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Composite Venus Through the Houses

Composite Venus Through the Houses- Astrology by

Composite Venus in the 1st house:

Composite Venus in the 1st house adds a gentle, romantic and pleasant touch in the relationship, at least on a superficial level.

Composite 1st house represents couple identity. Composite Venus here brings an importance to their image as a couple. Preferred tastes and activities tend to be in harmony- like what to eat and drink, where to go, how to dress, personal world view etc. Both partners likely to feel that they look good together. They may even be perceived as a picturesque romantic couple by others.

Because Venus deals with beauty and pleasure, couple may enjoy sharing aesthetically pleasing experiences that stimulates their senses.

Composite Venus in the 2nd house:

Composite 2nd house shows relationship values.

With shared Venus energy here, the couple desires similar luxuries, comforts and tastes in life. Venus can also bring stability and harmony in their financial dynamics- how they accumulate, spend, and invest their money.

It is a materialistic placement as you can see, but it can definitely work for couples who are able to work together to achieve the level of security they need. Both partners may also be a little stubborn and possessive in the relationship. In some cases, this Composite Venus in the 2nd house can indicate over indulgence or greed.

Composite Venus in the 3rd house:

Composite 3rd house represents couple’s communication.

There is a lot of pleasing cerebral stimulation with Composite Venus in the 3rd house. Romantic relationships can build a foundation of intellectual intimacy with this placement. The couple can always look for new things to do together and talk about. Ideas, hopes, thoughts, goals, even heavier topics such as fears and doubts can easily be expressed to one another. Their love language may be through words of affection. Even though there can be some differences in views, both partners value what each other has to say, so it is easier to find a common ground.

Composite Venus in the 4th house:

Composite 4th house shows relationship’s needs on intimacy and security.

Couples with a strong Venus in the composite 4th house share similar values and preferences in their emotional bond, as well as their domestic life.

It is a truly beautiful placement, because there is a mutual urge to be emotionally close and satisfy each other’s senses.

It also stimulates their desire for creating peaceful, comforting and sensually pleasing experiences together- through cozy stay-at-home dates, decorating, cooking, spending time in the bedroom, etc.

If the rest of the chart also supports it, Composite Venus in the 4th house couple may choose to settle down together and start a family.

Composite Venus in the 5th house:

Composite 5th house shows couple’s affection and enjoyment.

For those who want a lot of romance, this is an excellent placement- because Composite Venus in the 5th house indicates that both partners take a lot of pleasure in each other’s company. Dynamic is fun, thrilling and sexy. It is probably hard to keep eyes and hands off of each other.

Since 5th house also talks about children, shared Venus energy here can also indicate a desire to have children together.

However, it is also important to remember that this placement doesn’t say much whether the relationship is built to last or not.

Non romantic relationships can also thrive with their Venus in the composite 5th house, especially for creative people because self-expression is very much encouraged in this connection.

Composite Venus in the 6th house:

Composite 6th house shows a couple’s day to day activities, how they work together and care for each other.

A well aspected Venus in the composite 6th house can bring a lot of peace, ease and comfort in couple’s practical dynamics. Reciprocity is strong. Together, even the mundane tasks can be an enjoyable experience.

Both partners like to give and receive physical expressions of affection, like thoughtful acts of service- taking turns doing the laundry, massages, cooking them a meal, etc.

Composite Venus in the 7th house:

Composite 7th house represents couple’s cooperation, as well as how they participate in other partnerships as a team.

This placement is beneficial for all types of relationships, but especially the romantic ones. Venus here brings a lot of pleasure in teaming up. It is easier to adapt to one another. With a well aspected composite Venus in the 7th house, partners can feel that they find their romantic ideals in one another.

Too much idolizing in the relationship can be a thing, however. If both partners put each other on a Venusian pedestal and avoid confrontation, this placement can indicate issues such as codependency and resentment.

Composite Venus in the 8th house:

Composite 8th house deals with how the couple blends together- financially, psychologically, sexually.

It is a very intense house, but the Venus’s gentle touch here can lighten things up a little.

Still, Composite Venus in the 8th house connection can be hard to walk away from, because the merging is felt on a very deep passionate level.

In some cases, this passion manifests itself as obsession for one another, and partners may use manipulative tactics to keep each other around. On the other hand, Venus seeks to find harmony in every situation, so it can bring a balance of power in the connection.

Composite Venus in the 9th house:

Composite 9th house talks about couple’s life philosophy and higher goals.

With composite Venus in the 9th house, partners can find it enjoyable to blend their ideas and dream big dreams together. Energy is more plutonic than romantic. There may be similar views or appreciation about travelling, exploring different cultures and beliefs, education, or world view in general.

Even if there are disagreements, Venus’s energy here makes it easier to debate these differences.

Composite Venus in the 10th house:

Composite 10th house represents couple’s public image and ambitions.

With their Composite Venus in the 10th house, couple is usually perceived as romantic, kind and likeable. They may be quite popular as well, or at least have a good reputation. There is also a mutual agreement on the idea of success and value of status.

Both partners find this relationship to be very valuable to them. They can help elevate each other’s career or status, whether they are working together, or emotionally/financially supporting each other. Initial meeting might be through a work environment as well.

In some cases, however, composite Venus in the 10th house couple might be too focused on showing a picture perfect image to the world, sweeping their issues under the rug.

Composite Venus in the 11th house:

Composite 11th house describes couple’s friendships, social life and hopes for the world.

With Composite Venus in the 11th house, this connection is marked by a warm feeling of acceptance and companionship-therefore it is beneficial for all types of relationships.

Couple finds pleasure in their friendship dynamic, sharing extroverted activities together, joining different groups and organizations. Initial meeting may take place in a social setting.

Individuality and authenticity are encouraged in the relationship, so it is a very freeing experience to be together.

Composite Venus in the 12th house:

Composite 12th is a hidden place, and planets here can be influenced by unseen, unconscious forces.

When the planet of love sits in the composite 12th- desires, affection, pleasure of the relationship is being hidden for one reason or the other. This could mean that the couple feels more comfortable sharing their love away from the public eye, or they may be keeping the relationship as a secret/affair.

Alternatively, they may bring out hidden desires in each other.

With Composite Venus in 12th house, expressing emotions is a complex progress for both partners in this relationship. Sometimes it can feel confusing to understand what the other needs or feels. On the other hand, they may feel like there is a subconscious link between them. It is as if their hearts are speaking without words.

But without any communication or solidity, this relationship can struggle finding its place in the world.


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