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Three Liliths in Astrology & What Your Lilith Sign Says About You

Three Liliths in Astrology: Black Moon Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith and Asteroid Lilith& What Your Lilith Sign Says About You

Lilith in Mythology

Lilith is found in many ancient texts. Her first appearance was in Sumerian epic Gilgamesh. Her name comes from the Sumerian word “lilitu” which is translated as ‘’female night monster.”

In Babylonian Talmud, Lilith is portrayed as ‘’Mother of Demons.”

But you are probably familiar with another Lilith story. According to Hebrew folklore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam.

One story tells us that Lilith wasn’t happy with the fact that she was laying beneath Adam during sex. She believed they were created equal and thus she also wanted to be on top. After the disagreement, Lilith fled the Garden of Eden and left Adam alone.

Adam complained to God and God sent three angels to retrieve her. Angels found her by the Red Sea, copulating with demons and they couldn’t convince her to return. After her refusal, God punished Lilith and her children.

Then she tried to return to the Garden of Eden, however Adam already found another mate- Eve.

Is Lilith a scary demon, or is she the first feminist?

Contemporary understanding of Lilith is quite different than ancient times.

Some believe that Lilith was the first feminist in folklore, because she refused to be subservient. She demanded equality and claimed her independence in the end.

Think about it: When a woman explores her sexual desires, fights for her independence, or when she stands up against oppression- isn’t she in her Lilith energy?

Three Liliths in Astrology

Yes, there are 3 different Liliths in Astrology! It can get quite confusing if you didn’t know the difference. Let’s clarify them:

Black Moon Lilith: This is the most commonly known and used Lilith in Astrology. Black Moon Lilith represents the point farthest from the Earth in Moon’s orbit, so unlike other planets or asteroids, it is not a physical body.

Dark Moon Lilith: Also known as Waldemath Moon, it was thought to be discovered by Dr. Waltemath but this was later debunked.

Asteroid Lilith: This is the only solid object Lilith, and it is located between Mars and Jupiter.

Furthermore, Black Moon Lilith has two positions which are called Mean Lilith and True (Oscillating) Lilith.

Mean or True Lilith? Which one is the most accurate?

Without going into too much astronomic detail, Mean Lilith shows the mathematical averaged out position and True Lilith is the exact position.

It is up to debate as to which Lilith is the most ‘’accurate’’. Mean Lilith is the most commonly used, but some astrologers swear by True Lilith. I suggest you to look at both and discover what makes the most sense to you first.

How to Find your Liliths in your Birth Chart

  1. Go tho

  2. Click on My Astro. If you don’t have an account, you can still create a chart as a guest user.

  3. Fill out the Birth Data Entry.

  4. Click on Extended Chart Selection.

  5. Click on Additional Objects.

  6. Click on Lilith from the left box. This will automatically add Mean Lilith to your chart.

  7. If you want to add other Liliths, then input these in the manual entry:

1181 for Asteroid Lilith

h58 for Dark Moon (Waldemath) Lilith

h13 for True Black Moon Lilith

8. Generate your chart and that’s it!

What Lilith represents in Astrology

All three Liliths in astrology revolve around the same mythology.

In astrology, Lilith is associated with deep, dark aspects of the feminine. She represents our primitive impulses- our rage, how we rebel or find our voice. She can also represent our sexual fantasies in the rawest form.

Lilith in Synastry

In terms of relationships, Lilith energy is very similar to Pluto. One can even call her Goddess of the Underworld.

Harmonious Lilith aspects in Synastry can add a layer of raw, unbridled passion in the relationship. Hard aspects tend to bring out obsession, jealousy and insecurity. You can read more about the Lilith Aspects in Synastry here.

What Your Lilith Sign Says About You

Lilith in Aries

This Lilith is fierce fighter! Independence means a lot to you- you like to carve out your own path in the world, by breaking the old standards. In its negative manifestation, she can be quite impulsive, competitive and aggressive. This Lilith needs healthy outlets to release her anger. In the bedroom and relationships, Aries Lilith is very active, dominant and bold. She can ‘’conquer’’ people with her seductive ways.

