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KEYWORD: The Authority

TAROT CARD: The Strength

COLOR: Black, Gray, White

PLANET: Saturn

GEMSTONE: Blue sapphire, Hematite, Diamond

HOW TO RECOGNIZE: Mysterious eyes, charismatic, cool

Who is Life Path Number 8?

Traits and Personality

A life path number 8 person is born with potentials of perseverance, consistence and wealth.

Saturn-number 8’s astral ruler- is a force to be reckoned with. Also known as the Lord of Karma; Saturn will strongly highlight the person’s life lessons and ask for constant work towards their maturity.

Healing karmic attachments are certainly not easy but nothing to be afraid of. From the early age, a life path 8 goes through many hardships and painful experiences. But when they make it through by learning and evolving, they become the authors of their own reality.

 Life lesson of life path 8 is ‘’You reap what you sow’’.

They have a natural talent towards precision and organization. Building success from ground up is very common among 8’s. Emotionally they are deep and intense which creates a mysterious magnetism around them.

They know their role and responsibilities in their family life. Contrary to popular belief, relationships for life path 8 is not doomed. However, finding love will require a level of persistence as everything else in 8’s life. When they are committed; they make reliable, secure and honest partners.

Negative Traits and Obstacles

Maintaining balance and moderation in life is quite hard for these individuals; as a life path 8 person have a tendency to take things too extreme. Sometimes their ambitions may turn into greed. They are prone to becoming a workaholic and neglecting their loved ones. Number 8 should be careful about not becoming too pessimistic, controlling and aggressive.


Areas of work that life path 8 individuals excel in: Corporeal professions, executive roles, finance, politics, academy and law.

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