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True prosperity is appreciating what you have.’’

Bill Ferguson


In Rider-Waite deck, the King of Pentacles is shown sitting on a throne holding a big pentacle coin. As a symbol of power and authority, his throne is decorated with bull carvings. Grapevine pattern all over his robe represents abundance. His crown is adorned with laurel leaves which is an ancient symbol of victory.

So according to this symbolism, this King’s realms are ruled with authority, abundance and victory. He is the ultimate representative of worldly enterprise.

In a reading, the King of Pentacles represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. He is a wise leader and a reliable counsel concerning money, business, and other worldly endeavors. As he pursues his personal goals, he is a provider of security and prosperity for others as well. He is also a fatherly figure; value of family and tradition is very important to him.

When interpreted as a specific person, he is likely to be an older male that has one of the earth element zodiac signs in his natal chart.


King of Pentacles Keywords

  • Abundance
  • Security

  • Confidence

  • Leadership



  • Greed

  • Immaturity

  • Insecurity

Upright King of Pentacles

Guidance: The King of Pentacles advises you to build your foundations solid as you move towards your goals. Be a responsible and mature leader if the situation calls for it. This is a time to handle problems with practical solutions. Also, when this card describes an individual in your life; it means that you are getting beneficial advice or help of someone that has the qualities of the King of Pentacles.

Love: The King of Pentacles can represent a partner who takes care and provides for his loved ones. He is a reliable, family oriented individual. Because of this, the idea of marriage or building a family is very possible. If you are single, this card represents your desires towards a solid and loyal relationship. It indicates feelings of security, comfort and steadiness.

Work/Finances: Accumulation of wealth and success has been your primary goal. In material topics, he can represent a thriving business, new opportunities, leadership, and good financial security. It is an indication that this success will come to you if you are consistent, practical and willing to work for it. Steady wins the race. When the King of Pentacles is an individual around you, you can rely on his counsel. He may come with an exciting financial offer.

Health: The King of Pentacles is indicative of strong stamina and rejuvenation. Things should be going well regards to your health at this time. If you are encountering problems, take a careful and practical approach.

Spirituality: Even though your primary focus has been material security and success, you are also enriched by spiritual wisdom. You are a down to earth person who is very nurturing. According to the King of Pentacles, you are creating a good balance between your morals, values and desires. This is a good time to connect with your family and loved ones.

Guidance: When this card is reversed, reliable and successful King becomes shady, corrupt and greedy. The most important thing to look out for is to not get any advice or do business dealings with this individual. “High risk high reward” does not apply here. Be very careful with your finances and don’t take any decisions that will disturb your security.

Love: The reversed King of Pentacles represents disappointment in not having a solid foundation in a relationship. The cause of the problem may be emotional or material, or both. It may also represent a partner that sees his material status as means of controlling others. He is possessive but be aware that this person does not care much for loyalty or honesty.

Work/Finances: This card in reversed is a warning sign. Be very aware of a shady individual or an unfair deal. Not everyone in the team or competition is playing fair. You cannot reach the success you are hoping for by cutting corners or hasty, ruthless actions. You need to build work ethics and good judgement.

Health: In regards to health, the reversed King of Pentacles solely does not indicate an illness. However, it signifies that there is an imbalance. This cause of this may be excessive worrying, over indulgence or over working yourself.

Spirituality: There is a fine line between ambition and greed. The ultimate satisfaction in life can only be achieved by finding a balance. If you base your happiness and self-worth on how much money you have or how you look, you cannot find an inner peace without looking for more external validation.

Reversed King of Pentacles

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