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Be selective in your battles for sometimes peace is better than being right.’’


In Rider-Waite deck, The Five of Wands shows five staff-wielding men amid a fight. Upon closer look, we see that the men have no armor, and that no one seems to be injured. This suggests that nature of the conflict is a competitive game, rather than a battle.

The main meaning of The Five of Wands is facing some sort of strife. Generally, there will be a lot of contradicting ideas in the surrounding environment where the person needs to challenge their skills and beliefs amongst others. It usually refers to an endeavor in work/career involving a group, however it can be about an internal struggle or a conflict amongst personal relationships as well.

Depending on the other cards in the reading, this card can represent positive aspects to a challenge or competition, as well as the negative ones.

When positively affected, The Five of Wands stands for healthy competitive spirit and productive arguments. When negative, the emotions and actions involved are more spiteful, envious and greedy.

Number 5 represents competition, individualism and motivation.


Five of Wands Keywords

  • Conflict

  • Competition



  • Inner Conflict

  • Power Struggles

  • Lack of clarity

Upright Five of Wands

Guidance: It is you against the world. The Five of Wands indicates that there is a conflict, confrontation or competition brewing in your environment. How you deal with this situation is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to stand your ground or retreat, don’t make your decisions based on hate and anger. The advice of the card is: Choose your battles wisely.

Love: The Five of Wands can indicate tension between partners caused by competition, jealousy and power struggles. Often the problem is minor, such as a couple arguing over household chorus. However, it can also indicate a much bigger issue involving a third party competing for affection. Healthy communication is the key to resolving your issues. If you are single, this card can represent your internal struggles with the past, or a love triangle situation you may be in. There is some sort of competition/conflict around you or the person you are interested in.

Work/Finances: The Five of Wands most frequently shows up as a symbol of fierce competition in relation to work and finances. A competitive workplace can be both beneficial and destructive. You want to continually fight for your goals but on the other hand, all the stress and arguments are wearing you off. This card advises you to keep your cool and play fair. In financial position, it indicates heated arguments concerning money.

Health: In relation to health, this card can be a warning for stress and struggle. You may be working or living in a stressful/competitive environment which creates tension in your mind and body.  When you are dealing with a health problem, it is very understandable that you demand answers and solutions right away. This can cause frustration and arguments, which creates further stress. Positivity and patience are the key to any recovery.

Spirituality: You are not meant to see eye to eye with everyone. Our experiences and choices are what makes us all unique individuals. Instead of fighting over differences, we can all work to find a common ground. If you love and accept everyone (including yourself) for who they are, regardless of any disagreements, you will find an that you are capable of so much love.

Guidance: When the Five of Wands is reversed, you are advised to handle heated situations calmly and rationally. You may be up against harsh competition, unfairness and dishonesty. Whether you choose to stand up for yourself or retreat, don’t let resentment devour you inside out. Know what you are getting into, it may not worth the trouble.

Love: The Five of Wands reversed talks about power struggles and toxic fights in a relationship. Instead of listening to each other, perhaps you are playing little mind games to provoke one another. Every relationship is a teamwork: There is no competition, or a prize in the end. If you want to take some time off to think things through, really think about where you stand in the relationship. You may be compromising too much in order to avoid fights. Alternatively, there may be an argument about an affair or someone interfering in your love situation.

Work/Finances: In a work reading, the Five of Wands reversed warns you to be extra careful about who and what you trust. It is easy to forget about high moral values when it comes to money and competition. Not everyone around you is being fair and loyal. Avoid workplace troublemakers, cutthroat deals and practices. If you are in the blame for this, you need to find a better way to show your value. Most importantly, make sure you have a clear perspective about where you stand. You should never compromise your own values in order to avoid confrontation or to fit in. Regards to your finances, you are advised avoid unnecessary arguments.

Health: In relation to health, the Five of Wands reversed talks about a battle of some sort. You may be fighting an illness or a stressful situation. The last thing you want to do when you have any health problem is to expose yourself to fear and anxiety. Because this card sometimes represents competitive sports, in reversed position it could mean sports injuries and exhaustion.

Spirituality: Spiritually, the Five of Wands reversed represents inner conflicts. Allow yourself to find a peace of mind by resolving ongoing battles in your head. If the cause of your restlessness is others, remember: Not every conflict needs to end with a winner and a loser. You can always agree to respectfully disagree. On the other hand, know when to defend yourself. If someone is crossing a line, you need to let them know as well.

Reversed Five of Wands

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