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9 Most Difficult Aspects in a Natal Chart

9 Most Difficult Aspects in a Natal Chart by

If the birth chart is the map of our life, natal aspects can show us our strengths and weaknesses, so we can gain a better understanding of ourselves.

While aspects such as sextiles and trines grant us harmony and flow- harsh aspects like squares and opposition can indicate what we are struggling with, and how we can work with them.

Aspects can have a good and a bad side. For example, while a generally positive aspect such as natal Jupiter conjunct Moon manifests itself with expansive generosity and optimism, they may also do have a tendency to do things in excess.

Therefore a difficult aspect in a birth chart is not a curse and it can always be healed and transformed. For example, there is usually a karmic lesson to be learned with heavy Saturn aspects. Once the lesson is learned, heavy burdens can be shifted to mentality of purpose. We can’t avoid life lessons, but we can do our best to change our mentality.

And lastly, since we are talking about hardest aspects in a natal chart, I will only include negative manifestations of these aspects here. Also keep in mind that they are not written in a particular order.

1- Natal Mercury square Neptune

''Psychic or delusional''

Mercury square Neptune aspect in a natal chart can indicate memory, communication and education problems.

Concentration can be a big issue as their mind seem to constantly wander into the Neptunian fantasies. Sometimes, they can even do this as a coping mechanism to escape from uncomfortable burden of reality.

Even simple tasks and instructions can sometimes be overwhelming for this natal aspect- not because they lack intelligence, but because of the brain fog that this aspect indicates.

Lies can be another method of escape for Neptune square Mercury. They may often resort to lying in order to escape confrontation, criticism and responsibility in their lives.

People with this aspect tend to side with abstract ideas rather than common logic- which gives them a very strange and unique perspective but on the other hand, their thinking can be quite unrealistic and distorted when it comes to practical matters.

Square between Mercury and Neptune adds a lot of confusion and stress to the mind. It can also cause strain in their relationships as they are prone to deception and misunderstandings.

2- Natal Sun square Moon

''The Self Saboteur''

It is hard for the Sun square Moon to find a peace of mind- not so much due to the external circumstances, but because of their constant internal conflict. Even the simplest decision can be an exhausting process of constantly going back and forth, doubting their abilities. Insecurities make it hard for them to believe in themselves and trust others.

Affects of this aspect can often traced back to a dysfunctional or intense early life. Father (Sun) and mother (Moon) of these people often clash instead of working as a team. As a result, natal Sun square Moon people subconsciously integrate their parents behaviors as their own inner voice.

Natal Sun square Moon is also hard on their relationships, as it puts a tension between the individual’s ego and their emotional needs. These people can be very emotionally reactive and defensive when they feel hurt or vulnerable.

3- Natal Chiron conjunct Ascendant

“Never good enough”

Chiron in astrology represents our core wounds and pain. What makes this a hard aspect is that when it is in conjunction with the Ascendant (aka outward persona), Chiron pain becomes the most noticeable.

With natal Chiron conjunct Ascendant, there is a deep rooted insecurity that causes them pain. They don’t feel attractive enough, confident enough or successful enough, so they find it hard to express themselves to the world.

Early lives of these people are often painful in some way. They may be bullied during childhood or felt rejected and put down. In some cases, pain was integrated if mother had a difficult birth.

However, this is not a curse- Chiron is also the healer. Natal Chiron conjunct Ascendant wound can be resolved if the individual works on healing their ego and learn to love themselves.

4- Natal Pluto on IC

IC is one of the most sensitive points in a natal chart- which signifies a person’s inner world, as well as home, parents and heritage.

Being born with a heavy planet such as Pluto on IC often represents a difficult/traumatic upbringing. Growing up, home was an intense and unsafe place. There may be power struggles with family or between the parents. Financial loss, death or family secrets may also be the case.

Whatever the case is, this placement indicates that a feeling of powerlessness and abandonment was imbued to the Pluto on IC person, which probably forced them to grow up too fast.

As an adult, natal Pluto on IC may perceive concepts of home and family threatening, which can affect their relationships. These people are feeling a Plutonic transformation at their core, they are always looking for a deeper understanding of their roots and the past. They may often choose to keep their IC matters private.

5- Natal Moon opposite Saturn / Natal Moon square Saturn

These natal aspects indicate a pessimistic view of the world, which can often be traced to a difficult early childhood.

Growing up, Moon square/opposite Saturn people often didn’t receive unconditional love and emotional nourishment they need. One or both of the parental figures (especially the father) may be critical, distant and controlling, but it is not always the case. Perhaps the family struggled with their finances, or the child had to take care of others.

As an adult, these people struggle with allowing themselves to feel and express their emotions fully. With Moon opposite/square Saturn, there can be patterns of depression, fear of rejection and self loathing.

6- Natal Venus square Saturn / Natal Venus inconjunct Saturn / Natal Venus opposite Saturn

''Love is hard''

Venus square/inconjunct/opposite Saturn generally indicate blockages and limitations to natal Venus energy- mostly going on in the subconscious level.

What makes these aspects one of the most difficult to work with is that they are associated with low self worth. Deep down, these people may feel that no matter how hard they work, they are never quite satisfied with their love life or money they earn.

Compromise is also hard with these aspects. They tend to have high expectations from themselves and their relationships, so there can be a lot of criticism.

Love is freely given, it is unconditional- but these people may feel that they have to work for love, or there is always a burden/cost that comes with being in love.

As an adult with Venus square/opposite/inconjunct Saturn, they may may take on more obligations than they should in relationships. Due to a fear of rejection, they may choose to be lonely at times.

7- Natal Mars square Uranus

''The Trouble Maker''

Those who were born with Mars square Uranus aspect can often struggle with temper and impulse control, which can put them in potentially dangerous situations if they can’t keep their explosive energy in check.

These people are unique and energetic thrill seekers, and they can’t stand anything that restricts their personal freedom- conformity, rules, compromise, etc. This gives them a rebellious strike. Their sexual energy can be scattered and explosive.

Sometimes, natal Mars square Uranus people can take such drastic actions without giving too much thought on consequences for themselves and others. That’s why this aspect is also known as being ‘’accident prone’’.

8- Natal Moon square Pluto / Natal Moon opposite Pluto

These aspects often manifests itself as intense and destructive emotions. In their personal relationships, these people can come across reactive, domineering and manipulative.

With those who were born with natal Moon square/opposite Pluto, there can be an obsessive focus on accumulating power. Mood swings are common, especially with natal Moon opposite Pluto. There can be recurring episodes of depression and inner rage.

Source of these subconscious patterns can be traced back to a difficult/ traumatic early life. People with these natal aspects may have experienced intense power struggles as a child, perhaps with their parental figures (especially the mother).

Since everything is felt on an extreme, they can be easily hurt. Betrayal is the achilles’ heel of Moon square/opposite Pluto. When they experience a real or perceived betrayal, they may choose to shut themselves off from others and struggle with trusting again.

9- Natal Sun square Saturn / Natal Sun opposite Saturn

''One's own harshest critic''

These aspects make it hard to find optimism and confidence within, because they put so much burden on themselves.

Those who were born with Sun square/opposite Saturn aspect in their natal chart can be extremely critical of themselves and others, due to their high expectations.

In their early and adult life, they are usually faced with a lot of challenges and obstacles, so they seem to put more effort than others in order to succeed in life. This can be very frustrating- like the world is against them. But luckily, these people are very determined, so they hardly give up.

For some people, natal Sun square / opposite Saturn can manifest itself as low self esteem due to difficulties in childhood (especially with the father). Later on, they may also experience clashes with authority figures.

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