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Pallas Conjunct Moon Aspect in Natal, Transit, Synastry and Composite

pallas conjunct moon aspect in natal, transit, composite and synastry astrology

Pallas conjunct Moon natal:

Your wisdom comes from being able to integrate emotions into intellect. With this unique skill, you tend to analyze people before you trust them.

You also have a strong sense of right and wrong, especially when it comes to the matters of home, security and children.

Whatever your work area may be, this Pallas-Moon contact gives you a boost of creativity as well as vision and determination.

Pallas conjunct Moon transit:

Pallas brings a focused awareness to whichever house and sign it transits. When transiting Pallas touches your Moon, your emotions and intuition are heightened at this time.

There is a subconscious urge to solve problems around emotional needs/patterns. If this transit (perhaps along with some difficult aspects) brings some tough emotional issues to the surface, remember that this process is for you to further raise your awareness.

With this transit, you may also feel an urge to protect and nurture your domestic environment.

Whatever it is that you are feeling passionate about, transiting Pallas brings a lot of determination and vision to that matter. Because of this, Pallas conjunct Moon transit is a good time to nurture your creative side as well.

Pallas conjunct Moon synastry:

Pallas person activates all levels of consciousness of the Moon. Especially if there are other harmonious aspects, Moon person feels that their emotions are understood on a soul level.

They may see each other in their dreams or telepathic experiences may occur.

Pallas conjunct Moon is a very sensitive and intimate bond that needs conscious nurturing. Activating and raising emotional awareness together sometimes also means battling with fragile emotions, past burdens, perhaps even trauma. This is exactly where Pallas will bring out their problem solving skills and support Moon person to find courage and wisdom for themselves.

But in order for this both psychic and emotional evolution to happen, both partners should be mature enough to be able to communicate their emotional depths.

Pallas conjunct Moon composite:

In case you didn’t know, adding asteroids in your composite chart can add more depth to your analysis.

In this case, Pallas conjunct Moon is also known as one of the soulmate aspects. However as always, you need to examine rest of the chart as one aspect alone is not enough to determine soulmate bonds.

Attraction that this aspect brings is beyond the

physical, it is transcendental, undesribable,

resonating on a deeper emotional level.

Pallas conjunct Moon in a composite chart can be quite intense and confusing at times as there is an invisible subconcious link between the partners.

But if both Pallas and Moon have high emotional awareness, this creates a beautiful and unique connection that will steadily enrich their inner world.

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