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The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.’’

Blake Lively


 In Rider-Waite deck, the Six of Wands card depicts a man wearing a laurel wreath around his head. Through a cheering crowd bearing wands, he rides his pale horse as a show of triumph.

The symbol of laurel wreath dates back to Ancient Greece. In many illustrations, Greek God of Sun Apollo is represented wearing a laurel wreath on his head. Later in the history; his wreath decorated heads of winners of the ancient Olympic games.

With this particular symbolism in mind, the Six of Wands paints a picture about an epic victory. It is in such a grand scale that it often represents popularity, public acclaim and awards.

Following the previous card on the deck, The Five of Wands, it is safe to say that the success was obtained through effort and struggle; but most importantly, through channeling your inner strength and confidence.

The Six of Wands is a tale of overcoming adversity, concluded by a happy ending that everyone loves.

Number 6 represents major decisions, magnetism and harmony.


Six of Wands Keywords

  • Victory

  • Confidence

  • Acclaim



  • Boasting

  • Obstacles to success

  • Frustration

Upright Six of Wands

Guidance: Congratulations! In future and present position; the Six of Wands shows that you are soon achieving your goals. You no longer feel doubtful of yourself, and the path has been cleared from obstacles. Don’t be afraid to take on the role of leadership if the situation calls for it. Even if you are not there yet, the finish line is on the horizon. Trust in your direction.

Love: Solely, the Six of Wands is a very individualistic card and therefore does not symbolize situations related to love and relationships. However, it can represent successful outcomes in a relationship driven with a common goal. It can also mean fighting to make it work for someone you love. Your efforts are going to be recognized. As someone’s feelings for you, the Six of Wands may indicate a powerful sexual magnetism and physical attraction.

Work/Finances: Work, finances and career are the most favorable positions for the Six of Wands. You have attained a grand achievement, perhaps in the form of an award or public recognition. You are reaping the benefits of your hard work and dedication. If you are uncertain whether or not your plans are going to work out, don’t be. You may be called for a higher position or receive increase in your salary.

Health: In health readings, The Six of Wands symbolizes healing, reaching a milestone and restoring vitality. It shows that you had been dedicated to take care of yourself. As you are channeling your power and strength to endure, you are claiming victory over a health problem.

Spirituality: The Six of Wands marks a time of success, balance and strength in your life. It had not been easy by any means. Yours is a journey paved with many obstacles but in the end, you will come out stronger on the other side. Believe in yourself and have faith in your direction.

Guidance: You are being delayed and challenged on your progress. In order to succeed, you must first deal with frustration and resentment which are holding you back. The Six of Wands reversed advises leaving your ego aside to identify your own weaknesses. Re-evaluate your plans.

Love: The Six of Wands reversed can indicate an egotistical partner, self-esteem issues or betrayal in a relationship. In the beginning, you were charmed by his/her confidence but as the time goes by, you are realizing what you once saw as an admirable trait is actually an over-inflated ego. In order to make things work, you must both function as a team with mutual support and honesty.

Work/Finances: In relation to work, the Six of Wands reversed can indicate delays, lost opportunities or lack of confidence. The level of success you are aiming for is high, but you need to start small. Seeing the whole world as competition will only bring you frustration. Don’t rush into any decisions.

Health: The Six of Wands reversed can represent disappointing news or frustration over results. Let go of what you can’t control, instead focus on how you can make it better. This card does not indicate a serious illness, so there is definitely a chance to improve your condition.

Spirituality: In spirituality readings, the Six of Wands reversed talks about an imbalance between the impulses of the ego and where your soul wants to take you. You are either not hearing your inner voice over the voice of your ego, or completely devoid of confidence in yourself. Circumstances has been less than favorable, but finding your inner balance holds the key to your goals at this time.

Reversed Six of Wands

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