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‘’Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.’’


In the imagery of the Two of Swords, a blindfolded woman is holding two swords crossed over her chest. Above her, the crescent moon glows dimly in the starless night. The moon is the symbol of her intuition, emotion and subconscious, holding a very little light over her situation.  Small rock formations over the calm body of water symbolizes obstacles in her path.

The Two of Swords is a stage card. Those are the cards that separates scenic background and plain colored foreground with a horizontal line, creating a theatrical scene. Thus, the stage cards give the impression ‘something is not what it seems to be’. In the case of the Two of Swords, even though a situation is seemingly impossible, there is a choice to be made.

The Two of Swords is all about weighing up compromises and consequences against benefits. It is a mentally straining process, riddled with internal conflicts and emotional blocks. There is a sense of two opposing forces or two diverging paths to choose from. There is also the feeling of hesitation and tension from being stuck between a rock and a hard place. But the balance between the two must be stricken, often with a hard but clear-cut decision.

Number 2 represents choices and duality.


Two of Swords Keywords

  • Dilemma
  • Tough choices

  • Stalemate

  • Contemplation



  • Indecision
  • Fear
  • Denial

Upright Two of Swords

Guidance: There is a dilemma in your life that awaits your choice to find resolve. Internally you are in a battle with yourself, stalling the inevitable. You think you are unable to solve this riddle because whatever choice you make will be painful. You need to find the inner strength to be able to face the consequences and choose a path. Take your time to calmly reflect on this, and to release emotions that are hiding under the surface.

Love: The Two of Swords can represent being stuck in between two people, or two difficult decisions. The question ‘’ Should I stay, or should I go?” often pops up here. You can’t linger in this emotional turmoil any longer. Making a choice will let you finally heal from the strain of being pulled to two different sides. If you are single, you are faced with the same difficult dilemma. In any case, it is best if you have some quiet, alone time to reflect upon your deepest feelings.

Work/Finances: There is a tough decision to be made between two options. You must carefully evaluate pros and cons, without the fear or doubts that may cloud your judgement. It can also suggest finding a truce between clashing ideas or people. Financially, it can indicate having to make difficult choices that you seem to be avoiding. Face the facts with a clear mindset, and most importantly be honest to yourself. Sometimes having to compromise is better than not reaching any decision at all.

Health: The Two of Swords advises you to eliminate whatever is causing you emotional and mental strain. A choice is to be made in order for you to move on to your healing phase. However stressed and uncertain you are, you can’t avoid this situation any longer. Choose to fearlessly face whatever problem is lurking beneath the surface.

Spirituality: This card represents having wisdom to find balance in duality. It is a difficult but necessary healing process for your spiritual transformation. More often than not, it is about making a tough decision between the two. But in spirituality terms, it usually indicates striking an equilibrium between two opposing inner forces. Even if you feel completely in the dark, you need to faithfully rely on your inner strength in order to dive deep and bring your light to the surface.

Guidance: The Two of Swords reversed talks about self-created blocks. When you give in to fear or denial, it puts you in a dark box and throws away the key. What you don’t realize is that you are the key. So, the question is, why do you put yourself in a state of self-imprisonment?  You deserve to find resolve, to heal and to move on. Don’t be afraid of making difficult decisions, you are strong enough to handle the outcome. Sometimes the solutions don’t represent themselves clearly, or they are not ‘perfect’ enough. But it is still better to make a decision rather than locking yourself in a stalemate.

Love: According to this reversal, you are neglecting to see the reality of a situation. You are not only hiding from the facts, but also from your deep emotions such as resentment, anger or jealousy. It can also indicate deceit, denial or disloyalty between partners. You need to be true to yourself and each other to be able to understand the problem underneath the arguments and hurt. No relationship is perfect, so focus on finding a healthy middle ground. If you are single, same goes to you. You need to make a conscious choice to heal from old wounds. You don’t need more confusion in your life. If someone is being less than truthful, ask them about their feelings.

Work/Finances: Reversal of the Two of Swords further exacerbates the importance of making a clear-cut decision and finding resolve. You are riddled with inner conflicts, fear, stress and doubt which are clouding your judgement. When faced with a difficult decision, you need to choose with logic and reason. However impossible the situation may seem, there is always a solution. Make peace with the fact that not every solution is going to be perfect, sometimes there may be compromises.

Health: When the Two of Swords is reversed, you are either neglecting your needs or avoiding to acknowledge symptoms or issues with clarity. The most common reason for this is fear. It is time for you to stop brooding over what-if scenarios and choose your wellbeing. Be gentle to yourself. One of the ways you can start doing this is to respect and honor your psychical, emotional and mental needs above anything else.

Spirituality: One of the best things you can do for yourself is to face your deepest fears and wounds. These are tiny little blocks that are scattered in your path, so easy to overlook and bump into. Don’t be afraid to listen to your inner voice. It will tell you what you need to fix, clear and unbiased. Answers that you seek lies within. Owning your strength and values as your core identity will form an unshakable foundation for your journey.

Reversed Two of Swords

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