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IC in Aries/ MC in Libra Axis Explained

Ic in Aries/ Mc in Libra Axis

What does MC/IC axis represent in astrology?

Even though importance of MC/IC is not immediately recognized as much as Ascendant-Descendant axis, it is just as important in understanding your psychological evolution.

MC and IC are intricately interlinked- therefore we cannot talk about one without the other. This axis is a personal roadmap from the past to the future, from the dark to light, your inner child to highest self.

By exploring your MC/IC axis in this article, you will harmonize your core talents and inclinations (IC), and channel it into the success you want to manifest (MC).

IC is where you have been:

IC point- short for Imum Coeli, is also known as ‘’deepest of sky’’ in Latin and holds the key to the most private parts of your inner world: your roots, core foundations, influence of family legacy on your identity.

The lessons IC holds are hidden in your past until you turn inward and face the depths of your subconscious.

MC is where you are going:

Exact opposite point, MC (Midheaven) deals with how you manifest yourself in the outer world: What you will strive towards, which qualities will be cultivated and how you will make your mark within the society.

In contrast to the IC, Midheaven is a conscious process- aimed to the future in order to guide you into your highest aspirations.

Aries IC/Libra MC Axis

What does IC in Aries mean?

Having Aries as your IC sign is empowering in many ways: You are a passionate, strong willed and independent spirit. Most of the time your inner world is on a fast pace: you look fast, think fast and act fast. Your emotions run high and you don’t shy away from expressing them, even if it leads to confrontation.

On the other hand, having this Martian burst of energy in your core can get you overloaded pretty quickly.

In the past, you might have been called a rebellious child. It is possible that the environment you grew up in was erratic, hostile or even aggressive. You may tend to bottle up your emotions and lash out in anger at times.

IC also refers to where we like to keep things private- therefore Aries IC could mean that you like to keep your innermost desires to yourself or generally have a shy nature around groups.

On the positive note, your upbringing had teach you to become self reliant and follow your desires with a relentless determination.

What does MC in Libra Mean?

As a Libra Midheaven, communication is your most effective tool. Your words are charming, you know exactly what to say at the right time, but they can also cut through people like a sword when they need to.

People think that you are charismatic, intellectual, discerning, but also flirtatious and fun.

You thrive on making things orderly for yourself and for those around you. It is as if you find an inner release by studying and solving other people’s problems.

By having your MC in Libra, importance of balance, teamwork and diplomacy are highlighted in the areas of career and reputation. Because of these qualities, you naturally excel in the areas of teaching, law, politics, psychology, and writing.

But regardless of the path you choose in the world, your success relies on finding your inner equilibrium between thought and emotion.

Overall, with your IC in Aries and MC in Libra, you are learning to set your pace: Be courageous but not hasty. Follow your ambitions, but always have a rational plan. Express yourself openly, but with tact instead of anger. Trust your independence, but learn to work with others.

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