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Everything You Need To Know About The Aquarius Man In Your Life

''Mysterious or uninterested? Why is an Aquarius man so hard to read? ''

Aquarius man

As an astrologer, I get this question a lot. Their aloofness, free spirit and sharp wit seem to create a veil of mystery around the Aquarius men.

Aquarius is not the most comfortable sign when it comes to emotions, however love is definitely not lost to them.

Whether you recently have met a charming Aquarius man or you are already in a relationship with one, here are some little tips to that will help you grow your connection to the next level.

How to attract an Aquarius man

  1. -Don’t be afraid to show who you are.

  2. -Share your unique and wild side when you are with him.

  3. -Let things flow naturally, no push and pull!

  4. -Be a good listener and communicator.

  5. -Create a safe space for him to trust and open up to you.

  6. Aquarius man is represented by the King of Swords card in Tarot. If you are not familiar, Tarot cards can reveal a lot about someone's personality. Click here to learn more about the King of Swords

''Why Do Aquarius Men Give Mixed Signals?''

Aquarius man

You were texting each other every single day then suddenly he doesn’t seem interested.

Your reaction to this sudden change will depend on your zodiac sign, but you are probably going to be left confused, sad or even angry.

I’ve been there and I get it. You want him to answer the burning question in your head ‘’Why is he acting this way?’’ And perhaps, you kept asking him that, receiving little or no answer.

Truth is, Aquarius men do not react well to intimacy and deep emotions at first.

Hot and cold is one of the dating games Aquarius men tends to play a lot. Most of them consider commitments a ‘’trap’’ and in order to keep their freedom, they will probably create a distance between you two at first. They may even continue testing the waters, exploring their ‘’options’’ during this time.

Now, I am not telling you to put up with these kind of mind games. Especially if you are a Water or Earth sign, you probably won’t be able to! Too much drama, right?

When an Aquarius man is giving you mixed signals, it’s best to observe his behavior, then approach him in a calm and collected manner. Tell him why this doesn’t work for you. Appeal to his logic before his emotions.

''Did my Aquarius man put me in friendzone?''

Aquarius man as friends

Aquarius men are complicated creatures!

You may even go crazy trying to figure out their feelings and where your relationship is going.

At this point if you play games with them, they will quickly realize and move on.

Aquarius sign appreciate honesty and friendship. They have to trust you in order to take things to the next level.

This is the only way an Aquarius man can express their emotions freely. Again, this is because they find freedom to express themselves in a friendship. Allow them their space and try to take things slow.

''How do you know if an Aquarius man loves you?''

Aquarius man in love

If an Aquarius man is falling in love, they will try their best to show you that you are ‘’unique’’ to them.

Uniqueness is a very attractive quality to the Aquarius and that’s how they tend to show their interest.

So I would say, most of the time, don’t expect an Aquarius man to give you a classical romantic date.

If he loves you, he will first think about how he can impress your mind and give you a memorable experience.

In conclusion,

Aquarius man is a free spirit. Their love often blossoms from friendships and casual relationships. If you enjoy his company and want to deepen your connection, be patient, try to keep things light and fun in the beginning.


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