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Justice is truth in action.’’

Benjamin Disraeli


A crowned judge is sitting on his throne. He holds a sword on one hand and perfectly balanced scales on another, symbolizing his impartial deliberation.

In many ways, the Justice card is interlinked with Maat. In Ancient Egypt, Maat was the goddess who symbolized concepts of morality, order, justice and fairness. She is also seen wearing a red robe as a symbol of wisdom. To this day, we see judicial attire in red – such as high court judges in crimson robes.

The Justice represents universal order and law of harmony.

Generally, when this card shows up in a reading; it talks about a rectification or a decision. This may mean legal justice as well as matters of morality, ethics, karma and inner harmony. So if you are seeking justice, it is a good indication that it will be served.

Number 11 is a master number, representing awareness, enlightenment and wisdom.


The Justice Keywords

  • Decision
  • Order
  • Cause and Effect
  • Law



  • Unfairness
  • Disharmony

The Justice Upright

Guidance: The Justice card represents being morally and legally correct. There is a big decision to be made. Don’t rush, consider all your options carefully. If you act with honesty and integrity, that is what you shall get in return. You may seek expert advice, especially in legal matters. It is also a reminder that truth will always come out in the end.

Love: The Justice card can be read as an equal and harmonious relationship. If you had been treated unfairly in the past, remember that karma always pays back. Expect open and honest conversations. Since this card is about laws; marriage contract or legalities can also be indicated. When interpreted as someone’s feelings, the Justice represents fairness and compassion.

Work/Finances: Balance, integrity and work ethic are the keywords here. It is all about getting what you deserve: If you keep on the straight and narrow and follow fair business practices, you will be rewarded accordingly. Take responsibility of your actions. When you are faced with an important decision, weigh up the pros and cons carefully. Plan a budget and balance your finances.

Health: More often than not, the Justice card represents your health and balance being restored. If you are investing in your health by making healthy choices, you can expect good results. Try to evaluate and cut out things from your lifestyle that are harmful to you.

Spirituality: The Justice represents finding your inner compass and living your truth. You are going to find great harmony within you by acknowledging and accepting who you are. It also deals with universal law of karma. In other words, treat others like you want to be treated: with compassion, honesty and equality.

Guidance: With this reversal, the scales of justice are tipped. Now we deal with dishonesty and unfairness. You may feel wronged by someone or be upset about an unfair outcome. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, the best thing you can do is focusing on how you react. If you are in the wrong however, you need to accept the consequences and learn the lessons.

Love: The Justice reversed indicates dishonesty and disharmony. Take a step back to figure out what’s causing the imbalance, and what’s your role in it. If you are being treated unfairly, you need to acknowledge the issues in your relationship instead of being in denial. If you are searching for love, the advice is to first assess yourself objectively and honestly. This will help you avoid the repeating patterns of the past relationships.

Work/Finances: Some of the meanings of this reversal are conflicts, unfair treatment in the workplace, issues in legal matters or dishonesty. Yes, the situation is unjust, however you can’t let your emotions overrun your judgement. You always need to stand up for your rights and try to do what’s right. If you're feeling your work-life balance slip out of place, try to pace yourself. This is not a good time for risky financial moves.

Health: Something in your life is throwing you off balance. The cause may be stress or avoiding to make necessary changes for your health. Finding the right balance to maintain a healthy life takes some time, so try to find ways you can be more self-disciplined without overwhelming yourself.

Spirituality: The Justice reversed often represents an important karmic lesson. Perhaps you’ve been treated unfairly, and it left you wondering why this is happening to you. Even if you can’t change the injustice that has occurred, you can change how you respond to it. This means choosing compassion over blame and anger. Only then you can rise beyond the hurt feelings and see this as an opportunity for your soul’s growth.

The Justice Reversed

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