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A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild


Between the two pillars marked with the letters “B” and “J” (which stands for Boaz and Jachin in the fabled Solomon’s Temple), sits a beautiful oracle. In her lap she holds the scroll of wisdom and law, headlined as “TORA”. Beneath her feet there is a crescent moon, relevant to lunar cyclic processes.

The High Priestess is the mysterious female hierophant mostly associated with Isis. She is the oracle of the Divine Feminine that holds the answers to duality of nature. In the imagery, we see her inviting those who seek inner wisdom into her temple.

As the feminine counterpart to the Magician, the High Priestess’s advice is to heal your deepest wounds, nurture your intuition and better understand the inner mysteries of your psyche.

Riddled with deep and profound symbolism, this card also symbolizes veiled knowledge. Hence, at times it might get a little tricky to successfully interpret it. Perhaps you are not ready to receive the answer, or perhaps the wisdom you seek is already hidden beneath the layers of your subconscious. If this is the case, use your own intuition to build a deeper meaning.

Number 2 represents duality, balance and sacred feminine.


The High Priestess Keywords

  • Insight
  • Intuition
  • Mystery



  • Secrets
  • Hidden information
  • Lack of clarity

The High Priestess Upright

Guidance: The answers lie within. High priestess upright wants to guide you through the mysterious paths of your unconscious by holding a torch which is your intuition. Paying more attention to dreams and inner voice is advised. A strong feminine influence, perhaps a mother figure may offer their help.

Love: As a person, the High Priestess upright represents a mysterious, charming, nurturing lover. Your relationship is intellectually stimulated and emotionally harmonious. It is almost like you have a special kind of bond between you, something you can’t describe with words, but there is a mutual, intuitive understanding. If you are single, this card can represent infatuation or a deep desire to connect with someone. It may also indicate a secret affair.

Work/Finances: The person signified as the High Priestess represents an influential, caring person in your work life, most likely a female. This is a good time to bring your creative ideas to light and follow your inspirations. If you have a desire to improve on your skills or attain higher education, this card says go for it. Alternatively, you may be working in the areas of healing, spirituality, teaching and arts; or have a desire to do so. Don’t make big financial decisions until you know all the facts.

Health: The High Priestess is highly associated with pregnancy, fertility and menstruation. If you have a health problem, make sure to be fully informed about your situation. The main advice here is to focus on nurturing yourself, or someone that needs your nurturance and assistance.

Spirituality: Desire for deeper knowledge, psychic abilities and spiritual wisdom are all represented here. The High Priestess is feminine divine wisdom, telling you that you are ready to take the next step into her temple of mysteries. The higher spiritual learning you seek will take place inside you, so pay attention to your inner voice. This card can also represent spiritual/religious education or mentor.

Guidance: The High Priestess reversed encourages you to break from the routines of day to day life and focus on your intuition. Especially if you had been stressed and exhausted lately, you can try to tune inward with meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices. This reversal also represents energy blocks, repressed emotions and subconscious fears that you need to heal yourself from in order to restore inner balance.

Love: This reversal often points to a secretive/manipulative partner, or your desire to keep your feelings to yourself. If your love life is in turmoil, you will inevitably be drained of energy and get disconnected from your inner self. Take some time alone to figure out your emotional needs and where you stand in the relationship. If you are single, loving yourself unconditionally should be your first priority instead of loving the idea of someone else.

Work/Finances: A crucial information may not be entirely revealed to you, possibly by a deceitful female. If you've been kept in the dark about your finances, or you are preparing for a negotiation; be careful of whom you trust. If you have one of those ‘something doesn’t feel right’ kind of gut feelings, pay attention to it. This reversal can also point to creative and emotional blocks.

Health: You may be neglecting your self-care lately. With the High Priestess reversed, the areas of issues may be hormonal, emotional or gynecological. If this is the case, you should never self-diagnose or ignore your symptoms. If you are concerned, seek medical advice.

Spirituality: If you had been feeling stalled or blocked internally, you will guide yourself through this matter with intuition more effectively than analytic thinking. Inner work can be challenging, hurtful at times, but it is always transformative. Whenever you pick this card, ask your intuition where you need healing the most, what needs forgiving and letting go.

The High Priestess Reversed

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