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IC Contacts in Synastry

What does IC mean in Synastry?

IC Contacts in Synastry Imum Coeli Astrology

IC point- short for Imum Coeli, is also known as ‘’deepest of sky’’ in Latin and holds the key to the most private parts of your inner world: your roots, core foundations, influence of family legacy on your identity.

The lessons IC holds are hidden in your past until you turn inward and face the depths of your subconscious.

In most house systems, Imum Coeli is located at the cusp of the fourth house in a natal chart.

Midheaven (MC) and IC are intricately interlinked- therefore we cannot talk about one without the other. This axis is a personal roadmap from the past to the future, from the dark to light, your inner child to highest self.

Therefore it is a very significant point in synastry, with some similarities to the Moon.

IC contacts in synastry does not guarantee that the relationship will work in the long term. They are usually clues in understanding how the planet person will influence IC in their Midheaven journey, and how they relate to each other in a core level.

IC conjunct Sun in Synastry

Sun on partner’s IC feels warm and generous. They may have similar ideals in family, home, relationships, perhaps even similar upbringings- So they relate to each other very easily. There is a sense of being a ‘’family’’ together.

But Sun also highlights IC person’s negative emotional patterns, childhood, essentially deepest part of their soul- Which can be uncomfortable. Overall, this dynamic can help IC person to reach their highest Midheaven potential by revealing more about their identity.

An afflicted Sun may come off as egotistical and pretentious when it comes to these topics.

IC conjunct Moon in Synastry

Moon on IC in synastry can be a deeply nurturing and safe aspect- or hurtful and overly sensitive depending on Moon person’s emotional awareness.

If this contact reminds you of Moon conjunct Moon aspect in synastry, you are right- IC point is even more sensitive than the Moon when it comes to the inner personal life.

With IC conjunct Moon, partners may be emotionally enmeshed- meaning they rely on each other for their emotional needs. Their bonding point may be a similar upbringing, sense of familiarity, or mutual interests in the matters of home, roots and family.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your time together and creating a bond of love and support, perhaps a family. However, if there are lack of boundaries, or individuality, IC conjunct Moon may lead to codependency problems. Alternatively, these issues may be familiar patterns for the IC person.

IC conjunct Mercury in Synastry

Mercury can help IC person intellectualize their deep psychological patterns and understand them better. They often introduce IC person to new ideas and methods as well.

With Mercury-IC contact, they have a potential to uncover and analyze IC person’s roots, heritage, ancestors, upbringing and ideals. Or they can just spend great time talking, having intellectual activites together.

If their communication styles don’t match, IC may think that Mercury person is being too nosy or insensitive at times.

IC conjunct Venus in Synastry

Partner’s Venus on IC feels warm and tender. Venus sympathizes with not only IC’s habitual emotional patterns, but also they have similar views on ‘’idyllic’’ family life. Venus-IC contact suggests that they are capable of creating a beautiful and pleasant home together.

In synastry, IC conjunct Venus has a similar meaning to Moon conjunct Venus.

Venus can bring more self love and appreciation to IC person’s inner world, making them feel more secure and confident.

With Venus person’s presence in their life, IC can also have new artistic and social experiences.

If the Venus is afflicted/negatively aspected, Venus doesn’t really want to help resolve rooted issues that IC may have. With IC conjunct Venus, there may be a tendency to sweep things under the rug and keep up appearances instead when there is an emerging issue.

At times, Venus person may try to ‘mother’ IC, or smother them with affection.

Is too much of affection a bad thing? It is relative. What would one call smothering could be other’s ideal way of receiving love. But in this case, it might be a selfish act- Venus may be showing affection to IC in order to receive more themselves.

IC conjunct Mars in Synastry

Mars person brings instinctiveness and action to the IC matters. In romantic relationships, Mars is a fiery force that ignites IC person’s sexual side.

This is an emotionally intense aspect, but powerful in so many ways. If IC person feels lost in finding their MC (Midheaven) purpose, not knowing what actions to take in order to break past patterns and grow, Mars person can help them move forward.

Negative side of the Mars conjunct IC is that Mars, knowingly or not, can be too aggressive and invasive at times.

This can cause frequent conflict and backlash, especially in the matters of home and security.

If Mars pushes IC person’s boundaries, or tries to dominate them, IC may consider them insensitive and forceful. Mars in return may think that IC is being overly sensitive.

IC conjunct Jupiter in Synastry

With IC-Jupiter contact, Jupiter can bring a great deal of expansion and luck to IC person’s domestic and private life. Jupiter is also a planet of higher education, so with this conjunction IC can learn a lot about their psychological and emotional patterns.

In the company of Jupiter, IC feels free to explore different philosophies, ideas and concepts about home,family and foundations of their life.

An afflicted Jupiter can be too aggressive or insensitive about these topics.

IC conjunct Saturn in Synastry

Saturn is a heavy planet- and when it is on a such sensitive angle like IC, it might feel suffocating for IC person at times.

Since Saturn contacts often binding, they may either feel mutually responsible in the relationship or ‘’trapped’’.

Saturn person can be cold, detached and controlling -or can provide a great sense of security to the IC person, depending on the Saturn and the rest of the synastry chart.

When it comes to the matters of family, home and financial matters, there is a potential for Saturn to bring seriousness, duty and maturity to IC person.

It is possible for IC to benefit from these ‘restrictions’. Given the sensitivity of the IC angle, Saturn should be more emotionally open, and IC should be willing to listen what Saturn has to say.

IC conjunct Uranus in Synastry

Uranus contact on IC in synastry is a force of liberation- and sometimes rebellion.

Uranus being known as the most unpredictable planet, sudden and unexpected changes may be brought into IC person’s private world.

With this, Uranus may bring unstable dynamics and distruptions to IC person’s habits and domestic environment.

On a more positive note, Uranus person can point to where IC needs to break their shackles and what habits to break free from. It can be a great source of inspiration on IC person’s psychological growth.

IC conjunct Neptune in Synastry

Neptune can be a force of spirituality, out of the box thinking and compassion in IC person’s inner world.

With Neptune on IC in synastry, attraction is mystical, unique, and sometimes even psychic. IC person can have spiritual and psychological revelations with this Neptunian influence.

However, an afflicted Neptune may come off as vague and deceptive, bringing a false sense of security or a ‘’fantasy’’ to the IC person. Especially if it is a tight orb, Neptune can easily get under IC person’s skin. It also talks about addictions and betrayals, in matters of home and family.

IC conjunct Pluto in Synastry

Pluto on IC in a synastry chart represents an intense attraction, to say the least.

Pluto has a subsconcious influence on IC person’s private world. It is not only sexual or romantic- This also includes family affairs, finances, security and roots. This connection can truly transform the IC person and help them understand their deep rooted emotional patterns. With Pluto’s support, they can ‘ ‘destroy’ their negative traits.

However, Pluto also has a dark side- IC person can feel manipulated, controlled, or at the very least find Pluto to be too insensitive.

Boundaries are very important here. At least in the beginning, IC person should not immediately succumb to Pluto’s magnetic pull- Instead, focus on building a foundation of trust and honesty.

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