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Transit Pluto conjunct natal North Node

''Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.'' Eckhart Tolle

transit pluto conjunct north node astrology

During Transit Pluto conjunct North Node, you are on a pathway of surrendering to your life purpose.

So what could this ‘’surrender’’ mean? You may have to let go of your job, relationship, possessions, belief systems, personality traits, or perhaps your comfort zone. It could be anything that you feel deeply attached to.

Whatever it is, it is definitely a major turning point for you, as Pluto will shake your foundations and force you to free yourself from some past and current aspects of your life. Even though this is an immensely scary and uncertain time, remind yourself that change is always uncomfortable.

You may also feel consumed with your North Node goal at this time. Think of your natal North Node as your future self or soul purpose. You can learn more about what your North Node represents by looking at the house and sign it falls to. Don’t worry if you can’t relate to it right away. When you are dealing with pain, anger or sadness, it is sometimes hard to be able to quiet your mind and listen to your soul.

The good news is, Pluto will also bring new circumstances and people in your life that will help you achieve your NN goal. And as the time goes on, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to move on from Pluto conjunct North Node transit a little easier, you can try to:

  • Keep a diary on what changed in your life and how you feel about it,

  • Allow the negative emotions to flow,

  • Stop yourself from dwelling on the past,

  • Focus on accepting the brutal truths instead of denial,

  • And most importantly, be gentle to yourself. Always.

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