Lilith in Taurus

Taurus Lilith oozes with an irresistible sensuality. She appreciates finer things in life, but she can get too insatiable when Lilith energy is unchecked. In its negative manifestation, Lilith in Taurus is greedy, possessive, and envious. In sex and relationships, sensual pleasure and beauty is the way to this Lilith’s heart.

Lilith in Gemini

For a Gemini Lilith, mental stimulation is everything. When she is curious about a topic or a person, she will dive deep into it. But the problem is, she gets bored too quick. In its negative manifestation, Lilith in Gemini can be very cunning and hurtful, especially with her words. It can be hard for her to express her emotions when she is overwhelmed with all the thoughts running in her mind. In sex and relationships, this Lilith can enjoy dirty talking, sexting, switching roles and even playing some mind games.

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer can be very intuitive and mysterious. If she feels stuck in her crab shell, it can be hard for her to regulate her intense emotions, especially fears and doubts. In its extreme, Cancer Lilith can indicate issues with mother, home and family. She may try to rebel against conformity. Cancer Lilith tends to be submissive in bed. In relationships she can get too overbearing or insecure at times.

Lilith in Leo

This Lilith is a charismatic, seductive and she lives for the spotlight. Pride is one of the downfalls for Leo Lilith. If she doesn’t get the attention she craves, she can act out in dramatic, selfish ways. In relationships, she wants to be deeply desired. She may be more interested in how she looks and performs during sex rather than focusing on her partner’s pleasure.

Lilith in Virgo

Virgo Lilith can have a calm exterior that hides a turbulent heart. With a pressure of maintaining a perfect image, she can be overly criticizing to herself and others. It can be hard for her to let things go. In the bedroom, she derives pleasure from satisfying her partner.

Lilith in Libra

Libra Lilith is a seductress. Relationships are usually where this Lilith energy manifests itself. She has an irresistible Venusian way of getting what she wants, even if that means lying sometimes. Aesthetic beauty is important to her- she wants to make things look pretty and perfect, even in the bedroom.

Lilith in Scorpio

Scorpio’s darkness is a match for Lilith, so she is very powerful here. This Lilith is intensely seductive, mysterious and provocative. In its negative manifestation, she can have a consuming ‘’all or nothing’’ mentality. Obsession and power struggles are common in relationships. Scorpio Lilith doesn’t shy away from showing her wildness in the bedroom- like BDSM.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Lilith in Sagittarius is extremely charming and adventurous. She is hungry for new experiences that expands her horizons. On the other hand, too much thrill seeking and risk taking can put her in danger. She may rebel against conformity or religion. Sex for a Sagittarius Lilith should always feel adventurous, fresh and exciting.

Lilith in Capricorn

This Lilith is very ambitious, responsible and resilient especially when it comes to her goals. But an unchecked Capricorn Lilith can take their ambitions too far, becoming ruthless and cold. With this placement, there can be rebellion against authority- because this Lilith can’t stand being bossed around. She may often treat her relationships as investments. Power play in the bedroom is a way for Capricorn Lilith to unleash her sexual desires.

Lilith in Aquarius

Lilith is a rebel in nature and with the Aquarius energy, this is even more emphasized. ‘’Freedom and independence at all costs’’ is her motto. Lilith in Aquarius is a charming and unique lover, but she may struggle with deep emotions- bottling them up instead of expressing them. Aquarius Lilith craves variety and uniqueness in her bedroom, so that she doesn’t get bored easily.

Lilith in Pisces

This is the dreamy and intuitive Lilith, with an incredible depth of emotions. So much so that she may feel an urge to escape the reality often, as the fantasy world feels safer to her. Pisces Lilith needs to work on her self esteem and sensitivity. Sex is a way that she brings her fantasies to life, and she may often enjoy a submissive role or role play.

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