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KEYWORD: The Visionary

TAROT CARD: The Justice

COLOR: Silver, White

PLANET: Uranus

GEMSTONE: Pearl, Sunstone

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Influential, Impactful, Mysterious

Who is Life Path Number 11?

Traits and Personality

11 is the first Master Number. This means number 11 not only encompasses all of the qualities of 2 and 1; but also has unique influences by itself. Those with 11 as their life path have profound creative and intuitive talents. The individual most likely will go through a level of spiritual awakening in their lifetime.

This doesn’t mean master number people are superior to all the others. As with every other number; it is up to the individual to reach and utilize their unique power.

Path of 11 is not easy by all means. Just like number 2, they deal with major emotional, spiritual or physical obstacles in their earlier ages.

11 gets conflicted between the desires of 1 and 2. Their 1 side wants to work alone and 2 asks for cooperation. Because of this, in all kinds of relationships they value their personal space the most.

They are hard to come by and hard to forget. A life path 11 is full of creative energy and ideas that inspire others naturally.

If they learn to harness 11’s power, whatever they choose to pursuit, they will get recognized. They make excellent entrepreneurs and leaders.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

Downside of being a master number is not being able to properly handle high vibrational energies that the number brings. Especially in their early ages; instead of embracing their uniqueness, they may feel like an outcast. As a result, life path 11 individuals choose addictions as their coping mechanism. Anxiety, perfectionism, nervous and psychological problems are common.


Areas of work that life path 11 individuals excel in: Science, technology, innovation, spirituality and politics.

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