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KEYWORD: The Seeker

TAROT CARD: The Chariot

COLOR: Indigo

PLANET: Neptune

GEMSTONE: Amethyst

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Soft eyes, well spoken, beautiful hands

Who is Life Path Number 7?

Traits and Personality

7 is known to be one of the most mystical numbers. It resonates with intuition, deep contemplation, isolation and knowledge seeking. This makes life path 7 people intuitive thinkers.

Their biggest lesson is to learn to master their inner conflicts. As soon as sevens realize their power and take control of their life, they are destined to greatness in whatever they are pursuing.

 Therefore it is no surprise to find introverts and philosophers born with the 7 life path. They love to delve deep into mysteries and occult knowledge. They are not just logical and meticulous truth seekers, but also highly spiritual. Life path 7 people have a feline intuition especially about other people. Their psychic abilities help them in day to day life and that’s why they like to listen to their inner voice more than others.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

the insatiable thirst for knowledge may make them unsatisfied and depressed with the world around them. You would usually hear them say something like ‘’ I swear I should have been born in an older time!’’. They like to live an isolated and quiet life. While there is nothing wrong with that, on long term it might create feelings of loneliness and not being understood by others.

If life path 7 truly believes in something, it is almost impossible to show them otherwise.

The level they are feeling emotions might be too overwhelming.


Areas of work that life path 7 individuals excel in: Philosophy, teaching, investigation, literature, astrology and research.

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