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The philosopher whose dealings are with divine order himself acquires the characteristics of order and divinity. ‘



Between two pillars, a religious figure shows an act of blessing to the two followers that kneel before him. He holds the golden staff of Papal Cross, which is representative of his ultimate authority. Beneath his feet there is a symbol of crossed keys- very similar to Papal insignia.

The Hierophant is also known as the Pope or the High Priest.

As the Fool’s journey continues through Major Arcana, now this free-spirited young man is faced with his mentor to learn about tradition, conformity and order.

Just like the Emperor, the Hierophant represents established order. While the Emperor rules the mundane world, the Hierophant rules the spiritual. His job is to maintain peace and structure through traditional values, rules and hierarchy.

The Hierophant acts as a conduit of divine order. In a reading, he suggests you stick with the conventional approach and follow the rules and restrictions.

On a negative note, while he is a much-needed authoritarian figure in a chaotic environment, his inflexible ways could make him a rigid leader.

Number 5 is associated with dynamic motion and personal freedom.


The Hierophant Keywords

  • Religion
  • Order
  • Tradition
  • Family



  • Nonconformity
  • Unconventionality
  • Independent thinking

The Hierophant Upright

Guidance: The Hierophant advises you to play it safe. Adhere to rules, traditions and norms and laws. At times when hierophant refers to a person, he is dedicated to an institution, perhaps a teacher, a counsellor or a wise spiritual figure who will aid you. Alternatively, this card can represent traditional/religious ceremonies.

Love: The Hierophant often represents a traditionalist partner or a conventional marriage. The commitment might not have a romantic footing at first, but it is based in good faith, loyalty and common values. Wedding or engagement ceremonies may also be indicated. If you are single, this person will provide you a sense of security and trust.

Work/Finances: Established order is what this card represents. It may indicate working in a family job, or an institution. A reliable income and job. Getting advice from a mentor, or mentoring others. When it comes to important decisions, negotiations or team projects, consider following rules and laws. This is probably not a good time for liability risks or alternative investments, so stick with the conventional ways to make money.

Health: The Hierophant points to the benefits of self-control and self-discipline. Try to build healthy habits or rituals in your daily life that you can follow without feeling overwhelmed. One small step at a time. If you have a health problem, the advice here is to follow conventional methods of healing.


Spirituality: The Hierophant represents having faith to the Divine Order. Whatever religious or spiritual path you are devoted to, this is where you will find inner peace and guidance. This may be a time you cherish customs and traditions of your path, joining with your community to celebrate or pray. When this card represents someone else, he is a wise spiritual mentor or a religious figure that you trust.

Guidance: Out with the old in with the new is your motto. It represents striving to seek your own independence, setting your own rules and not confining yourself to the rigid beliefs and norms. So, if you are too set in your ways, feeling stagnant, The Hierophant reversed reminds you that you are your own teacher. Create and live by your own values. Alternatively, be aware of a conflict with authority or family.

Love: Something in your love life has run its course and as a result, you long for excitement and adventure. This is often seen in the case of monotonous rhythm of a long relationship. It can also indicate frustration with a rigid partner that wants to keep everything status quo. In other cases, it may represent marriage counselling, non-monogamy or divorce. If you are single, this card can show desire or potential for a non-traditional relationship, or your contentment being single.

Work/Finances: You may be feeling that you can’t find room for your innovative, creative and independent ideas to flourish under a strict work environment or authority. As a result, this reversal indicates changing your job or career path, perhaps focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. If you plan on quitting your day job to pursue a nonconventional way of making money, don’t risk your plans by going hard against an authority or establishment. Financially, make clever investments, not reckless ones.

Health: You may be exploring an alternative healing method. If you have a medical problem, it is useful to remember that holistic or alternative therapies should be complementary to speed up the healing process and not the treatment itself. Don’t disregard conventional medicine entirely.

Spirituality: The Hierophant reversed represents challenging an old tradition or religion. You may wish to explore different belief systems to broaden your horizons. This reversal also suggests pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to be more independent. Doing so, you will define your core values, beliefs and opinions that suit you the best. After all, you know what’s best for you.

The Hierophant Reversed

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