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Either run the day or the day runs you.’’

Jim Rohn


The illustration of the Eight of Wands uses a simple yet clever symbology: Eight diagonal wands are soaring through a blue sky like fast arrows, signifying change, speed and action.

When the Eight of Wands appears, it means that things are moving forward swiftly. It is an exciting time in the querent’s life, which he feels open and enthusiastic about living his life as it comes. Other times the meaning Eight of Wands brings to a reading is as simple as travel, possibly through the air.

The element of the Eight of Wands is Fire, which represents passion, energy and transformation. Fire favors action more than contemplation, which also emphasizes the meaning of the card.

‘Going with the flow’ perfectly applies here. This card implies that the forces has already been set in motion, and the best course of action is to quit resisting and enjoy the journey. So instead of fear and worry, let your dreams and creative energy be the fuel to propel you forward to your goals.

Number 8 represents ambition, action and efficiency.


Eight of Wands Keywords

  • Fast progress

  • Travel

  • Receiving good news



  • Delay

  • Impatience

  • Resistance

Upright Eight of Wands

Guidance: This is a busy time for you, but you are happy to be productive and accomplish more. Positive life changes are arriving very soon. You are gaining momentum on a big goal, and things are moving forward fast. Don’t be too hasty but also don’t hesitate to follow through your plans. It is time for a big fearless action. You may expect an air travel, moving abroad or a holiday trip.

Love: Your relationship is moving forward with great speed and your future plans are unfolding. The Eight of Wands can indicate surprises, travel and happy changes. If you are single, it can be an indication that someone that will knock you off your feet is entering your life. You may receive a text message or an invitation really soon. Enjoy this exciting and romantic time fully, but don’t rush into big decisions too soon.

Work/Finances: The Eight of Wands shows that it is a time of high productivity, exciting changes and progression in your work life. A project or a business venture that you have started is coming to fruition. If moving abroad or a work travel was in your plans, it is happening soon. The whole theme of the Eight of Wands is swift action, so just remember to avoid rushing into major decisions concerning finances or business.

Health: In relation to health, the Eight of Wands alone is not indicative of health problems. However, it shows that overall it is a busy time for you, so don’t exhaust yourself too much. It can also represent fast recovery from an ongoing illness.

Spirituality: Rapid and exciting changes are unfolding, both internally and externally. This card shows that your creative energy is flowing in abundance. You want to go, act, create but also take time to contemplate to balance out your actions. Go with the flow, step into your power enjoy where journey takes you.

Guidance: Your progress seems to be stalled, and it is making you stressed and frustrated. Instead on dwelling on what is lost, see this slow-paced time as an opportunity to plan and strategize. Allow yourself to acknowledge that this is just a setback, and this too shall pass. Patience is the key. Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

Love: Sometimes in long lasting relationships, the initial fire and passion you had before can be forgotten. The Eight of Wands reversed shows that you may be towards rekindling that spark in your relationship. For singles, this card can indicate an exciting love interest that came to an abrupt halt. Don’t let stress and hopelessness get the best of you.

Work/Finances: The changes you are expecting are not unfolding as fast as you want them to. This card in reversed position can indicate setbacks, disagreements, cancelled travels or lost opportunities. Don’t dwell on the past. Your situation greatly depends on you being calm and careful in your decision making. There may be a delay in receiving an expected money.

Health: The Eight of Wands reversed suggests that you may experience delays and frustrations reaching to full recovery or an important milestone you have set out for yourself. If you are anxious and stressed, accept that this is what you are feeling at the moment, but it won’t last forever.

Spirituality: High energy and action oriented Eight of Wands is now reversed. You may feel drained, unmotivated and pessimistic. Most of the times it is the fear of failure stopping us from reaching to greatness. Doubting and worrying about negative consequences is only delaying you. Discover your inner power and embrace change wholeheartedly.

Reversed Eight of Wands

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