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KEYWORD: The Free Spirit

TAROT CARD: The Hierophant

COLOR: Blue, Turquoise

PLANET: Mercury

GEMSTONE: Aquamarine

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Eccentric charm, out of ordinary fashion sense

Who is Life Path Number 5?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 5 person is born with potentials of adventure, freedom and transformation.

Life path 5 people value individuality more than anything else. Their sense of adventure makes them very unique and refreshing people to be around with.

Having astral ruler of communication Mercury on their side; life path 5 individuals are social butterflies with a lot of interesting stories to tell.

As long as you are on their wavelength; they are not afraid to open up and get deeper.

Life lesson of a 5 is to balance routine and fun. Responsibilities, commitments and duties may be too restricting for them. Wherever they have a chance to express their unique ideas without much constriction- they are going to be successful and happy.

Fives have a lot to offer in a dominantly practical world. They are people that remind us to not take life too seriously and enjoy it to the fullest.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

Fives should always be aware of the urge to constantly move and change- as sometimes it can lead them to destructive paths. When confronted with responsibilities– 5 tends to be an escapist. Their freedom comes first than anything else.

They tend to get bored by staying in one place for too long. Their hedonistic way of life may weaken the chance of a stable relationship.


Areas of work that life path 5 individuals excel in: Journalism, media, PR, philosophy and freelance work.

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