of hard work, patience and tribulations, everything is coming together, now the divine timing is right and you are ready to reap your rewards. Now that everything will flow smoother, it will be easier for you to clean up the loose ends and finish what you have been stalling. You may also be up for a travel soon.

Love: The World card brings abundance of joy, deeper connections, commitments and new relationships. Ties to the past and unclosed chapters will come to a conclusion, you will find closure, hope and resolve you had been waiting for. You may decide to take your relationship to the next level with a marriage, engagement etc. Karmic or long-distance relationships are also highly indicated here. The World also speaks about endings- so if you are in a situation that is no longer working out for you, you need to complete the cycle and be open to the new.

Work/Finances: Previous obstacles and delays are reaching to an end. Whatever your goal is, it is now within your grasp. This means that your hard work is going to be noticed, and you can expect a successful outcome. Since The world card brings abundance of possibilities, it is also a good time to consider pursuing your ideas, such as starting a new business, project or investment. You may receive a bonus, pay raise or an unexpected money. Work related travel or moving abroad could be other meanings.

Health: In all health-related questions, the World card is an excellent card to receive in your reading. If dealing with an illness, all complications come to an end, now you can enjoy a smoother recovery. You are feeling refreshed and full of vigor.

Spirituality: You have learned a very important lesson, most possibly karmic in nature. You now understand the bigger picture and your role in it. If this resonates with you, the biggest advice of the World is to ‘forgive and move on.’ Now it is time to open your heart to the universe and receive. Whatever you think was impossible before, is possible now.

Guidance: When the World card is in reverse position, you are invited to explore different perspectives. It refers to incompletion, frustration, procrastination due to a limited point of view or negative patterns in your life. If you truly did everything in your power to achieve something and seen no results, you may need to look for other alternatives. Don’t be afraid of change.

Love: The World in reversed often puts your love life into a re-evaluation stage. It may be that your relationship is stagnating, you are not able to move on from the past or you may be asking yourself if this is truly what you want and deserve. Try to see the big picture here. For example- You may be desperately waiting for love or waiting for an ex-partner to come back and give you closure. You need to trust the divine timing and let it go. Trust that universe will bring your wish to you when you need it. In the meantime, stay open hearted to the possibility of a new love.

Work/Finances: Not being ‘there’ yet is making you frustrated. The reversed World refers to a time of constant obstacles and delays, and sometimes refusal. Whatever the case is,remember - there is a lesson to be learned here. Approach the problem in a different perspective :   It may be time to cut your losses and move on.

Health: The reversed World is a message to reexamine what you had been doing so far. Have you been fully taking care of yourself? Are you aware of all treatment options? Have you been ignoring to visit a medical doctor?

Sometimes, this card can be an indicator of exhaustion.

Spirituality: Reaching a stagnant point in your life journey can be disheartening. If the answers don’t unveil themselves yet- don’t push it. Remind yourself to be in the moment. If your current approach does not serve you, try to explore other options. You may want to get guidance of others.

The World Reversed

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