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Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nature one's soul.’’

Anthony Douglas


Surrounded by the lush forest on river shore, a beautiful woman is sitting on her cushiony throne. From top to bottom, she is an embodiment of Mother Nature: Her blonde hair is adorned by stars just like the sky, and her robes with pomegranate patterns- an ancient symbol of abundant lands and fertility. Confidence, grace and beauty follows where The Empress goes. And finally, right beneath her legs there is the sign of Venus: Goddess of Love.

A link between early religions was worship of the mother goddess deity, who represented fertility, earth and creation. Many early cultures celebrated and honoured the sacred feminine with their unique ritual and art.

One of the goddesses that the Empress is highly associated with is Greek Hera – or Roman equivalent Juno. Hera was worshipped as the protector of women, childbirth and marriage. Her temple was built even before her husband’s, Zeus. According to the myth, when the breast milk of Hera spurt out into the heavens, Milky way was born into creation.

Needless to say, the Universal Mother symbol is engraved in human consciousness since the ancient times. Regardless of what she’s called, the meaning is always the same: She is the giver and nurturer of life.

Number 3 represents creative expression, joy and beauty.


The Empress Keywords

  • Motherhood
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Creation



  • Co-dependency
  • Lack of harmony
  • Lack of self-love

The Empress Upright

Guidance: The Empress represents a gentle and caring woman in your life, or a time when you are embracing the qualities of the card. You are feeling inspired to thrive in your creative flow, nurturing yourself and creating harmony in your relationships. Radiating your love and optimism in everything you do will lead you to a happy, comforting life.

Love: The Empress’s astral ruler is Venus. Planet of beauty and love certainly offers a blessing in love related readings. It speaks of a time you feel more attractive and passionate. Your connection with your significant other gets stronger and more harmonious. You can expect a romantic gesture, surprise or proposal! This card is all about expressions of affection, love, caring and passion. So, if you are single, probably not for long!

Work/Finances: There is a boost in your productivity and creativity. With this card you are reaping the rewards of your efforts and investments. If you are in the verge of seeding your ideas into reality, such as creating a new business or changing your career/job; stay confident. Especially if your idea is about pursuing a creative field, don’t hesitate! The Empress is also a feminine/mother figure who can offer beneficial advice to you.


Health: Overall it is a sign of vitality and wellness. The Empress is specifically associated with feminine health. In this case, it may represent desire for pregnancy or safe and healthy childbirth. You may also be involved in nurturing others. Offering care and love is great, but make sure you don’t deplete yourself by doing so. Take some time to relax and pamper yourself.

Spirituality: Empress is an invitation to be more connected to earth and your inner self. Essentially, what this card represents is divine love in its purest form. You may therefore feel inspired to do charity work, or to give others in need. Best way to start this is to be the embodiment of love and joy you wish to see around you.

Guidance: It is time to shift your focus to yourself. If you had been spreading yourself too thin taking care of others, the Empress reversed suggests you take some down time to relax and figure out what self-needs you had been neglecting. Start loving and stop overcriticizing yourself. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others.

Love: The Empress reversed is a reminder to yourself that you’re confident and beautiful without others approval that you’re worthy. Your relationship status doesn’t define you. It doesn’t matter who you are with, what matters is who you are. If things are not so smooth between you and your partner, best thing to do is to express yourself openly to avoid further arguments. Your intuition will guide you through the turbulent times. Alternatively, this reversal can represent an overbearing partner.

Work/Finances: The Empress reversed may represent lack of confidence, an over controlling boss or feeling underappreciated. Insecurities seem to be the major block to your success at this time. Abundance and creativity will flow in your life once you make the decision to receive it. Financially, some of your concerns are real, but many are unnecessary. If you believe you are reasonable and mindful with your money, stop the over worrying.

Health: This reversal may indicate anything from emotional instability to fertility and hormonal issues. Are you too busy helping others or working long hours that you forgot to take care of yourself? Self-care is not selfishness; it certainly is not wasted time. Try to build a self-care practice routine that suits both your daily life and your health’s needs.

Spirituality: When you draw this card in reverse, chances are you are experiencing a spiritual disconnect. Between daily responsibilities, demands and tasks of the daily life; having a quiet moment by yourself and listening to your own inner voice may be just the thing you need. You deserve your own love and affection.

The Empress Reversed

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