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Like a tree, you have to find your roots and then you can bend in the wind.’’

Angela Farmer


In a lush green field, a woman sits on a stone throne holding a big pentacle coin. Beautiful blossoming branches and various animal carvings on the throne give us clues about her deep, loving connection to earth.

The Queen of Pentacles is the symbol of mother nature. And just like the nature itself, she has a very nurturing soul that has abundance of resources to offer.

In a reading, The Queen of Pentacles represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. Since she belongs to the earth element, she has deep roots to nature, home and family. She is crafty, practical and prudent. Feet firmly planted to the ground; she is not easily swayed by greedy desires. These characteristics make her an excellent manager in finances and business.

When interpreted as a specific person, she is likely to be an older female that has one of the earth element zodiac signs in her natal chart.


Queen of Pentacles Keywords

  • Nurturance
  • Abundance

  • Practicality

  • Grounded



  • Impractical
  • Greed

  • Imbalance

Upright Queen of Pentacles

Guidance: The Queen of Pentacles urges you to think long term. As long as you are cautious and practical about your plans, success will follow you in the future. You may also find yourself in a situation where others will need your wisdom or nurturing. If she represents a specific individual, she is someone that can offer helpful advice about managing resources.

Love: The Queen of Pentacles is a loyal, nurturing and romantic lover. She enjoys her comfort and luxury, but she is also very generous. This card can represent a long-term relationship that is built on solid foundations. News of a new relationship, marriage or having a baby is very favourable. If you are single, you are very precautious and selective of who you accept into your life. In the future position- Expect a new relationship blossoming soon.

Work/Finances: The Queen of Pentacles brings good news of prosperity and success. She can appear as an individual in your life who will offer great help and advice. The Queen excels in the areas of organization and management; thus you may be called for a such position in your work. This is a good time to invest in long term plans and creative endeavours.

Health: In health readings, the Queen of Pentacles represents high energy, healing and fertility. Because she likes nurturing, you may be assuming the role of a caretaker for someone. If you are having health problems, she is a favourable signifier of good change coming your way. Pamper yourself!

Spirituality: The spiritual aspects of the Queen of Pentacles is being open-hearted and deeply caring towards nature and others. You are radiating a positive energy around you. When this card shows up, you are being called to support others in any small way you can. Alternatively, you may be getting spiritual counsel from a wise, caring individual.

Guidance: When this card is reversed, the Queen of Pentacles who is known to be grounded and resourceful becomes impractical, manipulative and jealous. It can also indicate work-home problems as well.  Be cautious of who you trust as such a person may be trying to hinder you. Approach your problems with pragmatic and responsible manners. Rushing into any big decision is highly inadvisable at this time.

Love: In relationships, the Queen of Pentacles reversed may represent involvement of a third person or situation that is highly mistrustful and selfish. Jealousy or disloyalty may be some of the complications in your relationship. If you are single, you may be having trust and self-esteem issues. In both cases, it is advisable to take some time to clear your head and work on yourself at this time.

Work/Finances: The reversed Queen of Pentacles can represent a cutthroat business, jealousy at work, lack of good judgement or unfair competition. In any case, the solution is to be extra careful regards to work and money. Be careful of whom you trust. Someone around you may be envious of your position, and they may try to shake your security. Build yourself a financial safety net and focus on managing your resources well.

Health: The main advice that the reversed Queen of Pentacles brings to health readings is moderation. Too much or too little physical activity, irregular sleep and stress are some of the interpretations. You need to strike a balance between your mind and body, or perhaps work and life. Be aware of misinformative health advice.

Spirituality: In spirituality readings, the Queen of Pentacles reversed says ‘’less is more.’’ Not being too attached to physical possessions, being more grounded and balanced. When you are stressed, unplug from the chaos and connect to the nature. Put your bare feet onto the earth and feel the loving vibrations of our mother earth.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles

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