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Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being, and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes.’’

Mingtong Gu


A hand emerges from the clouds, offering a golden chalice. The cup is the human spirit, and the streams of water over flooding the cup represent divine energy. Then the water pours down from the cup into a body of water below; drop by drop becoming unified once again. The white dove descending from the heavens into the cup is another important symbol; representing peace, love and gift of life.

The message of the Ace of Cups is simple yet powerful: Be open and receptive to experience pure, unconditional love. This is not just an individual love; but for all life and creation.

Divine love is the very essence that unites all life. It is invisible, yet we can see the manifestations of it around us every day. Forgiveness, compassion, creativity, peace and joy are some of the examples of how we can embody our divine nature more.

The Ace of Cups signals new beginnings. Now it is time to let your inner potential shine ever brighter. Create from your heart space: Be open to receive more harmonious connections, fulfilling experiences and more opportunities to love and be loved.

Number 1 represents manifestation, creation and newness.


Ace of Cups Keywords

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • New beginnings
  • Fulfillment



  • Dissatisfaction
  • Inner love
  • Repressed emotions

Upright Ace of Cups

Guidance: The Ace of Cups marks the new beginnings of a relationship, friendship, family, spiritual awakening and more. It is truly a beautiful time of emotional and spiritual fulfilment for you. The more you choose to open your heart to unconditional love, the more you shall receive. Follow your inspirations, imagination and intuition in everything you do. This card also says a big ‘Yes!’ to pursuing your creative ideas.

Love: The Ace of Cups is the birth of love. Existing relationships will get deeper, more harmonious. Past problems will dissolve in forgiveness. Since the cup resembles a womb, it can also herald childbirth, fertility and pregnancy. If you are single, it indicates unfolding of a new, exciting relationship. As for someone’s feelings, they are pure and loving but it is still in its early stages. Don’t rush things that need time to grow, just focus on enjoying the moment.

Work/Finances: The Ace of Cups brings wonderful news regards to work, career and money. Not only you are reaching a new level of security, stability and fulfilment; but you are also creatively inspired. It can be about anything from new opportunities, financial windfall, promotion and partnerships. You may also be in the initial stages of creating something new, something you hoped for. The future seems bright, so don’t hesitate to pursue your ideas.

Health: This card represents relief of symptoms and improvement of health. The quality of your life and your relationships has a significant effect on your body, mind and emotions. This card’s advice is: You can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing by surrounding yourself with love, support and positivity. More specifically, it also talks about fertility and pregnancy. In any case, you can expect good news soon.

Spirituality: Your inner world is being flooded by love, peace and genuine kindness. As a result, your life experiences are also going to be enriched further. This is a journey of divine love, best experienced soul-to-soul. As you continue to awaken to a more loving version of yourself, always be open hearted to give and receive compassion.

Guidance: When the Ace of Cups is reversed, previously overflowing cup is now empty. This means difficulty embracing strong emotions and self-love. The result is feeling of emptiness, an inner void that makes you feel incomplete and uncomfortable. Regardless of any outside circumstances, you always have an infinite resource of love within you to fill this void. It’s now time to connect deeper with your inner-self and others who love you and support you.

Love: The path of loving yourself and allowing love into your life starts from acceptance. By accepting yourself for who you truly are; you will release the emotional blocks, old wounds and thought patterns that no longer serves you. Whether what you are going through is an unrequited love, breakup or doubt for the future; healing is what you need and deserve. You deserve love, right now, including your own.

Work/Finances: The Ace of Cups reversed often represents creative blockages, obstacles and emotional dissatisfaction in your career, work or finances. The reason to this may be constant self-doubt and lack of motivation. Perhaps you are craving an initial spark of change to start something new. This is not impossible as you think, but you need to be open to experience it. Recapture what ignites your passion and follow it.

Health: Since the cup is no longer full of life energy when reversed, you may be feeling drained and exhausted. The key here is to find healthy ways to release negative emotions. The cup also symbolizes the womb, so the reversed cup can be an indication of fertility or menstrual issues.

Spirituality: The Ace of Cups reversed suggests that you may be feeling uninspired, hurt or out of alignment with yourself. The lack of flow and direction you are feeling could be stemming from lack of self-love and acceptance. When you are awakened to your own inner love and strength, that is what you will radiate to your relationships and day-to-day life.

Reversed Ace of Cups

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