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Neptune Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

Also known as God of the Sea- Neptune is like a massive, faraway ocean of fantasy with many hidden depths, so naturally everyone seems to have a unique experience with this planet.

In synastry, Neptune contacts are all about a delicate balance between fantasy and reality. Harmonious Neptune aspects are responsible for an otherworldly and compassionate type of love experience, while negative aspects may feel like a detached and illusionary connection.

SUN-NEPTUNE Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Sun and Neptune is a couple who loves to dream and create together. In hard aspects, Neptune person may act avoidant, or idolize the Sun person to the point of denying the truth, whereas Sun may have an ostentatious way of expressing his/her personality to Neptune. Ego clashes are common.

Neptune conjunct Sun indicates tremendous potential for spiritual and creative growth for both. Sun person is drawn to Neptune’s unusual and mystical aura, and Neptune adores this attention. Neptune person may even think that Sun is their ideal romantic partner, but they may also refuse to see Sun person's faults at times. They can both elevate and expand each other’s minds if there is mutual understanding and trust.

In the case of Neptune opposite Sun, just like in conjunction, Sun person still feels an inexplicable fondness towards Neptune, but problems may arise if Neptune person puts Sun on an unrealistic pedestal. Trust is the biggest issue that needs to be resolved here, as there can be some deceptions and misunderstandings.

Neptune square Sun is a hard aspect which creates a barrier of misunderstanding and inequality in give and take. Often Neptune may feel too distant for Sun’s light to reach in order to understand what’s going on in Neptune’s mind. Blocked energies can be resolved if both partners are honest and more receptive towards one another.

Neptune trine and sextile Sun is a mutually pleasing aspect loaded with harmonious exchanges about creativity, spirituality and romance. Both Sun and Neptune support each other to fulfill their personal dreams, perhaps even accomplish them together. These aspects also indicate similar interests in philosophy, art and music.

MOON-NEPTUNE Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Moon and Neptune is a highly sensitive duo with layers and layers of deep emotional attraction, which can almost feel like a psychic bond or finding ‘’the one’’. If both partners can show their truest selves to one another, and work on building a healthy foundation instead of escaping to fantasy world when things get tough, these aspects have great long term relationship potential.

Neptune conjunct Moon is an intense and equally fragile emotional connection. Moon person can find emotional security as well as a mysterious intrigue with the Neptune. Neptune can feel like they can understand Moon in a deep spiritual level. This can indicate a psychic connection. As the Moon dives deeper and deeper, it sometimes gets lost in Neptune’s fog. Here, confusion and delusion are common issues.

Neptune trine and sextile Moon aspects suggest an intuitive and mutual understanding when it comes to even the most out of the box ideas. Both Neptune and Moon person can easily talk to each other about their deepest feelings, life's mysteries and creative ideas. Together they delve into the realm of intuition, which instantly creates an unbreakable emotional bond.

With Neptune square Moon, often Neptune person may feel unreachable or emotionally unavailable to the Moon person. Since both planets are highly sensitive, each argument may turn into a deep emotional wound. This aspect symbolizes a fog of confusion, deceit and misunderstanding, which can be resolved by more gentle compassion.

In the case of Neptune opposite Moon, whenever Neptune seems detached, or lacks clarity in its self expression, Moon person’s mind tends to escape into a fantasy world, often filled with unrealistic expectations and self deceiving thoughts. This bubble of irrationality and moodiness that surrounds both Moon and Neptune often leads to escapist or passive aggressive behavior.

VENUS-NEPTUNE Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

The relationship of Venus and Neptune is characterized by warmth, gentleness and a sense of dreamy romance. Hard aspects between the two usually suggest unrealistic idealization, escapism, and unreceptiveness.

With Venus conjunct Neptune, Venusian energy feels like a beautiful instrument of sensual pleasure to Neptune. The relationship is glamorous, ideally romantic, almost ‘’too perfect’’ to be true. Due to this general dreaminess and idolization, both people may have a tendency to ignore each other's less than desirable attributes.

With Venus opposition/square Neptune, even though the ‘’otherwordly’’ connection is still strong, it may also feel like a romantic dance in a blinding fog. This is because especially from Neptune person’s part, there is a lot of illusion and avoidance when things go wrong. These hard aspects can be resolved by looking at the relationship more realistically, and truly accepting one another- with good, bad and the ugly.

Venus trine and sextile Neptune aspects indicate being attuned to each other’s interests, needs and desires. Energies flow easier and there is more common ground between the two than not. These are wonderful aspects for long term relationships and marriages.

MARS-NEPTUNE Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Mars-Neptune contacts often depend on how well they cooperate. Often Mars sets the pace in the relationship. Mars is a fiery, action oriented planet, while Neptune is all about dreaming and diving deep into the unexplored. Hard aspects may bring out the worst in both partners, where they both act instinctively instead of consciously harmonizing their opposing views.

Mars conjunct Neptune usually is felt by Neptune person being energized by Mars’s passionate, sultry energy. If they blend well, they both feel safe to indulge in each other’s fantasies. However, Mars often moves too fast in the relationship, and therefore can trigger the avoidant, confusing part of Neptune's psyche. Neptune person should also be careful not sacricing too much in the relationship in order to get Mars's attention.

With Mars trine and sextile Neptune, Neptune person is alluring and captivating to Mars. Since trines and sextiles are more harmonious than the rest, energies between the two are more complementary, and conflicts are resolved easier. Mars person can help Neptune to manifest his/her dreams into reality, and in return Neptune expands Mars’s horizons and calms them down.

Mars opposition/square Neptune are hard aspects, where Mars person usually finds Neptune to be too submissive or passive. Neptune criticizes Mars for being too immature or rash. Mars energy can be too aggressive for Neptune's delicate nature. Even though attraction is strong, it is usually hard to find a common ground due to extreme differences, unless there are more compassionate aspects in the Synastry chart.


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