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KEYWORD: The Empath

TAROT CARD: The High Priestess

COLOR: Orange, Blue


GEMSTONE: Blue fluorite, Pearl

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Big, beautiful eyes, delicate features

Who is Life Path Number 2?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 2 person is born with potentials of inner wisdom, empathy and harmony.

They utilize their intuition and emotions to connect with their environment on a deeper level. Being naturally open hearted makes them great empaths and healers, but in the meantime, they may feel too emotionally vulnerable when dealing with negativity. Having walks by the sea, swimming and living near the water are some of the ways life path 2 can step back and recharge when the emotions are running high.

 It is indeed in their life lesson to be able to find inner balance, develop strength and create harmonious relationships.

In early life experiences of 2’s, they often deal with very strong emotions such as fear, anger and shame. As hard and painful these past experiences are, when lessons are learned, these prepare them to be brilliant guides and healers in the future. They tend to be idealistic in nature.

Patience, attention and loyalty are their strong characteristics. Family is an important aspect of their life as they like taking care of others. They are comfortable with concepts of marriage, long term relationships and children.

They like to live a slow-paced lifestyle where they prefer simplicity and comfort over luxury and extravagant.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

Co-dependency, trust issues and emotional imbalance are often the key issues in their close relationships. They may depend their happiness too much on their loved ones which could lead to feelings of being hurt and neglected. Since they always want to take care of others first, building a lasting self-love and self-esteem should be their priority.


Areas of work that life path 2 individuals excel in: Nursing, technicians, child-care, psychology, therapy and teaching.

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