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KEYWORD: The Master Builder


COLOR: Orange, Blue


GEMSTONE: Aquamarine

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Strong hands and shoulders, deep voice

Who is Life Path Number 22?

Traits and Personality

As the second master number in the triangle of enlightenment (11, 22, 33); people with life path number 22 are born problem solvers, achievers and builders.

As with the life path of every master number, starting from a very young age a dramatic transformation begins. Obstacles, challenges and hard life lessons are at the core of their strength and wisdom.

Number 22 takes the high intuitive talents of number 11 and manifests with it into the material world. This means they are excellent inventors, architects and visionaries. They are practical and pragmatic. As with every master number; they hold natural leadership skills as well.

They are committed and honest in personal relationships. However, they may come across too dictatorial and controlling.

It’s not their style to sit around, wait or give orders. 22 likes to be involved and in charge. They don’t shy away doing the necessary work to achieve their goals. Hand them a hard task; Number 22 will see the big picture, plan and organize almost effortlessly. They are the worker bees of the society.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

22 likes puzzles and mysteries, hence they tend to get bored without facing a challenge. They constantly feel the need to fix, solve and organize. This might leave them quickly unsatisfied in personal relationships. They need to learn to pace themselves with the rest of the world. Some of the negative characteristics of a number 22 are: Arrogance, carelessness, egocentrism, self-sacrificing, rigidness.


Areas of work that life path 22 individuals excel in: Architecture, religion, philosophy, teaching, law, psychology.

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