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KEYWORD: The Communicator

TAROT CARD: The Empress

COLOR: Yellow

PLANET: Jupiter

GEMSTONE: Yellow sapphire, Amazonite

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Well dressed, elegant, deep and charming voice

Who is Life Path Number 3?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 3 person is born with potentials of beauty, creation, love, talent and communication.

Life path 3 individuals are the ‘’right brain’’ of the society. In anything they choose to pursue; they challenge ordinary and linear with art and expression.

Seeing things in a positive light is in their nature. Luxury and comfort means a lot to them.

Their life lesson is to find a balance between fun and structure.

Life path 3 people are generous, easy to be around and they are amazing listeners.  They also like to be playful and adventurous in their close relationships.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

They could struggle with having a steady income.

If they can’t channel their natural creative energy and passion, they may get moody and apathetic. Life path 3 love treating themselves and people they love in luxurious gifts, which could leave them with financial troubles. Since they get bored very easily; maintaining serious relationships could be a challenge.


Areas of work that life path 3 individuals excel in: Arts and performances, language, radio, entertainment and fashion.

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